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10 - Germany, movement, other Mk's music, cameras & gigs, UK tour again, sales figures

From: (karin vrancken)

Hey you,
here is Sabina.I wish you a Happy New Year(late is better then never,hi, hi) Your website is great,i enjoyed it.So how is everybody????? When you goinig to Germany???? and many greeting from GOLDIE'S

peace & love
Sabina & joanna

Hi Girls,
Thanks for the message. There may be something in Germany in the autumn, but I'm not sure yet. Say Hi to all at Goldie's, now I feel thirsty.
Cheers, ig

From: S94-a-Becker-David@REGINO-GYM.DE (S94-a-Becker-David)

Dear Ian,
even I've found this page and I'm very happy. I searched very long for an adress. So, I'm 17 years old and of course a DP-FAN. I play guitar since 5 years (In a cover-band and some others), piano and Hammond-Organ(M100, B/C3 is to expensive, but I still search a Leslie;you can perhaps ask Mr Lord, if ... ) First I learned guitar by myself while I played the songs from DP. It was good for me that Steve Morse has been a member of the group, for more guitar-technic, yeah! I saw Deep Purple in Trier, that's 60 Km away from my home, and in Luxembourg with the philharmonic-orchestra and Paul Mann. It was a super sound. It's a pity Jon Lord was in Luxemb. to silent (one Leslie is not enough!) Now my question: I would like to perform "Movement I, II and III with our school-orchestra" but I need the notes. Maybe you can give me an adresse or help me to get it.

Thank you! David

Dear David,
Thanks for your comments and question. I will have to pass this one over to Mr. Lord. I will get back to you with an answer.
Cheers, ig

From: Gary Blonder

Dear Ian,
You have had a long-standing policy of singing only your own compositions. However, I'm sure you appreciate that many Purple fans enjoy the music of the other "marks". Would it really be so bad to "cave-in" on this and may be slip in a classic from the others? I feel this would be a nod of respect not only to the talent of the other singers but also to the fans. I would suggest Hush or Burn would suit your style. Would this really be so hard a thing to do?

Sincere Regards
Gary Blonder
Bradford, UK

Dear Gary,
Thanks for your comments and question. As you must know this subject has been aired many times. It really isn't a question of caving in, as you put it, and it's nothing to do with respect. I left the band in the first place because I didn't enjoy the way it was going musically. Also I remember doing a less than satisfactory job on Ronnie and Ozzy's stuff when I was with Sabbath, but at the same time I loved the material from 'Born Again'. So I'll stick to doing what I do best. You will disagree, but hey, that's alright. We have done 'Hush' loads of times by the way.
Cheers, ig

From: Phil from Oz

I'm 44 and for the first time have managed to get tickets for DP in Sydney. What I want to know is this:

Do DP have a problem with us punters taking pics at their gigs? I use a non-flash digital camera. The pics are not for profit but for cherished mementoes of a band that I've never been able to get to see before and probably never will again - none of us are getting any younger, right?

The venues try (!) to confiscate my cameras at every turn and even though Status Quo used my pics on their site the damned venue still tried to stop me.

What's the go? Are we allowed to photograph or not?


Hi Phil,
This is something I feel very strongly about. I must stress that this is my opinion and I do not speak for the band on this subject. In my view if you buy a concert ticket you are entitled to record it, film it, photograph it or whatever. So long as it's for personal use I can't see one single problem. I have no idea how the venues decide they have the authority to ban cameras unless they just got sick of artists moaning about it. I'll check with the venue/promoter etc. and let you know. If it's in the category 'no' then I'll sort out a backstage pass for you to get a picture one way or the other. Obviously I can't do this for everybody, but as you wrote first, I'll sort it out.
Cheers, ig

From: Jase

hi ian,
can you tell me when you and the boys well be back in the uk on a full tour?
thanks and all the best

Hi Jase,
Full tour prospects would have to be in 2002. My hope is that we kick off in the UK and my guess would be around March, but that's just an educated guess.
Cheers, ig

From: Jahor

Hi Ian,
I have a question for you. Where on earth can I find any info on numbers of sales of DP and your solo albums/singles and places they reached in charts. I know it must be somewhere but nobody could tell me so far. D'you happen to know?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Jahor,
I will pass this on to my office and attempt to get some information for you but I have always been under the impression that they make it up.
Cheers, ig

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