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20 - Promises promises, Irish Question, pithy response, Running Bear, How to make a Maltese cross

From: Mac (who apparently does)

Dear Mr Gillan, What are your views on loyal life long fans who patiently wait day after day week after week and most probably year after year for their favourite singer to send them their promised fags and 5 quid after they have sent off requested photos and several letters that get buried in a box in their office? Changing your name to Shelley doesn't help much even though it probably suits your latest hair-do. I am still out here waiting. I wont give up and will hassle you until I get the required goods. I quite honestly amaze myself that I still support you considering the way you shun my friendly advances. And why do I have to shell out 18 for Dreamcatcher 'cos HMV no longer stocks the sodding thing? I haven't even heard it and only ordered it because you went on and on about it. It better be Bloody worth it. And are you coming to my 40th party or what???

Love (grudgingly) Mac the do

Dear Mac the do,
You know I love you. I'm just amazingly incompetent. I do owe you five quid, and I do owe you 20 Marlborough (red?). New computer, lost files, no excuses.. Shell is actually a real person, nice lady, who helps me when she can. Fags and money on the way. BTW can we publish your blackmailing photos?
Cheers, ig

From: Audrey

Will Deep Purple ever play in Ireland?

Hi Audrey,
It won't be for lack of effort on my part. I'm going to nag the agent silly the next time we do a concert tour in Western Europe.
Cheers, ig

From: Bernie

Hi Ian, in an old magazine I read that JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR was performed in a New York church around 1970. Is it true that you played the Jesus live in that unique perfomance. If "yes" would you please tell us a little bit about that (Was it recorded ? Who organized it ? ...) ?

All The Best !!! Bernie

Hi Bernie,
No it's not true.
Cheers, ig

From: "Spud" (

Yo! Ian,
Been following your carrer for centuries, feels like anyway, from the Liverpool Stadium back in '71 to the Coogee Bay Selinas here in Oz (ex-pat Scouser) with Gillan. I recently listened to yourself and Roger Glover on MMM radio doing the musical challenge, Running Bear. (No Comment), and the DJ stated that you left Purple three times and you said only twice - the last time you were sacked. As they say 'The Seventies was a blur", I thought you only moved twice. If I'm wrong please forgive my ignorance o Lord of Vox. You're still the best and down to earth to boot. Keep up the good work.


Hi Spud,
Thanks for the comments or no comment. I thought 'Running Bear' was hilarious and Roger's bass line was too good. The manager's (Bruce Payne) contribution was over and above the call of duty. Yes I was out of Purple twice. Once in '73 when Roger and I left of our own volition, and once in '89 when I was fired because I said we needed to change our ways and Ritchie said it's either him or me.
Cheers, ig

From: David from Malta

Dear Ian,
I have always been a great fan of yours. It was a dream come true when you gigged here in Malta three years ago. Did you ever think of gigging here again? My band split up a couple of months before your gig and we were nearly assured a spot as supporting act. It was a great disappointment not being able to meet you and the rest of the band. Maybe in the future.........

David from Malta.

Hi David,
Thanks for your letter. Shame about the band thing. I had a great time in Malta. Took a boat out for the afternoon on our day off, beautiful. I don't know when we'll be back and there are no plans for Malta at the moment. Maybe next year.
Cheers, ig

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