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14 - Canteens, football, what do you do for a living?, problem bonfires, Israel tour?

From: Dave (from London)

Two separate and unrelated questions:
Does Rosa's Cantina exist?

While i realize that European, Asian and South American fans are probably more fanatic about Purple... why is it that Purple so rarely tours Canada? I am constantly pissed off that I can't see things like your current Butterfly Ball/orchestra extravaganza. I'm not bitter as much as truly disappointed. In any event, thanks for all your music.

Dave from London, Ontario, Canada

Hi Dave,
Yes, Rosa's Cantina did exist. It was in the Algarve, in Portugal. If you keep an eye on the Wordography here at Caramba I'll put the story up in a few weeks from now. Sorry about the rare visits to Canada. We were there a couple of years ago, but I agree with you we don't get there often enough for my liking. I will hassle the management yet again about this. Thanks for caring.
Cheers, ig

From: Giogios

Hi. I'm a 27years old fan of you from Athens.

I have to ask you 4 Questions.

1 when you release your solo or the dp album?
2 you return in Athens for live show?
3 have you ever been in Anafi island for vacations?
4 which is your favourite football team?
thanx Giorgos

Hi Giorgos,
Thanks for the questions. There is plenty of work being done on both a DP album and another IG thing. I would expect the Purple album to be out in the Spring of next year. My stuff will be out when it's ready, not sure when yet. No immediate plans for a show in Athens as far as I know. No I haven't been to Anafi Island, is it nice? My favourite football team is Queens Park Rangers. Unfortunately they are struggling right now to stay in the first division in England. If they don't win a few games they will be relegated. But I'll still support them. I've been a fan since I was a boy.
Cheers, ig

From: Sasha

Hi Ian,
First let me thank you for being the part of the live legend. For the teenager who grew up in 70s in Moscow Deep Purple means a lot. Believe me.

Now to the question.

On one of the Internet forums there was a discussion on you involvement in song writing in the bands you played with (Deep Purple and Black Sabbath (Born Again in particular) where someone ( not that guitarist :) ) declared that your participation was negligible usually consisting of just the lyrics written after the song was created by other members. Finding this statement hardly to be true I would really appreciate if you could tell us what the real story was.

TIA. Looking forward to see you on tour in Australia.

Sasha, Melbourne.

Hi Sasha,
Thanks for the comments and question. I write what I sing. That is to say I write the words and the tunes. In Deep Purple I do it with Roger Glover, we have been friends and a songwriting team since we were together in a band called Episode Six in '65. In Black Sabbath I wrote all the words and all the tunes on my own. It is absolutely true that Tony, Geezer and Bill would put down a backing track the night before and sometimes I would have no idea what to expect when I got to the studio, If you imagine the tracks without any vocals then that is what I had to work with. A backing track , even a great one, is not a song.
Cheers, ig

Hi Ian, First I'd like to thank you for all the great music you've gave me for all these years.
I'd like to ask you a couple of questions here-

1.How would you react if some of the other guys in the band decides to set the stage on fire in the spirit of the 70's?

2.Which is the greatest problem for you as a vocalist during the tours?

Thank you once again for everything.

Take care,

Hi Vladimir,
Thanks for your kind remarks. I could give you a smart answer and say that I think that Steve, Jon, Rog and Ian set the stage on fire every night but I think you are referring to Plumpton in '69 or was it '70. That was good fun. I don't think we'd be in busines very long if we did that sort of thing today, shame really, I like a good bonfire.
Cheers, ig

From: Eirik

What is Purples first priority: Touring or making albums? And is it frustrating that things have changed so that good Purple-rock does not sell as many albums as it used to? How is the sales today compared to the eighties, by the way.


Hi Eirik,
I don't think we have ever looked at things that way. In the sense that they are both important and interdependent. I honestly don't know about record sales. I do know that Albert did incredibly well. You can always tell when they give you gold discs and stuff like that, and we just got the first ever platinum DVD in Australia. Whatever, times change. The industry blows hot and cold on styles of music so there are times when you can't get arrested let alone get a track on the radio or a positive review in the rags. We have the most amazing and loyal support out there and that's more solid and valuable to us than anything else.
Cheers, ig

From: Lior (from Israel)

dear ian
i'm a fan of deep purple for many many years and rock is in my blood .i would like to say that i heard a lot of singesr rock but your voice is so amazing,it goes to my blood and soul.i'll never forget you in child in time on scandinavian night in denemark 72'.but all my memories from you is only from video or sound(cd's).it will be a dream come true if you'll be with deep purple in ISRAEL.a review that i read with you,you said that it is not depand on you there is a chance to see you gig in ISRAEL? many fans are waiting for you.

thank for reading.

yours forever
Lior from ISRAEL

Dear Lior,
Thanks for your kind words and the question. People are often amazed at how little control we have over our destiny. There is a whole sequence of events that takes place without our knowledge before we know about a tour. Coms between Promoters and agents and managers and record cos. Questions and answers about routing, logistics, finance, aesthetics. Are we going back too soon? Did this promoter do a good job? Can we play here or there? Yes but no decent promoter. It's best to wait than do a bad job. Then there is the political consideration. I don't mean the politics of the area but the politics of the business. Very often we find out years later that we didn't play a certain territory because the agent had fallen out with the promoter. I personally would love to come and do a show in Israel and a lot of aother places in the Middle East which I've never had the opportunity to go to. I missed out the last time DP was in your country as I had been fired from the band. Maybe sometime soon. Thanks for your support.
Cheers, ig

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