Dear Friends

DF 75 - Glowing from a hot place (August 2023)

22 August 2023

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your messages and greetings on my birthday last Saturday. I have read them all and still surprised by the genuine feelings of goodwill and love that emanate from every part of the globe, it gives me a glow.

I can’t remember much of the last few days, which is almost certainly a good thing, and if anyone’s missing a bikini, I found a couple of empty ones by the pool on Sunday morning so feel free to claim them anytime. And the same goes for the cat; I seem to have adopted a large sleek black cat, he ate most of my birthday cake and shows no sign of leaving.

After a fairly intense first half of the year with DP I am now on a working holiday, mostly writing gibberish for some project or another, and catching up with family and friends at my place in Portugal, both of which can be done in the shade of my cabana, not far from the pool or the fridge. And I have a tiny tent where I sleep when all the beds are full.

Amongst this I have you all in mind, so, as it says on all the best postcards...’I wish you were here’.

Cheers, ig

Ian Gillan

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