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30 - High notes, Joe & Eric?, experimentalising, vocal styles, exit stage left?

From: Joćo Pedro

Hello Ian
Almost 3 years ago I had the honour of talking to you on a BBC radio show. You probably don't remember but I was 17 at the time and asked you about your voice, if you already had a fabulous vocal range at the age I was. I said only when you were 24,25 and we talked about Child In Time. I could already sing it (the screaming part) at the time....but it was really hard...right now i do it much more easily...What was the highest note you could hit when you were at your best? You must have known that in order to "battle" with Ritchie's guitar....I heard that you have a house in that true...? or just rumours? It would be fabulous to run into you sometime....Maybe we could hang out, and make screaming contests....eheheh...well, that's it for now

Wish all the best to you

Hope you come to Portugal soon, to play or not, with or without Deep Purple

Best Wishes, from a fan who's wasn't even born when you made Rock'n roll history...

Joćo Pedro

Hello Joao,
Thanks for your letter. It's interesting that you equate the highest note with being at my best. If I weigh it all up I think I'm at my best now; but then I would, wouldn't I? There were so many parts of my range that I was unsatisfied with until a few years ago. Now I'm reasonably happy with my tone and control. To answer your question about the highest note, it was the C above top C, but that was only on a good night, now it is the merely (but consistently) the A, (three stripes down on your average banjo) which fortunately still gives me a range of four and a half octaves as I start at the bottom E (the open 6th string on the guitar in concert tuning). No I don't have a house in Portugal, although it is one of my favourite places to visit for relaxation and also to write. I often go to the Algarve and rent a different place each time, but normally in the area of a small town called Almancil. Deep Purple has performed on the last two main tours in Portugal and the audience was great. I hope to be back there again soon; maybe next year.
Cheers, ig

From: Meto & Genata

Nice to meet you, Mr.Gillan!
Here are Meto & Genata from Bulgaria! They are asking and want to know:

Is it possible that other musicians (Joe Satriani or Steve?s old friend Eric Johnson for instance) take place in the upcoming new album? Think about it!!! Maybe it?s not too late (for tears), having in mind what a music machine Deep Purple is!

Abandon was quite a heavy one. Will the next one be as hard as Abandon, or more?

We were deeply impressed by the crystal moments in the album like the introductions of ?Seventh Heaven? or ?69?. Will we find more stuff like this in the new album? Thank you very much for the attention! We appreciate it!

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your questions. I don't expect Joe or Eric to be on the next DP record but you never know what might happen in the future for example on a jam somewhere. The next album is nascent and hard to describe at this stage as we're still writing; barely started to tell the truth.
Cheers, ig

From: Reinhold

Hi Ian,
i visited the Deep Purple concert october 2000 in Munich. It was a great show and much better as i expected! The ticket was a birthday gift of my wife. I visited the concert with a friend of mine and his ticket was a birthday gift of his wife. What shows for clear that women have no idea of good music!

At the beginning Jon Lord introduced the special guests: Miller Anderson and Ronnie Dio (no Gillan at this moment on the stage - i thought he must be ill ;-) ). But Miller Anderson sung just 1 song and Dio 1 and a half! This is what i don't understand. I can't imagine that they joined the tour just for singing 1 song at every single concert!? Could you explain this to me?

TIA and greetings

Hi Reinhold,
Miller sang one song out front and did a great job with six others as part of the support vocals. Ronnie sang, 'Sitting in a dream', 'The Butterfly Ball', 'Fever Dreams', and 'Rainbow in the Dark' that makes four in my book, and five if you count 'Smoke on the Water' which he sang with me in the encore, as did Miller of course.
Cheers, ig

From: Gerard Alberts

Hi Ian,
When I listen to your work I notice a lot of songs are very experimental. Well, experimental, that's not really the word, it's your very own style, and it's a quite diverse style if you ask me. I'm creating my own songs at the moment (bought a very expensive synth), and I try to make all kinds of songs that include all the influences of different styles I love.

  1. Speaking of diversity, we're beyond 2000 now, so anything is allowed. Why don't you try anything combined with some electronical stuff...? Try U2's 'Mofo' for instance... great style, great groove.
  2. Well I'm very jealous of your voice, you seem to be able to catch every note right. I can't sing everything I want, for instance, my voice isn't suitable for heavy rock, I've got merely a "eagles" type of voice. I sound really horrible when I sing along with Purple songs :-). Are there any styles or particular songs that your voice is less suitable for, so that you can't really sing them the way you wish you could?

Ian I hope you're willing to answer my questions, hope I wrote them down so that you can understand what I mean. Man I could ask you a hundred questions here... Well hope to see you again at yet another Purple concert (numberrro six for me - YEAH!!) again this summer here in Holland!

Kind regards,
Gerard Alberts (22),
The Netherlands

Hi Gerard,
I never close the door to anything (well almost anything) when I'm writing or working on my own material. I just don't know many people that are into synthesisers, or more to the point good at using them. In answer to your second question, I would stick to what you're good at and enjoy it. I wasn't that good at singing the Ozzy stuff or the Dio songs when I was with Black Sabbath.
Cheers, ig

From: Marc

Ian, thanks for giving me this opportunity to ask you why Jon and Ian Paice are gone so fast after a show? So hard to catch them, well all of you sometimes but especially those two. Little signing of autographs, or any of that.

As for you I got lucky once before, and it's a lot easier and Roger too, Steve anyway all one got to do is watch the Dregs play and he will be right there afterwards:)

But please tell me why the other two are so elusive?

Thanks and Love always! Marc

Hi Marc,
I am not my brother's keeper, as they say. You know when we've finished a gig or we're in the hotel lobby or out at a club or whatever, I often get asked 'where's Rog, or Jon, or Steve or Paicey'. I look around me and go 'I dunno'. We rehearse, record, perform and sometimes travel together as a band. The moment we step off stage everyone goes their own way. Some hang around for an hour or so and some rush off for a drink somewhere. We are all different personalities and we each do things differently, but not necessarily at the same time and never consistently. As the disclaimer at the head of this section points out, I do not speak on behalf of the band here, but I would observe that although Jon signs loads of autographs, he is not an 'in your face type of person' more 'reserved' or even 'shy'. You must have just got the wrong evenings with Paicey as he's alway's signing autographs unless there's a Jack Daniels waiting at a bar somewhere.
Cheers, ig

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