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12 - Red wine, point lost, caned, cringe?, CiT, submitting tapes & other's instruments

From: (giorgos kopol)

im an 27 years old fan for you from athens i have saw you three times live in athens,and every time you getting better like the old red wine.i would like to ask you a couple of questions.when are you going to release the new solo album of you or the new d.p.album? Which is your favourite football team? you will came again in athens for live show? Have you ever been in anafi island for vacations?

Hi Giorgos,
New solo and DP albums are being worked on. Watch this space for updates. My team is QPR (Queens Park Rangers) unfortunately they are not doing very well right now and that is sad because the ownership is not dynamic. The fans can do nothing but support the team. Of course we will come to that crazy city Athens again and I've not been to that particular island. If it's anything like the others I've been to...but no it couldn't be, because the great attraction of the Greek Islands is the diversity of character, fortunately all in the same clear warm aquamarine setting.
Cheers, ig

From:Jean-Christophe Gérard (

Dear Ian,
I've had the luck of meeting you after at your hotel bar in Lille (France) after a gig. You kindly wrote some autographs on my cd sleeves and on the driving licence of a friend of mine who was there and became a Highway Star since then. We had a Heineken together and it was a wonderful time I'll never forget. Once again, thank you very much. In fact, I just want to tell you that I'll always remember this amazing evening and that I wish you all the best. No question: keep on giving singing, keep on writing songs, that's the best answers!
God bless you.

Dear Jean-Christophe,
Thanks for your letter and the kind remarks. As there is no question I'll take this opportunity to have a Heineken.
Merci beaucoup and cheers, ig

From: (Ursula Hanses)

Hello Mr Gillan!
My question is very short: Will you please give me the lyrics to "No more cane on the brazos"? Even though I can´t get close to your voice (one big reason is that I´m female), I like singing a lot and that tune is outstanding.
Thank you very much in advance.

Aasa Marie Hanses, Stockholm

Hello Aasa Marie,
Yes it will be a pleasure. I'll put it up shortly on the 'wordography'
Cheers, ig

From: (Gary Blonder)

Dear Ian
I am a schoolteacher and I like to think I'm a good one, but not every lesson I have taught has been a good one! Are there any IGB/Gillan/Sabbath/DPmk2 or 7 songs that you cringe at the thought of?
Yours Sincerely Gary Blonder

Dear Gary,
Yes there are, quite a lot actually, but occasionally I am stunned to hear somebody professing to love a song that I despaired of long ago. Then I realise that, once published, they don't belong to me any more, so I tend to keep quiet about it; I just cringe in private. I believe schoolteachers develop similar habits, or so it would seem after observing my mother for many years.
Cheers, ig

From: (D & A Delaney)

I was just wondering if there was any plan for the "Child In Time" album to be reissued on CD - your solo album not the DP Best of. I've got the old vinyl LP, but it's in a crate in storage in Melbourne while I'm overseas working. For the last 9 years I've been kicking myself for not taping it and bringing it with me. As far as the never ending questions about not doing songs from DP Mark III etc. - don't you get sick of answering them? There's 5 guys in the band and a truck load of stuff to choose from for the shows. I haven't seen a show for over a couple of years now, but the one I did see was great, the classics and the new stuff. I bet if you did actually do some of the songs from MkIII & IV there'd be never ending discussion about how they stood up against the old days - basically you wont be able to win.
Cheers Mate

Hi D & A Delaney,
Not clear about where your based - but for example - you can get 'Child in Time' for £4.99 at You can find more info on that at (Unofficial DP site). You will also see future tour dates there and at (Official Ian Gillan site).

Hope this is helpful,
Cheers, Shell
(The Caramba Team)

From: "Sarytchev, Oleg"

Good evening, Mr. Jan Gillan! (Eeeeaaaooouuwww!)

My name is Oleg Sarytchev. If you remember, I took your autograpf (and I have done an attempt to sing Child inTime) when Deep Purple had the tour in Minsk.

I have got an unusual proposal for you. For more than 10 years, fans of Deep Purple have been coming together every spring to perform the best of Deep Purple's compositions. I would like to invite you to Minsk for taking part in our session as a dear guest. I think you'll get good rest and relaxation. You can also sing something with our music band if you want. Unfortunately, I cannot organize commercial tour. However, if you agree, I'll try to find some financial solutions such as tickets, hotel, etc. I am waiting for your answer, please reply me. My E-mail is

I also can read your answer on your site

Best Regards!

P.S. I am a keybordist of Belarussian folk-rock band The Stolitsa (translated in English as The Capital). If it is interesting for you, I'll be glad to send some records.

G'Day Oleg,
Thanks for the letter and your kind offer. I can't be there in person as I'm working non-stop this year, but I will be there in spirit. Please pass on my thanks to all the performers. Will you make a tape? I'd love to hear it. Also I would like to hear some of your music with Stolitsa. You can send it to my London office. The address is: IG c/o Phil Banfield P.A.N. Ltd. 1, Water Lane, Camden Town, London NW1 8NZ England. Write again after your get-together and tell us about it.
Cheers, ig

From: "Poustie, Richard" (

Dear Ian,
I've often wondered whether the band can play each others' or other instruments - I've seen photos of you and Rog on guitars etc. - but, for example, does Jon play guitar, can Steve play the blues harp, does Paicey play mean bagpipes. In the same vein what are the boys singing voices like?


Dear Rich,
We all dabble a bit here and there. Mostly Paicey bashes things though and I yell, Steve plonks away on his banjo all day and Lordy's our piano player as everyone knows, Rog is never happier than when playing drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and bagpipes (how did you guess?) all at the same time.
Cheers, ig

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