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Lonely Days

(Gillan, Morris)

You all-night party every night
Never seem to satisfy your appetite
All your friends are raving mad
It takes a lot of practise to get that bad
You show no signs of slowing down
You're a living wreck all over town
You're just a kid with a messed up face
Your beauty's gone without a trace

You've reached the stage you can't take any more
I see it in your eyes you'd better sneak out the door

And get some lonely days
Lonely nights
Lonely days

You fell in love with a losing game
Now losing is your middle name
Can you feel the death-lust on the street
Every time you move they turn up the heat
She's crying - Woo Hoo Hoo
She's dying - Woo Hoo Hoo
I can go to hell - save my breathe
But I'm telling you girl you ain't got much left

You've done your head in that's a matter of fact
Poor little kid - you can't take much more of that

You need some lonely days
Lonely nights
Lonely days