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1 - set lists, top 5 songs, supporting acts, bored?

From: alan christopher

dear ian,
having now entered a very positive phase for the band(globally). do you think it will transpire that purple might change alot more of the set list for shows,as there is , dare i say a glut or wealth of live representation and i feel as a fan that this would free the band to experiment on stage with different songs or tunes, and perhaps dropping in some mors obscure material. all the best for 2001.

Dear Alan,
This is a constant topic of discussion within the band. We try to strike a balance between the old, the new and the lesser known, or obscure as you put it, material. There is also the fact that many of the songs are different every night because of the improvisation. Furthermore we have to consider the whole audience, many of whom want to hear a goodish proportion af familiar material. You point out quite rightly that there is a huge amount of live recordings available, but only a few of these are legitimate and it is a relative minority of the fans who actually own any. Having said all that, we do feel the need to stay right on top of the issue and I can promise you that there will be no complacency in this area.

From: (Michael Völtz)

Just two obvious ones:
What are your top 5 songs that you sang in your career?
What are your overall top 5 songs?

Dear Michael,
Strangely enough there are no definitive songs that automatically make my top five list. It depends on my mood. Although there's a huge list of favourites. Here is the flavour of the day. Stuff I have sung:
1) Speed
King (DP)
2) '69 (DP)
3) Trashed (Black Sabbath)
4) Hang me out to dry (From Toolbox)
5) The Garden of Gethsemane (From J.C. Superstar)
Other stuff
1) Trying to get to you (Elvis)
2) Smokestack Lightning (Howling Wolf)
3) Gitanos Andaluces (bulerias), (Paco De Lucia)
4) Slow Dancer (Robert Plant)
5) Tobacco Road (Edgar Winter, the live version) Cheers, ig

From: "Sommer"

I'd like to know what you think of new(ish) metal/hard rock bands that were influenced by you and Deep Purple such as Dream Theater, who I happen to think are a damn talented bunch of musicians!! I noticed you toured in the US with Dream Theater a number of years ago, and that John Pettrucci and Steve Morse are teaming up for an album... Is there a good relationship between DP and DT?? Any cool stories from the road?

Also, I saw an interview with you where you stated that you would like to, in future tours, include the support band into your act, a little like you did with Ronnie on the European 'Albert' tour. Who would be your ultimate supporting act, and any news on who will support for the Australian shows in March??

Paul Sommer - Sydney, OZ

G'day Paul,
You're right DT is a great band full of talent and it was great having them with us on the road. No particular stories come to mind, just a generally good vibe. I don't know yet who's going to be with us on the Australian dates, but the idea of having the guest/support act do their bit and then include them in some way during our bit 'a la Ronnie', is an attractive one and I am keen to do it again. Of course it may not always be possible, but it's being discussed right now.
Cheers, ig


Hi IG!
I saw a quote where you said you were bored with doing rock records (and wanted the next Deep Purple album to be conceptual in a loose sense). "Abandon" is pretty much a (hard) rock record to my ears. Was it boring for mr. Gillan to do that one?

I'm looking very much foreward to the upcoming album. Is the small string orcestra still part of the plan?



Dear Eirik,
It's funny isn't it how the whole meaning of a quotation can be lost when it's paraphrased. I have never, ever said that I am bored with doing rock records. The next bit is right though; we do have it in mind to work around a loose conceptual idea for the next record, but as we haven't started yet that could all change. The most important thing is to capture the spirit of the moment. I think there is a general feeling of adventure within the band now and we start writing soon so let's see what happens. I'm not sure about the string thing yet, it depends on the approach and the material, but we have an open mind about augmentation. Abandon is of course a rock album in the category 'hard' and no it wasn't boring at all, quite the opposite in fact. Cheers, ig

Pete Barraclough (Sports Media)

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