The Ivory Hunter Hunter
. Ian gives a fair, considered, if slightly firm, response to the threat facing endangered species.

Warning: some viewers may find the contents of this film disturbing or even exhilirating. No counselling or other services are available but you may, however, consult your psychiatrist in the case of the latter.

Back-o-drum-kit Tiki Bar
. Things just keep getting better and better when you go 'all in'. The first one is never enough, especially when it's a wee un. Truly inspired percussion contribution included.

Your Valentine's Video from IG
. A heartfelt romantic gesture. Thinking of you....yes, you.

Ian's Halloween Gig Preparation: A suitable case for treatment
. Where would we be without the Health Service...

Stephenson's Rocket
CarambaTV's roving reporter (well we had to give him a job) demonstrates his well-trained eye.