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33 - pre-marital prangs, Stray thoughts, BA monitor mix, Live CDs?, live wear

From: (john marshall)

Hi Ian,
Glad to see the lyrics to Prima Donna on the site. Daft as it may sound, I have a very special place in my memory for that song as I managed to write off my car whilst listening to it back in 1998. Bit of a shame as I was Best Man at my friend's wedding and had to pick him and his bride-to-be up from the airport at the time!!! Fortunately, their marriage has gone better than that.

Which song of yours brings back the strangest memory for you?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you and the guys in Manchester on 14 February. It'll be the first time I've seen DP since Frankfurt in October 2000 (strangely, with the guy who's wedding it was above!) - so a long wait over.

John Marshall

Hi John,
Thanks for your letter. Sorry about the prang.

Off the top of my head, I would say that '69' is quite evocative; I can still smell those places.

See you in Manchester.
Cheers, ig


Dear Ian,
This Q&A is the dogs dangly bits !, thanks for the efforts you all put into it. I'm often intrigued as to why some bands make it both live and in the studio whilst others seem to make it in one discipline but not the other. I particularly remember a group called Stray who were as good a live act as they come but never really did themselves justice on vinyl ( what a quaint word ). Was commercial success the overiding thing in the old days or was it all about gigging , was there a stage when the studio took over , where did you stand on that then and where now?

Referring to an earlier answer about the quality of your current voice as somebody who has been watching you since 1970 I feel that you are probably better live now than you were then ! I went to Montreux a year or so ago and you were the business as were the rest of the band, probably one of the best sets I'd seen. See you in Brighton.

Keep Rockin
Geoff Quade

Dear Geoff,
Thanks for your letter; the comments about the Q & A are appreciated by all of us (all three of us; Steve, Shell and myself) here at Caramba.

Your question is well made. I remember Stray as a very good band. (editorial concurrence here - ed)

There is no complete answer, but we did try to capture what seemed like magic to us. All of a sudden that special thing wasn't so elusive after all.

We were just as happy in rehearsal as we were on stage or in the studio. It all came from within.

However, gigging was the best of all, because of the buzz, everyone was into it.

We got frustrated in studios, because they were all configured to the needs of acoustic values, which had been developed in a previous era; when recordings were quiet.

The studios never took over, but then again neither did we.

Commercial success was only once a consideration, 'Never Before' was specifically written as a single. Never again!

Brighton it is then.
cheers, ig

From: (Laurens van't Zelfde)

Hi Ian,
As a totally immersed Purple fan and a huge fan of your solo work, your reference to that personal "monitor mix" of Born Again in the last Q&A is something that I am dying to hear! Could you "burn" or tape me a copy? As I am spending this summer on this side of the pond I anxiously await the band's next North American tour!

yours in purple,
Larry van't Zelfde
2431 Academy
Windsor, Ontario
Canada N9E 2G5

Hi Larry,
Regarding 'that tape'. The truth is I saw it a couple of months ago, then it got re-filed, by Shell, in her gaily efficient way. However, I hadn't explained what it was, so it could be anywhere in the archives.

When I find it I'm going to make one safety copy, for myself.

I'd like to share it with you (with everyone in fact) but I don't think I should.
Cheers, ig


Hello from America,
I was just wondering if during your current UK and Ireland tour if they are any plans to record and release any of the shows on CD? I also heard you have a scheduled US tour next summer and I hope you won't limit your set to 75 minutes like last years concerts in the US. I saw the show in Scranton PA and it was a great show but a little short.


Hello Dave (Hal !*? - ed),
Thanks for your letter. There are no plans to record any of the shows on the upcoming dates.

Regarding the U.S. tour this summer, Yes there is a tour, watch this space for details soon.

Y'know that's the whole point of summer shows in America: 4 Bands, so everyone has to give up a little time from their usual concert length performances.

I think it makes a great change and there's always a fabulous atmosphere.

We are all looking forward to it.
Cheers, ig

From: (Silvia Frieler)

Hello Ian,
I recently purchased the DVD of the Deep Purple anniversary performance with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. I really liked the East Indian(?) attire you were wearing. It looked very comfortable and light too. Was it silk?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me the actually name of the outfit, so I can look into purchasing one for myself. As for the performance, I wish I had the oppourtunity to have attended; it looked like everyone had a great time!

I did manage to see Deep Purple this past summer when you were in Toronto. Great show! Can't wait to see you again soon!

Take care and keep on rock'n!
Silvia F.

Hello Silvia,
Thanks for your letter. Actually the trousers are called pyjamas and the top is probably called a long shirt, I'm not sure. I bought them at an Indian clothes shop in South London. They were very cheap, less than twenty pounds (thirty dollars) for each set, I bought four sets and wear them all the time. They are incredibly comfortable, man-made material, washing machine friendly, don't know you're wearing them, type of clothes. Look out for somewhere that sells Saris and you'll find them there.
Cheers, ig

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