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16 - New album, JCS regrets, 12 angry men, DVD issue, Cat & Fiddle

From: Andy

Hi, You won't remember me but I won 1st prize at the DP convention on 26/09/99 and you presented me with a RG signed pass from your '97 US tour. Anyway the new issue of Classic Rock (March 2001) page 8 states that you have finished the new album, ready for release later this year. Any thoughts on the truth of this?

By the way RAH was the best gig that I have been to in nearly 30 years of gigs and watching the DVD still sends tingles down my spine!

Kind Regards

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the kind remarks. I don't know how these people make a living. The truth is we have a few ideas which are looking pretty hopeful. There is not one single song completed yet and we have no idea when the album is going to be out. As I've said before, my guess is that we'll be recording in the autumn and the launch will be in the Spring of 2002. Before anyone goes reaching for the chisel, I repeat that's just a guess.
Cheers, ig

From: Martin O'Brien

I have always been a huge fan of yourself ,Purple and JC Superstar and although I new you were connected to the original recording I did not know you played the man himself ( no I don't mean Blackmore) any how I recently got hold of the original album and as ever your performance blew me away (was delighted to see you rate Gethsemane in your top 5 what a song)question you regret not doing the film ?and have you ever heard Steve Balsamo on the latest recording of JC? I believe he is the only other singer Ive heard who could do Child In Time justice.

Great talking to you, keep singing, love to the boys in the band(not in the bodily sense you understand)

Martin OBrien, Romford Essex

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the comments. No I don't regret not doing the film. I would have needed to have been away for quite a while filming in Israel and post-production at Pinewood. All this at a time when Purple was really cranking up. How could I jeopardise the dream of a lifetime (DP) for a movie, even though I loved doing the original recording and would have jumped through hoops for Tim Rice. It didn't help of course that my meeting with Norman Jewison left me less than enamoured with the prospect of working with him. No I haven't heard Steve Balsamo's recording. I'll try and pick up a copy.
Cheers, ig

From: "andy yates"

Alright Ian, I am opening a coffee shop with 2 other partners in Glasgow called `wherethemonkeysleeps` and we have been thinking about writing a rock opera retelling the story of the film "12 Angry Men".

After having heard your sterling performance in Superstar, we would write you in as the Henry Fonda character. Currently we are trying to reach agreement as to who the other 11 angry men would if you have any suggestions or advice, please let me know.

Thanks for your time and larynx!

Andy Yates

Dear Andy,
Thanks for your letter and the information about your coffee shop. I think it would tie in better with your catering project if you were to write a rock opera called "12 Hungry Men". then you could get excellent publicity for both projects as they would be conceptually intertwined and the Meeja loves that sort of thing. Of course Pavarotti would jump at the chance of the lead. Bernie Marsden could play everything as he is an all round musician. Posh Spice is looking for a gig and she could do with a decent meal. The pissabolities are endless. Unfortunately I must decline as I have very little spare time, and my days off are taken up building this incredible shed.
Cheers, ig

DVD problem Eric asked this of Ian and the reply is down below:

From: Eric Bohnenstiel

Did you know that the Deep Purple "Total Abandon Live In Australia '99" DVD doesn't work when you buy it in America? I've purchased it three different times now and all of them say 'area prohibited.' I've bought them at HMV and Tower Records. The people there are clueless.

My understanding is that you can't sell non-region DVDs here in the states. Have you heard of others having this problem? Thanks so much and my best wishes for continued success!

Eric Bohnenstiel

Dear Eric,
Here is the answer to your question. It sounds fair enough to me. If you send an address then it can be sorted.
Cheers, ig

Dear Ian,
Thanks for your note regarding the unfortunate experience Eric has endured. Basically, manufacturers are forced to produce PAL and NTSC region coded discs to sell ,not only in the code specific areas but also in non coded areas due to the large numbers of people who either purchase their DVD players overseas or use computers with varying specs (particularly in Australia where the TA discs were made). For example, in Australia , we are a PAL coded region but you will find many people have NTSC multi region players. We actually encoded the Total Abandon DVD all regions , but there is still the NTSC and PAL difference - so in effect there are usually 12 different types of 1 DVD, all in an effort to allow the movie companies to release product at different times around the world. Confusing isn't it!

Unfortunately, in the case Eric mentions , the manufacturers mistakenly produced a number of PAL units with NTSC labels , and thereby Eric and Tower/HMV in good faith partook in a faulty transaction. This was supposed to be rectified, and I'm told 200 copies were returned for refunds . If Eric could supply an address, I will ensure he is immediately sorted out. I hope this is of assistance
Regards Drew

I had the pleasure to have met some years ago at the Cat'n Fiddle pub in Hollywood. I asked you this question then but I was so blown out that I was talking to you that I can't remember the entire answer: Why didn't you play JC in the movie? Ted Neeley had the look but his voice would make freight-train take a dirt road. Well, maybe not that bad but you get my drift
.....Bart Fletcher

Hi Bart,
The Cat and Fiddle. Yes I remember it well. I've had a few good nights in there. Owned by Kim Gardner, who used to be the bass player in Ashton, Gardner and Dyke (Resurrection Shuffle). I have answered this question a few times but what the heck. In a nutshell I had to choose between the movie and Purple. No contest in my book.
Cheers, ig

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