Ian Gillan has said:

"If you take it literally you may, quite reasonably, think the 'Finite' part of the word describes the life of Deep Purple, with a clear beginning and a nebulous end; but what of the 'in' bit? The word infinite is a three-dimensional double edged sword. It describes something that goes on forever in all directions; not unlike its temporal equivalent 'Eternal' What's that all about?

Stephen Hawking declared (in 'A brief History of Time') that, before the Big Bang there was nothing. That would put the kybosh on the idea of our universe being Infinite, as he provides a starting point, which is not acceptable to the concept. So, Hawking's universe in 'Finite'; by definition; whether he agrees or not.

Ironically, he is quite wrong (scientists always are eventually), therefore the Universe is infinite, which means it will never end, and also means that it never started, and the corollary to that of course is that we don't exist.

There is a metaphysical solution to all this, but it will have to wait until the tour is over because (thanks heavens) there are only 24 hours in a day (for the time being) or 10 hours in a metric day. More on that later..."


Ian Gillan & the Javelins

A brand new wing has been added to Caramba Towers for the Javelins.

Everything to do with the 2018 release of the mighty Javelins album can be found there.
Links where you can buy a copy included.

So, click on the image or, if you're 'image averse', you may click HERE.

Ian Gillan - Contractual Obligation

Why have one extra wing when two are possible. Everything to do with Ian's 'Contractual Obligation' tour from 2019 are similarly HERE.

Along with links where you can buy copies, should you not have done so already.

Deep Purple "Vincent Price" Official Music Video

A video is born. Vincent Price stalks the flickering frame and someone else also, as it turns out, but all will be explained below. Click HERE. For Wordographic heaven peruse the full wordography set for NOW What?!. This is situated but a short scroll from here.

As musical idea rose from the depths and began to coagulate it was given the working title of 'Vincent Price'; it sounded like the sound track to a horror movie. When Roger and I were tackling the lyrics we started with a list. Something we imagined would be drawn up by the director of a Hammer Horror movie; a list of essential ingredients for any self-respecting Vincent Price movie of the 1960's.

So: Creaking doors, dungeons, rattling chains, howling dogs, dripping blood, vampires, thunder and lightning, sacrificial virgins and zombies to die for, etc.

And there you have it; the lyrics in a casket, manic laughter, fade.

IG says: 'It didn't enter my mind to include a pole dancer in the lyrics - silly me.'


     Now What?! Deutschland

   wordogs are rolling in. Here's everything from NOW What?!, in randomised ig order. Ian on (eventually, probably, who knows) everything - the complete lyrics, in good time.

Buffalo Report

It's thrilling, the whole lot of it. Critical acclaim for from the renowned Buffalo Report. Click HERE.

Gold Disc @ Wroclaw

Ian receives a Gold Disc for the
sales of Now What?! in Wroclaw,
Poland, given to him by Marcin of
Mystic Records.

Now, he's only got to find out where
in his attic he's got his old 38 inch
disc player stored.




Continuing the brilliant run of
EDSEL/DEMON re-releases

Release date:

1 CD

Release date:

2 CDs

Release date:

2 CDs

edel entertainment
releases 'One Eye To Morocco' - the first studio album with all new material in 10 years from Ian - released on the new edel imprint earMUSIC .

Click here all 'One Eye To Morocco' content.

Rockpages Web Magazine (Greece):

- Interview with Ian from Summer 2009.
Now available online HERE

- click HERE for their review of 'One Eye To Morocco'.

                          One Year On

Marcin, a denizen of the Deep Purple Hub, has reviewed 'One Eye To Morocco' from the perspective of a year having passed.

Click HERE to read his review on the Hub. Join the Hub on the way - highly recommended.


Triple Trouble artwork

Click HERE for Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble reviewed by Brent Soileau of the Deep Purple Hub. Click HERE to go there.

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Captured live from the 2006 Gillan's Inn Tour,
the very wonderful Live In Anaheim DVD.

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Re-releases on Edsel / Demon

'It's about bloody time!' : quoth ig

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DVD - Message From Ian's Record Label
Friday, April 21, 2006. Click here to read.

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SMOKE THIS! & 'Uncle Sam' censorship scandal

Caramba has never condoned censorship and so the sadly unavoidable appearance of Uncle Sam's kindly face in the new 'SMOKE THIS!' Caramba book has caused much distress to international gentlefolk. Please click on the image of Uncle Sam' to view the unviewable.

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