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23 - A farter writes, Where's McCoy, apprenticeships, menu del dia, a big behind

From: (Alistair Geddes)

Hi Ian,
Caramba is superb and Q and A always initiates 'laugh and fart' when surfed. You must be really chuffed to mean so much to so many people and we are priviledged that you are still pushing the boundaries. I saw Gillan at the Glasgow Apollo when I had hair and of course had a great time. Within the realms of appropriate diplomacy, could you tell us which support groups you most enjoyed touring with and are there any current buns you would especially like to support DP ?.

I don't play in a band so this is not a loaded question.

Thanks for everything Ian

Alistair Geddes
age 35
p.s I think my cousin looks like Paicey and he thinks I'm a ignorant divot

Hi Alistair,
Thanks for the letter, we have had so many good times with support/guest artists that it would be unfair not to name a few that were a bit special: Fleetwood Mac were with us a lot in the seventies, nice people; Nazareth of course, still sounding good; the late Randy California, 'my hotel room is so small I put the key in the door and broke the window' he used to say that every day; Status Quo and Uriah Heap are always fun to be around. There have been loads of great bands but some of them were a bit detached and so I don't have quite the same fond memories. I'm not sure who I'd put up for the forthcoming British dates in Jan/Feb...oops, what a giveaway. As far as your p.s. is concerned you and your cousin are obviously both wrong.
Cheers, ig

From: (B. Koopman)

First I would like to send my grief and sympathy to all the American people who suffer from the coward attack to their country and humanity. Now Having seen you twice with Gillan and seven times with Deep Purple I still think that you are the best singer ever.I have 1 question though. What ever happened to your bassplayer John McCoy when you split up?I have one mini album and one album and lost track of him. I hope you can tell me more about that.

Hi there,
Thanks for your letter and the kind words. I don't know what John McCoy has been doing professionally for the last eighteen or nineteen years, I will make some enquiries and let you know, or maybe someone out there can help.
Cheers, ig


Hi Ian,
while most kids are bashing each other with pokemon, my 6year old likes nothing more than to watch his Deep purple video. the first song he learned on guitar was smoke on the water and he has learned quite a bit more since. his sole ambition is to join Deep purple......when can he start?
love and hugs, Dornx

Hi Dorn,
Well it's a promising start, all he needs now is an artistic temperament, a pair of dancing shoes and most likely a chaperone, 'cos we do tend to stay up late.
Cheers, ig

From: Cherry Matthew

Hi Ian,
Three Questions:

1.) Chicken or fish?

2.) And, after a well earned sabbatical of some form, how soon do you reckon DP will be back and terrorizing the venues of ol' blighty? (preferably ones with no seats, liberal lisencing laws and flying whores)

3.) Is there likely to be any more uk video, dvd releases of the full-on Abandon Tour i.e. wembley?. I loved the Albert Hall Anniversary gig and guard my ticket programme and video with my life but it would also be nice to have a full on 'warts an all' vid out as all i have is Come Hell or High water and although its a great vid I find myself increasingly annoyed with Ritchies Soul Train perm and panto tights (thigh-slappingly good!). P.s You might think this a terrible imposition but if you ever need a drummer for some solo work or even a general thrash around just contact me. I am serious.......and 'I am inexpensive need little to no water or sunlight and fit into most airing cupboards and wardrobes ' Take care of Yourself.

Cheers, Matt

Hi Matthew,
1) Fish doesn't come into it. Chicken lies back in bed with a stupid grin on it's face. Egg (disgruntled) says 'Well I suppose that answers that question.'
2) I reckon we'll be there in the spring of two 0 two.
3) Inexpensive is good. I'll be in touch.
Cheers, ig

From: (Manolis Kroussaniotakis)

Dear Ian,
Let me introduce myself as your biggest fan. No, I don't want any freebies. May your larynx, and humour, survive eternally.

Now that the years are going by, though you could not see that from Purple's electrifying performances (you (English...) guy's must be what, in your forties, or even fifties ?), I am particularly enjoying the slower blues songs such as "Don't make me happy".

How about a solo album that goes down that road? Perhaps almost exclusively blues type songs, as in the past your solo efforts have been criticised for being too varied?

I now live in Cyprus, and so can only get to see you in Greece- hope to be there in early September. Would love to buy you a souvlaki and a birra...

By the way, I recently bought Cher Kazoo- "Hogwash" is brilliant !!

Best regards
Manolis Kroussaniotakis

Dear Manolis,
Thanks for your letter and I apologise for taking so long to reply. As of this moment I have a backlog of over 2,400 letters, because I slipped behind when I took my vacation in August and then my laptop got bronchitis and so I was also out of the loop during the European tour. Hopefully I will catch up over the next week or so. There are two elements to the Q & A. First, I get the letters forwarded to me from Caramba. Sometimes I deal with them straightaway and sometimes I save them for later or forward them on to Shelley (also at Caramba but in a different office), this would be if there is some research involved or some other reason why it can't be dealt with immediately. Secondly, the answered mail is sent to Steve at Caramba where it is read and queued for appropriate slotting. The response to the Q & A has been staggering and one thing that has become evident is the repetitive nature of the questions and so I don't reply to those which have been dealt with before, unless there's a good reason for it. However I do read every single letter. I too enjoy slow bluesy material but I don't think I'm ready for a whole album in the same vein. It is true that past efforts have been criticised for being too varied, but that wasn't all, in fact the criticism itself was extremely varied and you know how I look up to those guys.
Cheers, ig

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