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2 - football, Blackmore & Coverdale, Toolbox vox, Jill Tower, DP & LZ & BS

From: (Peter)

Good Evening!
We all know that you like football.
So what do you think about Sven G. Eriksson as a new coach for Englands national team?
What other hobbies do you have when you´re "off the road"?
Good luck to you Ian and to Deep Purple in the future!

Peter Larsen

Good Morning,
I think that time will tell. Managing a national team is altogether different to managing a club, where you are able to be with your squad of players day in day out throughout the season. He has experience at the highest international club level so you would expect him to be tactically sound. He is certainly a very distinguished and diplomatic gentleman. Quite how prepared he is to deal with the English way of playing in the international context is going to be the key to his success or failure. As to the question of origin, he was appointed by a Scotsman; a point which the rabid and insular English press has overlooked, by and large. Life is my favourite hobby.
Cheers, ig

From: (A. Rotte)

Hello Ian
I am a fan from Holland.
I have two questions for you. First i would like to know if you have followed the career of past and presence mebers of the group and what is your opinion of it? (For example, the excellent latest album of Mr Coverdale and er....Ritchie Blackmore) secondly I would like to know how long you guys hope (are able to) continue. I hope to hear lots of good music fopr many yuears to come and i will see you guys in Holland or Germany. Cheers

Dear Merlijn,
Well, I haven't closely followed the careers of David or Ritchie, other than the snippets of information we get passed on. I'm sure David's album is excellent because he's a top class singer. I've obviously been aware of the kind of stuff Ritchie is doing, and I have one of his album's. Ritchie is a brilliant guitarist and is obviously following his natural desire to be expressive.
Cheers, ig

From: (Arnaud Demaegd)

Dear Ian,
I am a 26 year old singer in a french band. You are definitely my favourite singer for many reasons : first of all, the range of emotions conveyed by your voice is, in my opinion, unparalleled (which is particularly obvious in JC Superstar). What is more, your lyrics are great (sometimes they are fun, sometimes moving). Here is a question that has been on my mind for about... seven years : in Toolbox as well as in the Ian Gillan Live video, your voice was simply at the top. Two years later, in the Battle Rages On record and subsequent tour, it became obvious that you had problems with it - in particular with screams. I do not know your discography between the two (the only missing period in my collection, in fact), but I would like to know what happened. Don't you take enough rest, or something like that ? Is it the same kind of problem as in the end of the seventies ? Do screams exhaust your voice ? If so, why not scream less ? I would like to know the answers to these questions, as a fan (I care for your health) as well as as a singer (I care for my health, too). Hope you won't find me too curious, and that you don't resent being asked about this kind of things.

All the best for 2001 and for all your life, sacrebleu !

PS : I've just seen the Montreux 2000 concert. It is incredible, and you get better from the beginning to the end - and what a pleasure to hear again Into the Fire and Fools... Is there a chance to see it released on video ? And is there a chance to hear Mary Long on concert some day ?

Dear Arnaux,
Thank you for your observations and questions. Paradoxically, screaming is a delicate subject. Generally I'm relaxed and confident, think nothing of it and just go for it. Then at other times it's not so easy and I prefer to avoid it. I don't think it's much of a physical thing, where I need to rest, it's more to do with circumstances. Sometimes I feel like screaming and sometimes I don't. Of course there are some people who think that's all I do, but I can't do anything about that. When I was younger I used to attempt to swim up waterfalls, now I'm happy to cross the river, knowing full well I'll end up downstream a little, but then I can always walk back at my own pace and take them by surprise. I think there's every chance you might hear 'Mary Long' one day. We tried it once a couple of years ago but for some reason it didn't work out, but that could have been the balance of material on the day. I'll mention it to the guys at rehearsals.
Cheers, ig

From: (Jutta Biene)

Hi Ian,
I like to listen to Welcome to Dreamfield of Jill Tower, I found the cd because you were the executive producer (I never saw it in German shops, why?, several people who heard it spontanously said it's cool). Did you also sing together or do you have plans to sing on a cd together? There are songs on the cd that I imagine very nice with both voices, maybe Robbed & Cheated, It Makes Ya Crazy, I Took A Walk, ..., or something new?
Love Jutta

Dear Jutta,
Executive producer is a grand title for the very small contribution I made to Jill's album. I think she's a terrific songwriter and she is also a terrific lady, so I support her as best I can. All I really did was introduce her and her old man (Al Brody at Forbidden Records) to Steve Morris. That's what executive producers do before they go down the pub. I did promise to duet with her one day, or play harmonica or something, and when I get the chance I will. Maybe the next time I'm in Orlando, which is home territory for Jill.
Cheers, ig

Dear Mr. Gillan,
Do you believe that the role of Deep Purple in the history of hard rock has been overshadowed by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and later bands that borrowed heavily from the material of early innovators, such as yourselves? And when are you coming to the States?
Respectfully, Gregg

Hi Gregg,
It depends where you're standing. I think it's fair to say that from time to time Zep and the Sabbs have probably had a higher profile than DP, but there is something enduring about Purple and our story is far from finished. I haven't got time right now but I will post an extract from a law book which gives an interesting slant on this subject. There is some talk of a U.S. tour in May/June. I have nothing more than that. Watch this space.
Cheers, ig

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