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29 - Gillan Band, HOF?, late starter, inbetweeny, GB again & BS, bored & bothered?

Hi Ian,
There's one question I'd like you to answer. I wonder if you sometimes wish back the times you played with the Gillan Band. There were so many great songs (e.g. Clear Air, Twin exhausted.... ) we won't hear today because they don't fit into DP. Are you still in touch with Colin or Mark?? I always loved the stuff you made.

Hope to see you soon on tour in Germany


Hi Jan,
Thanks for your letter, comments and question. Yes I loved it too, but it's the same answer as the Ritchie question. I have some great memories of those times but it would be foolish to think they could be recreated. At the same time I feel that while DP is just getting better, nostalgia should keep it's place. I still see Janick Gers when our paths cross from time to time, but as far as I know none of the others are on the road, as such. Most of them are still pissed off at me for leaving the band when I did. The bottom line: it was losing money and I couldn't afford to support it any more.
Cheers, ig

From: Thomas Chacko (

Hi Ian,
I have grown up with Deep Purple since 1972 and if I am not a completely well adjusted adult today, the band is partly to blame. I am very to happy to see the band in such a positive phase. 2 questions....

1. When Deep Purple get inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, will Ritchie be invited to attend the induction ceremony? Curious of your thoughts on how such a situation would be handled.

2. Is Manchester United's total domination of English Football going to end when Sir Alex Ferguson retires?


Hi Tom,
Thanks for your letter and questions. In answer to the first, we got a Nordoff-Robbins lifetime achievement award a few years ago, accepted by the current band line-up, Ritchie's been gone a long time now. What about David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, Rod Evans and Nick Simper. Regarding Man. U. I expect they will share the glories with an elite few. None of the outsiders will get a look in whilst big-money controls the game. Cheers, ig


I spent my 80's as a lead guitarist/big hair rocker..... Now that my personal life's been a tad better (spent 7 years w/a 6 ft tall psycho bleach blonde, could'nt turn my back...) I find that I can make my way through JCS (grew up with it)pretty respectably & wanna try out my newlyfound prowess in a band.

#1. How do I make sure I can keep singing without my throat seizing up?

#2. How do I beat the jitters? I'm fairly introverted

#3. Why can't I find a good metal/hard rock band I can see eye to eye with?

#4. does this stuff ever pay? I got everything else BUT in the 80's...... ALSO, I have a Hammond c-30a, it AIN'T untampered with (wife said OUT...... I chopped it in half to fit in my garage: I wanted to make 2 separate boxes for the 15' speaker & tweeter, then the 4th kid came along.....) Interested parties can drop me a line, also for the youngsters looking for rotating speakers: seek out those old cheesy keyboards mom & pop used to buy, rip out the rotating speaker...... there ya go.....

#5 I have a 10 year old Tascam 424, I'm looking for willing musicians to add tracks with me via mail far fetched as that may seem........


-a wanna be God of Hellfire by the name of Mike Gyglehueber 1411 AD (Gilhuber) PO 112 Cascade, WI 53011
-traded the blondie in for a younger taller thinner redhead....

Dear Late Bloomer (Mike),
Thanks for your letter with your comments, questions and advice. Your first two questions are hard to answer because it's different for everybody, but.... have to do it all the time. If you start yelling at the top of your voice very suddenly, it will probably collapse within a few minutes. Explore your range and beyond. Remember the higher you go the less oxygen you need (this is true, really), but do try to breath every few lines.

#2....have a small whiskey before you go public. don't have to see eye to eye in a metal band, once you have all the poses worked out just ignore them. (You may have to consider the possibility that you're not really cut out for this Mike; you sound as if you might be a nice guy).


#5....this sounds like a great idea, if Caramba can be of any help in making contacts through these pages, then we'd be honoured.

Good luck, and cheers, ig

From: (Sergio Luiz)

Hi Ian,
I'm a fan from Brazil, and I have 33 year old. I have one doubt. What's your type of voice? Are you a baritone or a tenor?

Hi Sergio,
I'm somewhere in between I suppose.
Cheers, ig

From: (Lars Andersson)

Dear Ian,
I'm an avid fan, from Purple old days through Gillan and the newer Purple stuff. First I must say I miss the band Gillan, there was something special about the sound and style which can't be found anywhere else. Do you have any contact with the old guys at all?

To the subject, in your .......anecdotage # 12 you where writing about your time with Sabbath. You mention how the dry ice completely cover the view of your lyrics on the floor and in the end you write: "I learned my words and the rest of the tour was just fine".

Thing is, I saw the show 23.08.83 in Lund Olympen, Sweden and you did the exact same thing during first couple of songs! I remember seeing you leaning forward and trying to clear the view from the smoke to be able to see your lyrics on the floor. When I read the story in anecdotage it kinda made me smile when remembering this! (I also remember Geezer playing the bass extremely loud considering the size of the hall.)

By the way, didn't you have a birthday bash the day before or something like that?

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you.

Last but not least I want to thank you for all the great music you've been part in creating and for beeing the finest singer in rock music. As a musician and a huge fan of all kinds of music, Made In Japan will always be regarded as one of the best rock albums ever made!

"Everythings louder than everything else" is a classic for me as a musician struggeling with getting the right sound in the monitors! The soundguy should have some kind of price for saying that, right?

Best regards,
Lars Andersson, Sweden

Dear Lars,
Thank you for your letter and observations. You must be right, it probably took a while longer to learn the words, or maybe I had a hangover, in any event I'm sure I must have known them by the end of the tour.
Cheers, ig

From: (Pär Arvidsson)

Dear Mr Gillan, here's a way too long letter:


1. Don't you get bored singing Smoke on the Water on every, EVERY concert? If I remember correctly you even sung it on the Toolbox concert at KB in Malmo (I gave you my Double Trouble Tour T-shirt that I bought in Copenhagen, I hope you appreciated it because I almost regret it).

2. Is it possible to be left alone in your position? Isn't it extremely tiring with guys like me wanting to buy you a beer against a chat and wanting to have the "Oh, my greatest idol really likes me"-feeling. I play music but failed the being famous part. If I had success I would probably wear a false beard and hide as much as possible when having spare time, if any.


a) I've enjoyed you performing live many, many times now over the years, many different positions in the audince. But I've only seen you playing you congas. Never heard a single "blop" from them - they are always totally drowed in the rest of the sound. (Except at the Toolbox concert at KB in Malmo, because the fuses went, and all electrical sound died). Why are they mixed away? I'm convinced that you can handle them properly!

b) The last two concerts I visited, NEC/Birmingham and Femoren/Copenhagen, Mr Glover played INCREDIBLY loud. In Copenhagen I stood most of the time in front of Mr Morse's gear but heard almost nothing of it because of the volume of the bass. Is this really meant to be so?

I have circa 1862 other questions and lots of flattering comments about your entire career but I'm afraid of being refused so I'll save them for the beer occasion, but I must say I'm deeply impressed about the way DP has managed to remain DP while at the same time renew itself when Mr Morse came to the band. He has been given an identity of his own within DP but the band is a still DP - yet developed to a new (and I think musically much more sophisticated) state. Not many bands would have been able to do this, which is a proof of your greatness. I would be extremely grateful if you passed this on to the rest of the guys. Also tell Mr Lord to get well and that we will missed him in Copenhagen.

Yours truly,

P.S. Nice to see that Trying to Get to You were on your favourite list. We also play it in our band, inspired by your version on the "For Gillan Fans Only" album - yes, original vinyl true sleeve artwork!

Dear Par,
Thanks for your letter, observations and questions.
In reply,

1) No, I love it.

2) It's not a problem normally. Believe it or not we have the best fans in the world. It is very rare for anyone to be intrusive and this Q & A gives me a chance to maintain a good dialogue with anyone who wants to get some inside infomation; at gigs we do our best but inevitably we always miss someone who's been standing in the rain for hours, and that's a bummer. However it is easy to create a problem for yourself by being aloof and walking around with minders to keep people at bay.

a) I'll have a word with Moray, our sound guy.

b) Ditto

I'll pass on your words to Jon and Steve and if you ever get round to making a tape of 'Trying to get to you' I'd love to hear it. My address is:

1, Water Lane,
Camden Town,
London NW1 8NZ

Cheers, ig

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