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Contractual Obligation is out today!

Three fantastic shows from Moscow, Warsaw, and St Petersburg, available in as many formats as it would be reasonable to wish for.

Contractual Obligation #1: Live In Moscow (Blu-ray): HERE
Contractual Obligation #2: Live In Warsaw (2CD & digital): HERE
Contractual Obligation #3: Live In St. Petersburg (3LP): HERE

OUT NOW from JULY 26th, 2019 ON earMUSIC

Ian Gillan, together with Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne and a few others, is considered one of the legendary voices that shaped hard rock. Despite his commitment to Deep Purple, the singer has built an impressive solo career. "Contractual Obligation" is a collection of performances during a recent tour through Eastern Europe, which contains three shows which will be released on different formats via earMUSIC on July 26, 2019:

Na zywo w Warszawie

Kochani! Moja nowa koncertowka "Contractual Obligation" zostala nagrana miedzy innymi w Warszawie i bedzie miala swoja premiere w najblizszy piatek! Sa tez wersje zarejestrowane w St. Petersburgu oraz Moskwie, mozecie je zamawiac.

Friends! My new live album "Contractual Obligation" was recorded in Warsaw among others and it will be out on Friday! There will be also formats recorded in Moscow and Petersburg, you can order it here:...

Contractual Obligation #1: Live In Moscow (Blu-ray): TUTAJ
Contractual Obligation #2: Live In Warsaw (2CD & digital): TUTAJ
Contractual Obligation #3: Live In St. Petersburg (3LP): TUTAJ

Still fresh from the success of the studio album "NOW What?!", and just a few months before the release of the latest and equally successful album "inFinite", Ian Gillan accepted the offer to tour for a month in Eastern Europe with a full rock show, accompanied every night by a different local orchestra. Gillan decided to recruit the Don Airey Band, which features the guitar talent of Simon McBride. All shows were truly unique, with Airey and McBride delivering perfect performances night after night. Deep Purple material (including rarities like "Razzle Dazzle" or "Anya") went hand in hand with Gillan solo songs and surprises for those into the deepest catalogue.

The title is a humorous reference to Ian Gillan's notorious reticence to pay any attention to his own or Deep Purple live releases (as he explains in the album liner notes). This live album and video might well be one of the nicest chapters in Gillan's solo production ever and a reminder about how great his solo music and concerts have been over the years.

Curiosity: The last Deep Purple album was named "Infinity" (which later turned into: "inFinite") during the afternoon preceding the Warsaw show that ended up being immortalized for its CD release.

"Contractual Obligation" will be available on Blu-Ray (Contractual Obligation #1: Live In Moscow), 2CD & digital (Contractual Obligation #2: Live In Warsaw) and as a 3LP+Download (Contractual Obligation #3: Live In St. Petersburg) on July 26, 2019 on earMUSIC.


Contractual Obligation #1: Live In Moscow (Blu-ray): HERE
Contractual Obligation #2: Live In Warsaw (2CD & digital): HERE
Contractual Obligation #3: Live In St. Petersburg (3LP): HERE


CD1 : 1. Hang Me Out To Dry 2. Pictures Of Home 3. No Lotion For That 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Razzle Dazzle 6. A Day Late 'N' A Dollar Short 7. Lazy 8. Rapture Of The Deep 9. When A Blind Man Cries

CD2 : 1. You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby (with Grace Gillan) 2. Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos 3. Difficult To Cure (Beethoven's Ninth) 4. Anya 5. Perfect Strangers 6. Hell To Pay 7. Demon's Eye 8. Smoke On The Water 9. Hush 10. Black Night

1. Hang Me Out To Dry 2. Pictures Of Home 3. No Lotion For That 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Razzle Dazzle 6. A Day Late 'N' A Dollar Short 7. Lazy 8. Rapture Of The Deep 9. When A Blind Man Cries 10. You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby (with Grace Gillan) 11. Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos 12. Difficult To Cure (Beethoven's Ninth) 13. Anya 14. Perfect Strangers 15. Hell To Pay 16. Demon's Eye 17. Smoke On The Water 18. Hush 19. Black Night

Side A : 1. Hang Me Out To Dry 2. Pictures Of Home 3. No Lotion For That 4. Strange Kind Of Woman
Side B : 1. Razzle Dazzle 2. A Day Late 'N' A Dollar Short 3. Lazy
Side C : 1. Rapture Of The Deep 2. When A Blind Man Cries 3. You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby (with Grace Gillan) 4. Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos
Side D : 1. Difficult To Cure (Beethoven's Ninth) 2. Anya 3. Perfect Strangers
Side E : 1. Hell To Pay 2. Demon's Eye 3. Smoke On The Water
Side F : 1. Hush 2. Black Night


Ian's photographs courtesy of Simon Emmett ©2019
Simon Emmett photography: on Facebook

Ivor Novello International Achievement award

Ian Gillan, presenter Sir Tim Rice, Vicky Lord, Ian Paice & Roger Glover.

The Ivors 2019 photo Mark Allan

Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi to celebrate the
30th anniversary of Rock Aid in Yerevan

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Deep Purple lead singer Ian Gillan and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi will visit Armenia in June 2019 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Rock Aid Armenia charity project.

The visit and celebration of the anniversary are being organised by the Mediamax Media Company and DoSomething (Australia), whose co-founder Jon Dee organised the 1989 Rock Aid Armenia project to help the victims of the Armenian earthquake.

On 5 June 2019, Yerevan will host a gala night under the auspices of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, which will feature Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi and Jon Dee..............
Read more at .................. Mediamax.


Raving With The Javelins

Last year, Ian Gillan & The Javelins took you on a journey through the 60s.

This year, we are proud to open up another very special chapter with the band. "Raving with Ian Gillan & The Javelins" was recorded in 1994 and will take you right back to rock'n'roll music at its prime, starting on April 19th.

Pre-order here: Raving With The Javelins



Very, very sad and upset to hear about Bernie Tormé, who died yesterday, 17 March 2019.

Great respect for the man; as a man and a player.

Give 'em Hell up there Bernie,

No Laughing in Heaven? There is now, ig

A Newish Year and Ian serves up a brand spanking new Dear Friends. Go.... HERE.

Ted McKenna

I am heartbroken to hear of the untimely passing of Ted McKenna.

He was hugely respected and held in great affection by all who knew him.

My life is richer for having known and worked with him, he is missed, badly.

R.I.P. dear Teddy Bear, ig

Who Cares 2018 Xmas update

"On the 7th of December 1988, one of the most devastating earthquakes of the 20th century struck northwest Armenia. It killed over 25,000 and destroyed a region that was home to more than 700,000 people. A year after the earthquake, an all-star star version of Deep Purple classic "Smoke On The Water", featuring rock stars including Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Brian May was recorded for Rock Aid Armenia, with all funds raised donated to the Armenian earthquake relief effort.

Twenty years after the earthquake, Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi visited Armenia again and were deeply affected by how much work still needed to be done, especially at a music school in Gyumri that was bursting with talent but had never been properly restored since the earthquake shattered the city. Iommi and Gillan formed the Who Cares project and wrote and recorded a new song “Out of My Mind" to raise funds to build a new music school for the kids of Armenia. They assembled an all-star lineup at the iconic SARM studios in 2010. Participating artists included Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain on drums, legendary Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord and iconic bassist Jason Newsted (who recorded remotely). This was one of the legendary Lord's last ever days in the studio.

Thirty years after the earthquake we release the film from the recording session (watch above). Proceeds from this song, Gillan's charity concerts in Yerevan with the Armenian Symphonic Orchestra and generous donations from charities including the Fund for Armenian Relief and Mardigian Family Foundation made it possible to re-open the revitalised music school in 2013. Five years later, the revitalised Octet Music School is continuing to provide world-class musical education to the aspiring young musicians of Armenia.

We are inviting you to donate whatever you'd like to the Fund For Armenian Relief to help the Octet Music School to buy new instruments and keep the music school that Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi helped rebuild open and running.

This Christmas, help the school give the gift of music to a community of young musicians in Armenia." Taken from GoFundMe appeal

Fund for Armenian Relief donate page: http://farusa.org/donate/

Questions that come with answers Answers to almost any question. A new Q&A debuts.... November 2018

Translator signatories' corner

Jerry Fielden, Caramba's intrepid French language translator with his wife Shelle and family.
The family which signs together stays together.

Order your album NOW (no delay is acceptable): HERE

A timely Dear Friends (yes another!) arrives from IG on the eve of the Ian Gillan & Javelins release tomorrow, 31 August.... HERE.

COMPETITION Another Dear Friends arrives quicker than post-haste from IG... HERE.
Just like London buses we now have 3 DFs on this page but this one sneakily contains a competition....
so get right to it and be lucky.

Another Dear Friends arrives post-haste from IG... HERE.
Note that, in a groundbreaking move, the previous DF hasn't been removed from the page,
as we await the Javelins release on 31 August.

All Javelins portraits HERE

Pre-order the album: HERE



"In the early 1960's, you might have seen The Beatles doing Chubby Checker's 'Twist and Shout' at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, or The Rolling Stones doing Chuck Berry's 'Come On' at the Station Hotel in Richmond, and The Javelins doing Howlin' Wolf's 'Smokestack Lightning' at Wistowe House in Hayes." - Ian Gillan

Every Deep Purple true lover knows how much their magic and powerful style is the result of many different influences brought in by the single members, all merging into the powerful sound loved by millions of rock fans. Ian Gillan's love for American soul and Rhythm & Blues as well as skiffle and early rock and roll has been well documented in many articles and interviews.

Founded in the early 60s, The Javelins were influenced by Pop, Soul, Country, Jazz and Blues artists from America. They soaked up the music of their heroes, added their own stamp and went from town to town to perform their favourite songs in front of a small but ever growing audience - becoming local heroes themselves.

This was the time when Ian Gillan discovered himself, broke the chains and 'found his voice'.

The Javelins paved the way for the Ian Gillan who, only a few years later, wrote music history with Deep Purple, becoming one of the most iconic frontmen of all time and, together with very few others, shaped rock music the way we know it today.

"These contemporary recordings (2018) by The Javelins are drawn from our set lists, circa 1963, when I was 18 years old. Now, a few years later, I have the privilege and joy of working with my old mates from the original group; Gordon Fairminer (Lead Guitar); Tony Tacon (Rhythm Guitar); Tony Whitfield (Bass Guitar); Keith Roach (Drums), as we make a long overdue L.P."

Ian Gillan has defined this new studio album as "a collection of catchy rhythms and feel-good melodies". This understating definition shows Gillan's ability to still look at those songs and his whole career with the same eyes of the 18 year old boy who sang them many years ago.

But there is a lot more to this recordings...
By paying tribute to music legends such as Chuck Berry, The Drifters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley, Gillan and The Javelins have not only managed to do that.

Avoiding the use of any modern technology, the band has managed to find the spontaneity and true sense of freedom of pop and rock and roll music of 50 years ago, probably without completely realizing it themselves. One world superstar and four friends who have taken very different directions in life (none decided to "turn pro" as they would say it) but still able to capture the essence of what being a performing band is about.

This album is what happened during four days of recordings in a studio in Hamburg, Germany, where instruments, microphones, lyrics sheets and memories were the only tools allowed.

This album is not an act of nostalgia, or a celebration of the purity of the old days versus modernity. This is simply what the Javelins were in 1963... and this is what they are now, if they happen to meet in the studio, embracing their guitars and look at each other with a big smile on their face.
This is where it all started.

"Ian Gillan & The Javelins" has been recorded at the Chameleon Studios during a five days recording session in Hamburg, March 2018, Germany.

It features Don Airey as special guest on piano.

It will be released on August 31st, 2018 on earMUSIC
as CD digipak, 1LP Gatefold (180g, black) and Digital.

Ian Gillan & The Javelins are
Singer: Ian Gillan
Lead Guitar: Gordon Fairminer
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Tacon
Bass Guitar: Tony Whitfield
Drums: Keith Roach


1. Do You Love Me
2. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
3. Memphis, Tennessee
4. Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)
5. High School Confidential
6. It's So Easy!
7. Save The Last Dance For Me
8. Rock and Roll Music
9. Chains
10. Another Saturday Night
11. You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby
12. Smokestack Lightnin'
13. Hallelujah I Love Her So
14. Heartbeat
15. What I'd Say
16. Mona (I Need You Baby)



Dear Friends,

The Javelins

Dear Friends,

Here's a picture of me with The Javelins, in 1964.

We have a new record out at the end of August, comprising songs from our old set list, by Howling Wolf, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, The Coasters, and others of that era..............

(Continued in Dear Friends HERE)

SPECIAL: A History of The Javelins by Tony Tacon. HERE

106.6 Radio Rock interview

Christopher is a music journalist who has worked with DP in the past.
His daughter, Eliza, has developed leukaemia.
He is asking for help with funding her treatment.
If you'd like to you can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/eliza039s-ivf-fund

New North American Edition of
Ian Gillan's biography
- foreword by Lars Ulrich

Lesser Gods publishing in the USA are "psyched to announce the first-ever North American publication of Highway Star, the legendary autobiography of Deep Purple's Ian Gillan. "An entertaining read from start to finish..." Learn more and read an exclusive chapter here: http://bit.ly/HighwayStar".

Gustavo Linquet, son Leo & IG
sort into correct order for 5 bonus points



Ian Gillan has said:

"If you take it literally you may, quite reasonably, think the 'Finite' part of the word describes the life of Deep Purple, with a clear beginning and a nebulous end; but what of the 'in' bit? The word infinite is a three-dimensional double edged sword. It describes something that goes on forever in all directions; not unlike its temporal equivalent 'Eternal' What's that all about?

Stephen Hawking declared (in 'A brief History of Time') that, before the Big Bang there was nothing. That would put the kybosh on the idea of our universe being Infinite, as he provides a starting point, which is not acceptable to the concept. So, Hawking's universe in 'Finite'; by definition; whether he agrees or not.

Ironically, he is quite wrong (scientists always are eventually), therefore the Universe is infinite, which means it will never end, and also means that it never started, and the corollary to that of course is that we don't exist.

There is a metaphysical solution to all this, but it will have to wait until the tour is over because (thanks heavens) there are only 24 hours in a day (for the time being) or 10 hours in a metric day. More on that later..."


Ian Gillan biography updated

From the back cover:
"In 1970, Deep Purple burst on to the British rock scene with their hit "Black Night" and bestselling album "Deep Purple in Rock". This is the autobiography of their lead singer, Ian Gillan.

This book traces Gillan's career from his childhood in Hounslow and early days with bands such as Episode Six and The Javelins. It concentrates on the international fame he found with songs including "Smoke on the Water" and "Child in Time". His outrageous life continues with Black Sabbath and the Gillan band, with whom he toured worldwide, whilst also writing consistently bestselling albums and singles."

Ian's biography can be bought below:
Paperback edition
eBook edition

Gillan on vinyl

Demon Records has announced the release of a new must-have Gillan vinyl boxset on 2nd September. 'The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982' will feature 5 chart albums - 7 LPs in total - including Mr Universe (1979), Glory Road (1980, 2 LPs, with bonus disc 'For Gillan Fans Only'), Future Shock (1981), Double Trouble (2 LPs, 1981) and Magic (1982).

Ian Gillan was delighted with the vintage feel of the finished product: "It's a wonderful thing, vinyl... Best held in two hands and treated with respect, as you place it carefully upon the turntable. You just bought something significant, not easily disposable. And look at the sleeves" - he comments, observing one of the records - "aren't they cool. Read the lyrics and enjoy the artwork, while you are in the groove. No computers involved in the making of this music…enjoy".

The 180g heavyweight vinyl records will all be exact replicas of their first pressings; Future Shock, Gillan's highest scoring album, reaching No.2 in the UK chart, will include the same 16-page booklet as featured in its original release. An exclusive edition available via Amazon here http://smarturl.it/IanGillanExclusive will also contain a bonus 7" single for Spanish Guitar.

There I was, minding my own business on a diving holiday with my family in Grand Cayman in 1984 (I think; thereabouts anyway), when I bumped into Steve Jarrell and Sons of the Beach; a fine band who were performing a season of great sunshine music at the Treasure Island Resort on Seven Mile Beach.

They invited me to step up and do a 'couple of tunes' which I was happy to do and ended up with half an hour on a hand held camera which Steve Jarrell showed me when we met up again in Nashville on the DP tour 2015. He has very kindly given us permission to put it up on Caramba first as an exclusive for CTV.

Ig x

CTV archive can be found here at the CarambaTV Archive.

The Parallax Effect On Long Hair

I was surprised to get an invitation to address the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin on 14th December 2012. It caused great hilarity in the band dressing room; Roger actually burst into spontaneous laughter; not sure if it was the cultural or diplomatic bit that set him off. Probably both.

When the director asked for the title and a copy of the speech I told him it would be entitled 'The Parallax Effect on Long Hair' and that it would be off the cuff, so to speak.

Basically it's about perception or how things are viewed differently, depending on where you're standing.

I was a little nervous to start with as it was unscripted and I'd never spoken publicly before, apart from the usual gibberish delivered on stage each night with DP before being gloriously interrupted by a drumist not known for his patience. But I did enjoy it and may do another, one day.


Rhino Poo Alert

RTL (a large TV station) announced the start of the sale for the Deep Purple tour in autumn 2012 in Germany. The message said that this will be the last tour of DP in Germany and therefore the last chance to see them live. what a shock! Is that true??? Is that an official/confirmed statement?

Yawning response from ig: "I must say that is an impressive heap of rhino poo!"

Coffee Kiev
Some things in life should just be simpler


Deep Purple, Ian Gillan, Gillan, Gillan Glover....

Yes, all of them but the usual proviso of 'in due course' applies, of course. Such is the speed of this 'information age' that we could all know everything immediately but where would the fun be in that?

These don't replace the Wordographies, which also continue apace.

Perfect Strangers

'One Eye To Morocco' - the lyrics

Caramba takes the greatest of pleasure in unveiling the complete lyrics for all editions of 'One Eye To Morocco'.

These don't in any way replace the Wordographies, as these are winging their way to your screen at a speed significantly slower than the speed of light.

Go to 'The Complete Lyrics'.

     Another, even bigger fan writes


These biographies may be used by journalists.
This has been updated to include edel's latest biog.
This way for.... biographies.

Deep Purple's official website. Click above.

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Jon Lord

Jon Lord

Rockpages.gr interview with Ian

"There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for an interview with Ian Gillan! The British singer can’t stop surprising you, even if the topic is WhoCares the fund raising project he is handling the vocals, while Tony Iommi, Jon Lord, Nicko McBrain and Jason Newsted fill the rest of the spots. Our talk went beyond the music, and ended up in a rather impressive, and up to date approach about the political situation in Greece, for which the singer seemed completely informed.

Interview by Yiannis Dolas"

Go to the Rockpages.gr interview - HERE


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