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4th September
A combination of classical music with rock, dredgers and cranes in the city of iron, Ferropolis.

A rock-legend in classical outfit
Ian Gillan and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
are to give a concert.

From: Ulf Rostalsky

Gräfenhainichen/MZ. Deep Purple and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: two worlds collide. Here one of the hardrock-bands par excellence. There the representatives of classical music. Among dredgers in the city of iron there is supposed to accrue anything but a confrontation. Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan and the orchestra from the Czech capital are practising a closing of ranks. In Ferropolis on September 4th they are going to stand on stage together. (more.../click HERE)

Prominent Australian journalist Alan Howe's interview with Ian about 'One Eye To Morocco'.
Click HERE to read.

'One Eye To Morocco' review
by Jason Hillenburg
Click HERE to read.

Interview on Metal Express Radio website with Ian . HERE!

Ian interviewed by Jeb Wright on 'Classic Rock Revisited'. This is one of those click here thingies, except that it's click HERE.


Ian Gillan on Get Ready to ROCK! Radio

Features Editor Pete Feenstra chats to Ian about ‘One Eye To Morocco”. Ian tells Pete about the album and concept, and they play tracks.

Check out a video clip/review here:
Go to GRTR special. has published a new interview with Ian as part of a series entitled "Hit The Lights". Ian discusses new solo album "One Eye to Morocco" at length, and touches upon other topics such as the songwriting process between himself and solo band members Steve Morris and Michael Lee Jackson, "Accidently On Purpose", reading, The Rolling Stones, his musical tastes as a teenager, his inaugural gig as part of Deep Purple, performing Deep Purple's older tracks live, and the possibility of a new Deep Purple album.

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Houston Press blog   Ian Gillan's Deeper Shade of Purple

Ian interviewed by Bob Ruggiero on 'The Houston Press blog'. Tonsils are mentioned in a favourable light.

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Click HERE to Ian being interviewed on the 'Kweevak Radio Show' on 'Kweevak Music Magazine'.

'One Eye To Morocco' reviewed by Brent Soileau at 'The Deep Purple Hub'.

Click HERE to read.

rockradio      Rockradio

Ian Gillan Special on Rockradio Click HERE for a getting there experience.

Already broadcast but for all those into this new-fangled interweb thingy you can listen again on from Monday 23 March onwards. Although it won't actually be 'listening again' if you didn't hear it the first time.

Faceculture video interviews with Ian

FaceCulture video interviews with Ian, including
'One Eye To Morocco'. Click HERE to go there.

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