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25 - Brazil, HOBL, Iommi, that New Delhi thing, 11 September benefit


Hello Ian!!!!!!!
I am Leandro from brazil, the country of carnival, soccer and the most beautiful girls of the world, but I really hate the samba, axe music and other popular music of brazil...i really enjoy the deep purple concert on via funchal in 1999 and congratulations you are a great singer...but the question is the episode six gonna come back with a reunion tour or sumthin like this and when you will gonna come back to brazil?...ohhhh and gimme an advice please I am a singer without a band and a lot of lyrics,what can i do in this country if the people just wanna know about samba and other craps like that ...i have talent like song writer one day i will send some lyrics to you... this is a honour and I m waitin for your ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leandro Pujiz

Hello Leandro,
I know the feeling of frustration. I felt the same in the early sixties in England. A look back at those times makes me realise that some of the things I hated weren't so bad after all, and maybe along the way some things disappeared which shouldn't have. But that's progress (hmm). I'm sure you have talent but there is no guaranteed route to what you want.

Develop your work with a passion and at the very least you will get fulfillment from it; and if/when the time comes, you will be ready. If your destiny lies in another direction, you will be richer for the experience.
Cheers, ig

From: John Krolczyk

Mr. Gillan,
Let me say that I have been a fan of you and Deep Purple (and other projects for years.) I also thought that your work on Black Sabbath's "Born Again" album was brilliant. Any plans of working w/Ritchie Blackmore again? How about you, Blackmore, Tony Iommi and Steve Morse? Talk about a killer triple -axe attack!!! Question: Is your album "House of Blue Light' out of print for CD? I have a few songs from it on the "Best of the 80's" album, but I want the entire song list. 'Mitzi Dupree': now that song really shows your awesome vocal talent. (Is it true that you once sang opera? No doubt you have the range) Keep rocking and take care of your pipes!

John Krolczyk
Blanchard, Michigan

Hi John,
Thanks for the letter, comments and questions. If you were able to put those three in a studio I wonder what would happen? (musically that is). The mind boggles, but no, there are no plans for anything like that. I can't remember what label 'HOBL' was on and as I'm in Tokyo I can't look it up. So I've copied this to my home office and we'll get an answer for you. Mitzi Dupree is a true story btw, but it's not true that I was an opera singer (you can't count JC Superstar). My grandfather was a bass-baritone with a voice that shook the walls right into his old-age. The nearest I ever got to anything like that was a boy soprano in the church choir.
Cheers, ig

From: "Cavallo Andrea" (

Dear Ian,
I'm 32 and I've got in your great music since I was 13.... The only thing I miss of your musical-career is some work with Tony Iommi; I love BORN AGAIN at all and I dream one day to find in a store a new realize; do You think that in future You'll realize some project with Tony Iommi? And how is possible to get documents (lp,bootlegs etc.) about Your Black Sabbath years? WishingWell, Cheers Andrea
Andrea Cavallo
Milan (ITALY)

Dear Andrea,
I speak to Tony from time to time but we have no plans to do any work together, but you never know what the future holds. I do admire him greatly and credit him (and him alone) for the early influence behind the Grunge/Seattle thing (Nirvana etc.) of a few years ago. Very distinctive, like Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, from that fabulous era. As for stuff relating to my year/album/tour with Sabbath, I regret you'll have to do your own research on that one. I doubt if you'll have to look far on the internet. Maybe someone reading this can help, if we get anything that might be of use to you, we'll publish it. So watch this space.
Cheers, ig

From: Raj (

Hi Ian,
Am sending this mail via hotmail as my Questions on Caramba do not go through ( I've tried this since Q & A started 2 months back - a temporal distortion anomaly has to be taken into account here; I promise I will realign the warp core, one day - ed) Great to know that you will be at Bangalore, alas I will not be able to make it the second time. Last time I missed your show even though I had the tickets for your New Delhi show as it got postponed. Would be a dream come true if could talk to you while you are in Bangalore I am in Bombay these days. If you give me your hotel name I will call you and maybe have my dream of talking to you come true.

Love all your work great fan of your late 70's and early 80's solo efforts real great rock music..


Hi Raj,
Thanks for your letter. I can't understand the New Delhi thing. I distinctly remember the show, how could I forget? I have noticed a huge chunk missing from the gigography, (v. soon to be rectified) which covers that gig. Unfortunately I can't give out hotel numbers etc. We have a pretty tight schedule and, after the media phoners and other show day demands, including the travel, it's essential we have a little time to ourselves. I spend a lot of that time answering the Qs. I'm sure you understand.
Cheers, ig

From: "Lloyd F. Smith" (

My name is Trebor Redins. I am with Tulsa Herofest, and The Avondale Studio and Theater. We are putting on a benefit for the heroes of 9/11/01. We are looking for individuals and groups for our show. Being an avid long time Deep Purple fan, In Rock is my favorite album, and Child In Time is my favorite cut, I would like to see about possibly purple playing our show. It is a non profit show for the heroes. The dates are 11/10-11. If you could help me get this to them, I would be most thankful. Thank you for your time and help. Keep on truckin'
Trebor Redins
Call 918-743-1700 or 918-282-8681

Hello Trebor,
Thanks for your letter and kind words. Also thanks for your invitation to play at your benefit, which, unfortunately we shall not be able to accept as we have prior commitments. May I, on behalf of the guys, pass on our best wishes to you all for a very successful couple of days, both financially and musically.
Cheers, ig

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