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31 - Henge End, Loose not, drop inn, over the pond again, annoying?, proposals

From: Gom

What ever happened to the stone henge stage set from the Sabbath tour? I'd love to buy it. I'd put it up in my yard and piss off the neighbors. Also, Have you ever sung any of the Born Again songs since you've left Sabbath? Will you ever sing them again?

Hey Gom,
As far as I know 'Stonehenge' could be still languishing in it's container(s) in a dockyard somewhere. I will contact the design company LSD (Light and Sound Design), see if anyone there can remember what happened to it. No I haven't sung any of those songs since leaving Sabbath, but I was just re-reading the lyrics to 'Trashed' which is now up on 'Wordography' and I sang it through to myself whilst having a laugh. Maybe one day I'll do it with someone or other, you never can tell.
Cheers, ig

Hi again,

The Caramba research team have replied as follows:

Hi Ian,
I spoke to the people at LSD (they were great). They said that the Stonehenge stage set was scrapped in the U.S. after the 'Sabbath tour' but they still have the model. It was going to be donated as an auction prize for a children's charity but at the time was touring around rock museums all over the world as part of an exhibition, so they still have it! A great little bit of Rock history!!
Hope this info is helpful. Take care,

From: (John Victor Oetomo)

hallo Ian ( papa G..)
I wonder, why you never did a title track such as Loosen my string on stage? I love that Purpendicular song,.... and I enjoying the aviator too.
cheers J

Hello J,
We did rehearse 'Loosen my Strings' once but for some reason it didn't get in the show. Probably because of the other material. Maybe one day. We have done 'The Aviator' many times.
Cheers, ig

From: (Stuart Bartlett)

I seem to remeember that Mr Iommi was suprised at your drinking capabilities during your time with BS. Due to a stroke of good fortune and ability my cousin lives two doors down and so I suggest a quiet drink in the Warwickshire countryside soon?

A long time fan

Dear Stuart,
Well, I must admit I didn't spill much in those days. The schedule for the Feb tour is pretty heavy but we'll see what we can do.
Cheers, ig

From: (Steven Veinger)

Dear Ian,
I have the Deepest appreciation for you and the rest of Purple. I hope to one day meet up with you for a drink or 2 (on me of course). When is the band going to tour the states again?

Your Fan,

Hi Steven,
Thanks for the offer. I hear strong rumours about a lengthy tour in North America next summer (2002). No details or confirmations yet, watch THIS space.
Cheers, ig

From: (Bettina Demus)

Hi Ian!
Since I have read your last answer in the forum, I have a guilty conscience. Are fans who meet you after the concerts annoyingly? I can think for me, that your be after the "tough job" on the stage very tired . I met you in Dresden in this year and also had this impression. You were very tired and "ready". Please, excuse, if it prepared you effort, to answered my questions. It was nevertheless a very beautiful experience and in future I will enjoy your concerts and go home happily after this .
Merry Christmas! Tina

Hi Tina, That was the buzz phrase last year, it got quite depressing after a while, people telling me I looked tired when I felt great. Anyway thanks for your nice letter.
Cheers, ig

From: (Joasia Ostrowiecka)

Singing your songs is a real challenge.They aren't easy. NO NO NO (constantly up-to-date) is a relax... I've just got a record BORN AGAIN and these songs texts are printed not for reading. What an awful type face! Looking at these letters, I feel as if somebody pushed me away:"Not for you!", so I'm thankful for the Wordography; I've found there TRASHED and BORN AGAIN. I'll try BORN AGAIN. One can say heavy metal isn't for women, only pop. Nix. I detest pop. I'll sing heavy metal songs, I don't care someone likes it or not. SUGGESTION: If you intend to extend your Wordography, I propose:CLEAR AIR TURBULENCE (the most interesting, especially an instrumental base), GUT REACTIONS and HANG ME OUT TO DRY(how an interesting title!) I heard them lately: your solo records are very original. Now I'm making at least 20-years backwardness. If not Deep Purple records, I'd never decide to sing again. My own family indisposed me to sing many years ago. Now, oodles work to huddle over. Have you ever felt your throat tight? Sometimes I feel as if someone strangled me:"You'll never manage!" I WILL MANAGE. I'm managing now. Your music keeps up my spirits.
Thanks once again.
Cheers, JO

Hello JO,
Thanks for your letter, good to hear from a fellow singer. 'Hang me out to dry' is a cool song, great groove. Yes I had a tight throat from time to time when I was younger. I worked it out though, it was tension for one reason or another. Mostly if the music isn't loud enough and you feel exposed when you're trying to give it some wellie (wellington boot, boot, all you've got). No point singing in one room when the band is next door; with the hard stuff you have to fight your way throughto make it work.
Cheers, ig

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