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17 - Brazil nuts, Bludsucker, drunk in Copenhagen, DC e-drummer, what's it all about, Garth?

From: Bruno

Eeeaaaaooooowwwwwwwww!!! (are you sure that's the correct spelling? - Steve) We guys from Brazil are waiting for Deep Purple´s return to our country!!! Come soon!!!

Deep Purple is the best!!!

Hey Bruno,
Thanks for the message. It's never too soon to come back to Brazil. Even though we were there in 2000, I'm looking forward to coming back. Maybe next year.
Cheers, ig

From: Shef ( I am really impressed with the remake  of the "Bludsucker" on the "Abandon" albom and I am curios,why have you chosen exactly this song? Thank you for your answer!

Your fan : Shef

Hi Shef,
Good question,
As I recall we didn't choose the song, it chose us. There we were jamming in the studio and it got taped. I think it was Bruce Payne our manager who said it sounded as good today as it did when it was originally recorded, so it kind of sneaked on to the record, with an attitude!
Cheers, ig

From: "Stefan Gotzin" (

Hi Ian!
Regards from Bulgaria and regards to the whole your career which brings so nice feelings to us - your fans. Now I have some questions to you:)

1.I watched tv show in Greece '93 - you and Michalis Rakintzis. I know that you released the single "Get away" but you sang two (at least) other songs on that show. Did you release these songs as well. And are there any other unreleased track from this period?

2.Could you tell us a little more about that track with Pretty Maids - I think it was in 1990?

3. Many people ask you about playing one song or another. Well I think it's not possible to make every wish truth but I know that some bands held interesting meeting with their biggest (or happiest) fans in a famous club and performance stlist by choice of fans.

Is there any chance for something like it from Deep Purple? It'll be really interesting....

Best wishes,

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your comments and questions. I'll get back to you on the Michalis thing, as I'm away from home and I can't remember the other songs. However I have got somebody checking. The Pretty Maids thing was as a result of having too much to drink in a studio in Copenhagen. The song was a particularly bizarre and unseasonal version of 'We wish you a merry Christmas'. I first heard it played back in the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo (even more bizarre). Moral to the story: don't get drunk on someone else's session. Regarding your last question: it's a nice thought but it won't happen. No disrespect, but life is complex enough already.
Cheers, ig

From: Jayson

Hi Ian, My question is "Why didn't you overdub a real drummer instead of keeping the drum machine parts on Dreamcatcher?" I think it's a great album but would've been even better with real drums on it. On a sidenote, Deep Purple is incredible and has become one of my all-time favorite bands over the past few years. I read the "Child In Time" book and it turned me into a real fan. I've bought pretty much the whole catalog since then and am really enjoying "The Bootleg Box" that was just released.

Deep Purple Rules!

Hi Jayson,
Thanks for the question and comments. I did actually take four of the tracks from Dreamcatcher into a studio in L.A. with some fine musicians (drummer included) and the result was inferior in every way. I wasn't really bothered about it, as Dreamcatcher was much more of a song thing than a performance trip. Just lyrics and simple tunes.
Cheers, ig

From: Jonas - Sweden

Thank you for some great live performances during the last years!

Are you guys planning to play any stuff from ' who do we think we are', besides woman from tokyo, live?

Will there ever be a dvd-release off any great gillan solo stuff from the late 70' s?

What's Garth Rockett's all about? just recently ordered the live -89 album. Rumours has it that's it's your hobby band? Haven't ever heard of it though I've listened to most your stuff.

Thanx for a lot good music!

yours sincerely,
Jonas - Sweden

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for the letter. We are rehearsing Mary Long this afternoon, maybe it will be in the show tonight in Perth. No plans for DVDs for old stuff. GarthRockett is my alter ego and he doesn't play by the rules. One tour and one video is the total output so far: you never know with Garth.
Cheers, ig

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