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11 - Fans, album sleeves, the walk of life, categories, prognosis & other DP songs (again)

From: "whitelightning"

When we met the first time during the Toolbox tour in Stuttgart (yep flew from the US to Germany to see ya:) I snuck into your tour bus and got an autograph and for the first time in my life after being a fan such a long long time got to talk to you (making fun of Leonard Haze whom I know now, or something to that extend). I though all these years, how do you feel about all these extreme fans (besides me) that want to drink a beer, or spend 5 minutes, 5 hours or five lifetimes with you.? For me it would be awfully hard cause it's technically not possible and I can't say no to people often, but would love to give them that time. And you do as much as you can, otherwise you write another song and give it back that way, I know, but doesn't it drive you nuts not being able to spend all that time with 6 million people? How do you deal with all that love and admiration, I mean what's the trick? Thanks for taking time out of your busy life and even giving us this possibility task, I was happy when I heard of this chance...
A big hug Marc

Well thanks Marc,
You are obviously very large in the category 'life'. I think in answer to your question I'd have to say that not everything can be done on a physical level; which is why our spiritual side is so important. I mean just sitting here and thinking about hugging six million people doesn't seem in the slightest bit difficult, however drinking that much beer makes even me feel a tad queasy.
Cheers mate, ig

From: Rolf Buschmann

Hi, Mr. IG,
Is it really true you made the offer to Maria from St. Petersburg to design the new record cover? If so, well done!! Shes a great painter!! I hope to see you and the band a.s.a.p. in Germany.

Rolf Buschmann

Hi Rolf,
Thanks for your letter.
I think we're jumping the gun here. I would never make an offer for anyone to design any record covers/sleeves without going through the whole development process. However I always look at ideas and especially from talented artists; that, of course, is for my own stuff. I have, in the past, for example on the 'Future Shock' sleeve, been happy to work with young artists, but it is not always the case. Regarding Deep Purple, it's a different issue as these things would be a matter for the whole band to talk about during the recording stage. The most important thing is the need for the artwork to have some relevance to the music.
Cheers, ig

From: "Johnny Eklund" (

Hi Ian!
I red an answer from you earlier and you said that you where thinking a lot of mankinds wrong paths. I also think a lot about that but is it the same paths we are talking about? I don`t believe in god I think we have taking the wrong turn according to computers and lifestyle. I work as a computertechnician ( i dont know how to spell that word ) and I can see the stress the computers gives. God is just a tale somebody told but computers are real. We are sitting in the corner and the paint is coming closer. I would really want to discuss t his subjects with you!

johnny eklund

Hi Johnny,
I don't think any two individuals are truly able to walk the same path, in the complete sense,for example, of a flock of birds or a shoal of fry, although we approach it sometimes in team games, battle, music and things of that kind. To me a computer is a tool or an instrument depending how you use it. I must admit I've never felt threatened by one, other than in the sense of recognising my own incompetence. Although I can see that if it's a specialised line of work, whether in a call centre or, like you, as a technician then there could be a stress factor.
Cheers, ig

From: "Bongani Mtn Lodge" (

Dear Ian
I am often asked (by those who have not heard your music) what "type" of music yours & DP is. Other than Rock, how would you define describe this today. Would appreciate some commentary notes on the following for wordography... "5 moons"; "Dirty Dog"; "No, No, No"; "Somebody stole my Guitar"; "No More cane on the Brazos"

Many thanks, Arlene

Dear Arlene,
Thanks for your letter. I think 'Rock' is just fine; as a definition it's the most embracing of the genre and therefore the most accurate. I've made a note of the requests for the discography and will put those songs on the list for early attention. Sounds like a most exotic location you're coming from.
Cheers, ig

From: Petrie Myllyla

Hi Ian! I start listening Deep Purple in 1973 as a eight year old. Mainly because my best friend's big brother was (and still is) your fan. Now at 35 I have collected all your records and some 500 gigs also. All we fans know one day this greatest band in a R&R history will be history itself. Do you have any knowledge when that would be? Is there any legal possibility to take new (young) guys into the band when you veterans like to retired. That way there will be never ending band!

Petri Myllyla
Ps. Still I hope you great years to come

Hi Petri,
Thanks for the offer but there's plenty of life in the old dog yet.
Cheers, ig

From: jose marcial (

Hi Ian!
I've heard the reasons why you state you prefer not to sing the Purple songs you were not involved with. Do you feel the same way about the "Born Again" material? I could honestly see Purple opening a gig with "Trashed". Also, "Unchain your brain" is very much in the Purple vein.(unintentional ryhme!) Could you see Purple doing any of these songs? Please fill me in. I saw you in Madrid in 79; and with Purple in Lakeland, Fl in 85 and both times you were fantastic!
May you scream forever!
Peace, Jose

Hi Jose,
Thanks for your observations. Don't you see that what applies to me and my concerns also applies to the other guys in the band. The reason I keep answering these questions is to hopefully get everyone to understand the ethos behind a band like Purple. The offshoot stuff and the solo stuff is all well and good for the five individuals, and I know and appreciate how solidly it's supported out there, but DP is more than five individuals and when we come to work we know what has to be done. We don't always get it right but at least it is total uncompromised Deep Purple. Always.

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