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Bootlegs & pirates

Bootlegs - I have no real problem with tapes of live shows being circulated, bought and sold, amongst real fans. The same goes for photographs, videos and so on.

I live in the sure knowledge that bootlegging at this level is fun and effectively harmless to the record companies; who are always complaining about their profits being hit. I'm also certain that the vast majority of fans will already have all the legitimate recordings of their favourite artists.

However, I must say that my opinion of bootleggers (ie. the corporate criminals as they have become) has reached an all time low. The innocence has gone and the glut of 'product' has ensured a diminution of long term value for these once rare and precious recordings.

The bootleggers, nevertheless, however cynical and manipulative, are still dealing in stuff that the public has already paid for; and, with that in mind, I maintain that every concert goer should be entitled to take home their own recordings of the show. They've bought the ticket and that's that. No restrictions, enjoy the show.

Pirates - as for pirates. Well, you know what they deal in. Studio recordings and rip-off merchandise. They're just thieves, dealing in stolen property.

I would like to strip them of their romantic name. Let them fly under their true colours. They are not pirates, they are thieves, and their tainted offerings have bad Karma


Use your judgement.

As a footnote I should say this is merely my opinion and I must emphasise that I do not speak for the other guys in D.P., or anyone else.

* the definition of 'oxymoron' may be found in the dictionary of your choice.