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24 - Aha!, BRO t-shirts, Chilean Hi, record collection, six-pack, where is the pen?

From: (Stargazer)

Dear Ian,
just say yes or no (I asked this for the 3rd time now:) Was Glory Road named after Robert Heinlein's book Glory Road or not? Please take this mystery away from me, so I can stop thinking about it.
Love Marc

Dear Marc,
As our beloved Editor points out at the head of this section. 'Patience is still regarded as a virtue' and as your question is presented in a way which is bordering on rudeness, I've decided not to answer you, at least for a few months.
Cheers, ig

From: "Scott" (

I am frequent visitor of Caramba and I wanted to ask you a question about Deep Purple merchandise. I know that I can always look on the Highway Star website, but I'm looking for rare t-shirts from their concerts, like maybe a Battle Rages On shirt. Do you know how it might be possible to find one of these. Would Ian know where to find them?
Thank you,
Scott Williams
P.S. Great job with the site.

Hello Scott,
I can't help you there I'm afraid, but maybe we can achieve something by publishing your letter. You never know who's out there, might have the information you need, watch this space.
Cheers, ig

From: (Rodrigo Pérez)

Hi Ian,
My name is Rodrigo, I am a chilean deep purple's fan. My English is very basic. I just want to say that you are my favourite singer (with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson), and I'd like that you could read this mail. Deep Purple is one of my favourite groups, and I used to play your music (I'm a drummer), but I don't have a band right now. Well, if you read this, please answer my mail. I really love your music, and your voice is fantastic. Bye.

Hi Rodrigo,
Thanks for your letter from Chile. It's a beautiful country.
Cheers, ig

From: "" (

Bon Soir Ian,
Comment allez-vous??
I am fan of yours and always wonder.Do you have a big record collection? What music is most present in your collection? Are you into alot of different type music? Also I ask if you Merci Beaucoup,
Gweanel - Reims

Bonjour Monsieur,
I have a huge record collection. Rebuilt since '82. As I put the CDs and vinyl back into their sleeves the morning after a good session, I wonder at the range of music my friends and I appreciate. For example, Elvis, Howling Wolf, Paco de Lucia, The Pretenders, Glenn Miller. We are thinking of developing the Caramba site into a kinda radio station. A la with some music and other interesting stuff. It's so howlingly exciting we don't know where to start.
Cheers, ig

From: (craig.brereton)

Hi Ian,
A couple of (unrelated) questions that it would satisfy my curiosity to ask... no, tell a lie, I guess it will only satisfy my curiosity if you answer, but hey, you know what I mean.

1. When Highway Star first saw the light of day you sang about "twelve cylinders, all mine". Over the years this got modified to "eight cylinders" and (forgive me if I'm wrong) but I'm sure you currently claim (in the Highway star context, at least) to be running on "six cylinders". So... a recognition of advancing years and reduced performance (surely not!), or a subtle nod toward more ecologically-friendly modes of transportation (in which case, can we anticipate further moves in this direction - perhaps towards "a large panel of solar cells, all mine", or some such equivalent?).

2. Did you perform "That's Why God..." at the Albert Hall (truely the best DP concert I've ever seen, by the way) simply because you like the song (and let's be honest, it is very good), or because it was a marvellous way of ensuring that your mate Dave got some royalties from the CD sales (and you just happen to be a very nice person)?

Just wondered.

Hope this tour goes as well as all the others recently. Don't stop. Looking forward to the new album too....

Oh, and a final one whilst I'm here - why wasn't your bit of the Albert Hall gig released on the video? I'm told it wasn't even recorded, they turned the cameras off for "Miami" and "That's Why God...". Your choice, or a bizarre management decision?

All the best,

Hi Craig,
You are right of course, I am down to six cylinders. I don't know much about what goes on under the bonnet of a car, but if F1 cars have six then I reckon we still have the vroom factor in HS. I have a theory about the way to go regarding private transportation in the category ecologically-friendly, but as it's one of the themes in the book I'm writing, I'd prefer to keep it to myself until it's finished (don't ask, I've been at it for five years already). Dave Corbett is a good pal and a great songwriter, but the song got there on merit. The filming, or lack of it, was a union thing, out of my hands. I'd better zip my lip on that one.
Nice letter, cheers, ig

Dear Ian,
I'm an Italian, old (44 years old) fan of D.P. but I'm above all a great fan of you and of your voice. I know, my english is awful (...The pen is on the table...Is the pen on the table?) but at this point of my life I want to say you that since 1969, when I listened for the first time JC Superstar and your screaming entry over Mary Magdalene's voice in "What's the buzz...", my life is changed and I never forgotten you. I saw you last time in Rome (maybe 1999?) at concert at the "Square Colosseo" (you remember this place in Rome?). I have mixed with boys too much younger than me and I was happy because our hearts was beating at unison for yours great music. Me, with some (much "some") kilo more , and you....also, but....forever youngs.

Thanks Ian, thanks for all.

Dear Carlo,
Thanks for your cheerful letter. Yes I do remember the Colosseo and the crazy audience. As for the kilo situation, I'm back down from 'much more to 'some more' at the moment which gives the impression of a move in the right direction. So long as I keep telling myself 'Christmas is over......' I should be alright.
Cheers, ig
p.s. your English is good enough to be expressive, and that's the most important thing.

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