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34 - new song famine?, beetles & sharks, Angel Air blag, Brisbane, Q&a bonanza

From: (Katharina Unger)

Hi! As I read the setlist of your current tour I was very surprised. You (the whole band) always say how happy you're now, you're all friends, all great musicians. And then there are only two or three new song (I don't know if they are new, I don't know them...)! Why? Isn't there enough trust in the new stuff? I wonder that Steve agrees to that. If you would play more new songs maybe I would visit one of your shows.

By the way, in what relation is (I can't find it in the dictionary) the video clip of "Knocking at your backdoor" to the song, or better, what's the song about? Thanks.

Dear Katharina,
Thanks for your interesting letter; it's always a pleasure to get fresh critique.

In response: You are of course quite right about the friendship that exists in the band, it is more family than friends really, we do have our ups and downs but they are mild enough. Steve is a strong and vibrant part of the band and has plenty to say about every aspect of our professional lives.

Seven songs from Abandon found their way into the set shortly after the album release; think of it as chucking a big rock into a lake and then watching the ripples spread and settle, until the rock becomes part of the body of water.

Tonight (Oxford) (yes, this is not today but then, just when is today? - ed) we shall play two songs which have not even been recorded yet.

It is important for us to recognise that the overwhelming percentage of our audience only gets to see the band once in a blue moon.

The balance between the famous, the obscure, the brand new, our personal taste and improvisation is only one of the guiding factors, when deciding upon the texture of the show; musical juxtaposition being the overriding factor.

The overall ratio seems about right to us and the attendant crowds. We are, quite obviously, defenceless against absentee bitching.

The video clip for 'Knocking at your Back Door' bears no relation whatsoever to the words; which are about anal sex (I thought everyone knew that). There was, as far as I can remember, a crazy idea that there might be some chance of DP being played on MTV. With the lyrics in mind there was obviously a need for some degree of visual euphemism, ludicrous as it seemed to me.

As with 'Abandon' (and, for that matter, every other Deep Purple record that has ever been released) we shall obviously be performing a disproportionate amount of new material when the next album comes out; so you 'may' buy a ticket to one of the shows, mightn't you. (rhet.)
Cheers, ig


My name is Gordon and I am from Scotland.

I have been working very hard now with 4 talented young boys that have shaped up so well that a national newspaper review has just told of 'at last a band to knock Oasis of their perch," and this was broadcast on the 13th of Jan. Deliberately I have not allowed them to play any gigs, apart from the private showcase that the awesome review was made. They play rock and they play it better than most, and they are still at school. They are called Carson. "THEY WILL BE BIGGER THAN THE Beetles" is one of many quotes that will go out to the media. Please help now before the sharks start feeding. Thanks
Gordon Wilson ( Rough Diamonds Music Group)

Dear Gordon, There is one way that I can think of to keep the sharks away:

Announce to the world that Carson, collectively and individually, intend to spend their formative years enjoying their influences and developing their skills as writers, musicians and performers, allowing character and personality to expand into something sufficient enough to resist the pernicious forces of the filthy press.

It would also help if you, as their representative, could be a little more specific about who Carson intend to outgrow. For example, when you say 'they will be bigger than the beetles', do you mean Coleoptera, dice games, heavy mallets or, possibly, shaggy eyebrows; all of which appear, in my OED, to be unlikely opponents in the category: Rock Olympics.

What you should be looking for is a more significant target than a mere beetle, so you can all glory in the aftermath; when reportage of the event might be something like 'Spotty Oinks destroy Dead Genius', great eh?

Also, I'm thinking that your 'no gig' policy might backfire on you when the boys are more mature.

I realise it was a spoof letter Gordon, but thanks anyway for giving me the chance to air a few points on an important subject.
Cheers, ig


Hi Ian,
"Also we ran through 'Child in Time' twice a day; we may even stick it back in the show, after all it is, once again, lyrically relevant."

I thought I'm dreaming when I read it on Caramba (and would have liked to be a fly on the wall in that studio). Great lyrics "see the line", everybody wants peace, but how should it should look like?

And I was listening again to a few of the Child in Time versions (not all, I've got quite a lot of them), Bombay Calling, In Rock, Made in Japan, etc. One, Live Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima 1977, Ian Gillan Band, also interesting, soundquality not so good, an Angel Air production, I asked several people if this is a pirate or bootleg, and didn't get an answer, faux pas? (I've several Angel Air productions with your music, all a bit doubtful). Do they produce the cds without your approval?

Nice q+a, now the I will swear by all that is holy that your never looked tired in your entire life :-), even not for some short moments ... well, in Rostock this summer I admired the band for their alacrity?, buoyancy? (mit Schwung und einem Schalk im Nacken) on that warm day. Ok, I shut up.

Have a good time, love

Hi Jutta,
Thanks for your letter. I've no gaurantees that Child will make it back into the show, but if it does, at long last, then I know I'll feel good about it.

Angel Air, hmm, yes, very doubtful and totally unapproved. Don't waste your money.
Cheers, ig

From: "tony white"

hi Ian,
Just saw deep purple in Australia on cable. Brilliant. Just about to watch it again. Apparantly there is a DP concert in Brisbane (Australia) in February. It's the Concert for Group and orchestra. I hear a rumour that maybe some of you guys will be here to watch it. If so, let me know because if I could have a beer with any of you legends I would be rapt. Can't say much more than I've followed DP since I was a long headed schoolboy (thanks Ian I got suspended 'til I got the locks cut). If I'm speaking crap I guess it's because I'm an AUSSIE and it's bloody hot. So are you coming over here to watch the concert or am I just a "Mule" or "Child in Time". No matter what, Thank you for the last too many years. In case my email doesn't show another is

Cheers mate

Hi Tony,
I spoke to Paul Mann (Maestro) who conducted the 'Concerto' tour with DP, and he's looking forward to the Brisbane concert. Unfortunately we can't make it as we'll be on the road for a long overdue tour of our homeland, but I have it on good authority that the show will be just fine.

After all, it's written and nobody knows the score better than Paul Mann, maybe not even Jon. Also, you blokes are pretty good at everything you set your hand to so it should be great in the category 'performance' by both the orchestra and the group. Enjoy it, and send reports.
Cheers, ig

From: (john dolas)

dear IAN,
remember me? this is Jon from Greece. i would like to steal a few minutes from your precious time... i would like you to answer the following profile-questions.itīs about an assignment in my school,they want us to draw the profile of someone we admire and i picked you......
here it goes........

  1. Define absolute happiness
  2. Whatīs your greatest fear?
  3. Which living person do you admire the most?
  4. Which living person do you hate the most?
  5. Whatīs your favourite trip/journey?
  6. When was the last time you cried and why?
  7. Who is your best friend?
  8. Whatīs ypur favourite hobby?
  9. When do you tell lies?
  10. Which is your favourite fiction hero?
  11. Who is your favourite writer?
  12. What do you hate the most about your appearance?
  13. For What reason do you regret the most? (ALMOST THERE...)
  14. Describe your self with 5 words.
  15. Which words/phrases do you use the most? (DONE!)

Thank you so much for answering my questions....
Jon Dolas

Dear Jon,
Thank you for your letter and comments, I am honoured. I'm happy to answer your questions, with the usual disclaimers. In other words this is how I feel right at this moment, if I responded tomorrow many answers would be different.

  1. Define absolute happiness

    I think you can only imagine such a thing, for example a baby's belly laugh, a higher spiritual plane or QPR winning the Champions League.

  2. Whatīs your greatest fear?

    Losing my sense of taste

  3. Which living person do you admire the most?

    My Mother

  4. Which living person do you hate the most?

    I haven't felt hatred since I was a kid. I don't hate anybody

  5. Whatīs your favourite trip/journey?

    I have had many wonderful journeys, hitch-hiking from Hounslow in West London to Mothecombe in Devon with my 'best' friend Barry Higgins was a great adventure when I was about fourteen years old

  6. When was the last time you cried and why?

    I'm afraid I can't tell you, it was a very private moment

  7. Who is your best friend?

    I'm not being evasive, but I think you grow out of the 'best friend' thing. I really do have quite a number of very good friends.

  8. Whatīs your favourite hobby?

    Writing, walking, swimmimg, playing pool, chess, making things out of wood, depending on my mood or the time of day

  9. When do you tell lies?

    When people send me questionnaires

  10. Which is your favourite fiction hero?

    Captain Jack Aubrey in the series of novels commencing with 'Master and Commander' written by..........

  11. Who is your favourite writer?

    .....the late and very weird Patrick O'Brian

  12. What do you hate the most about your appearance?

    Not really sure as my eyesight isn't so good these days

  13. For What reason do you regret the most?

    Well, I would have liked to meet Edith Piaf, but other than that I have no regrets, not yet anyway.

  14. Describe your self with 5 words.

    Horny, hungry, happy, helpless, hirsute.

  15. Which words/phrases do you use the most?

    Tautology is something I try to avoid

Cheers, ig

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