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18 - Solo, Oz DVDs, Alzheimer's, Grand Prix, Her kind of guy, apparently

From: "Johannes Lampert"

hy ian,
i got the message that you're going to release a new solo-album (with Steve,...) in september. is there something true about this? and will you (with purple and "alone") stage in austria, switzerland, germany,...

cheers joe

Hey Joe (great, great song ... - Steve),
I've got a bunch of songs I'm working on with Steve, but there's no release date in sight yet. I'll keep everyone posted and I'm sure we'll be back in your territory before long.
Cheers, ig

From: "Paul Mattielli"

I have been trying desperately to find DP In Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra on DVD for release in Australia, with no luck.

I know you can purchase this DVD over the internet, but it is has Region 1 encoding (for use in the US and Canada only). To play this DownUnder it must be encoded with Region 4 or multizone.

I have emailed Eagle Records and other various people from DP internet sites, plus contacted music importers here, but have received no replies or any confirmation of it ever been released here.

Both, Total Abandon in Australia 1999 and Bombay Calling are available on DVD, but not the above.

Why is it that the London Orchestra recording is available Down Under on CD but NOT on DVD?

It seems that Australia always gets left to last.

DP has many fans Down Under, that are so devoted to your music, surely the record company can release ALL your material.

If possible, please advise me if your record company ever plans to release the above DVD Down Under and when?

The other alternative is to have my DVD player fitted with a special chip to allow for playback of any DVD, with whatever Region encoding it has.

Devoted Deep Purple Fan

Hi Paul,
I'm sure there's no intention to ignore Aussie fans. It's probably a logistical thing. There are lots of anomalies in the DVD market and the zoning issue is as crazy as you'd expect from a business run by the dumplings who came up with CD packaging. However I have passed this on to our office and whatever info I can get will be passed on to you shortly. Watch this space.
Cheers, ig

Do you recall writing a song called BSA in the early 80s ? If so, why was it never released ?

Regards, Jon.

Hi Jon,
I can't remember writing a song called BSA. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything as a lot of 'lost' ideas have turned up years later. Let me think about it....Bovine Spongiform Apocalypse...nah.
Cheers, ig

hi ian ,
it's james cross here .

the grand prix was good , but i think its shame about the track marshals death . i am supporting micheal schumacher this year , and i was really pleased when he won the championship last year .

who do you support ? who do you think will win this years championship ? i am looking forward to the malaysian grand prix .

hope to hear from you soon

Hi James,
The death of Graham Beveridge was tragic and the whole racing community mourns his loss. The marshals at all race meetings do an incredible job and all for the love of racing. I guess they normally only get expenses (if that, at some of the small meetings) and a sense of involvement. Michael Schumacher seems to have risen to an even higher level, if that is at all possible. His concentration is the key. I was at the chicane (1st and 2nd) at Melbourne and he was the only driver to keep a perfect line throughout the race. As tiredness crept in the other drivers got sloppy. I think he has the best ever Ferrari and he is undoubtedly the best driver, so you'd think it was all over wouldn't you? However this is racing and anything can happen. We'll see how the Mclarens do in different track conditions. The Saubers looked very competitive so watch out for them. Williams will be strong again. Eddie Jordan will do much better than last year, and I'm keen to see how young Jenson Button does in the Benetton, t hough I fear that we'll not get the best of him as the team is in flux, and that must be a disadvantage.
Cheers, ig

From: "Else Lyngstad"

Hello Ian, my kinda guy!!
I just found out that DP are visiting DrÝbakfestivalen 10.aug. Cooool.

We`ll meet again then. I saw you live in Hell, and since that day, your music have been played load in my home.I bought Perfect Strangers when I was 15. It went straight to my heart. I`v got a lot of your stuff. In my ears,your voice are the greatest ever.

I got two questions ;

Still turquoise as favourite colour?
Any plans for long hair again?

See you in august, Ian!!!!!!!

1000 kisses from Else.

Hi Else,
Thanks for the nice words. Turquose is my favourite colour, or at least one of them. It reminds me of tropical water. I have no plans to grow my hair long again, but you never know. These things are spontaneous. Right now I feel good the way it is.
Cheers, ig

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