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36 - shoeless, thud thoughts, pinkless, choice songs, jazz, I spy again!

From: (Deb Gobbett)

Thanks for a brilliant concert at The Apollo in Manchester, but can you please tell me why you were not wearing any shoes. Well the photo I have from the paper shows you without any shoes. I was too far back to notice. Only concert I have been to where we were standing from the beginning. I had the best Valentines night I have had for ages.

Lots of love,

Hi Debbie, It feels good to be without shoes, and they give me a carpet to run around on.
Cheers, ig


Dear Ian
the q&a site is a very nice service to the customer! To save your time I skip the best-singer/biggest-fan-in-the-world-routine.

1. If memory serves me right, I saw an album by Pauline Gillan back in the 80s, with a sticker saying it was your sister. Do you know if there is any chance to get my hands on a copy? If not - what did it sound like?

2. Great idea to add female singers and a brass section as can be heard on the soundboard series! BTW: We're all getting older and while it is a lot of fun to dance to the rock'n'roll at a DP-show I think a lot of us could use something to play at home to the missus as well, you know the candle and red wine moments. Everybody I played stuff like ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE or THE AVIATOR to loved it. DREAMCATCHER was another step in that direction. I just want to encourage you to record something different with DP. The good sale figures of the 99 concerto cd seem to say the same.

3. Talking of DREAMCATCHER I think the cover-artwork was not fully up to standard. My wife happens to be a graphic-designer, she worked as an art director for Sony and did cover artworks for Santana, Bobby McFerrin and many others and would be honoured to offer some ideas for your next album. No this is NOT us trying to make money, just contact us if you are interested.

4. You once wanted to know about German toilets and why they have that "platform". I feel I have to try my very best to clear this up in the name of love and understanding between our people and in deep respect for your scientific curiosity. In fact you don't find that very often anymore, you seem to attend places that have not been renovated for quite a while...But what was it for? My guess is: If you lose some weight there the "platform" prevents the splash that otherwise would reach your privates. Get the point? My pleasure!

5. And please keep the good work coming.

All the best

Dear Max,
Thank you for your letter, comments and questions.

1) I wouldn't know where to get a copy of Pauline's album, I guess it is very rare. It sounds good and is what you would expect from a developing artist, full of promise.

2) As I have mentioned before, there's not a lot of thought goes into the style of what we write, it's all governed by circumstances. Also everybody has a different idea of how they see DP, or any artist really, so we'll just try and make things better on the day.

3) I take your point, it's been mentioned before, but, again, it's hard to please everybody and I don't try. The American cover of Dreamcatcher was more conventional, but the English version was more compatible with the content; and there's another story, the content got up a lot of noses, for many reasons; Rock 'n' Roll preconceptions, live musicians etc. Never mind it was special to me.

4) I do know, Max, that the old style shelf is not found much in a modern Germany. This story ('Thud' the archive anecdotage, #14) originated in 1965 and I am assured that it was for the purpose of examination prior to flushing. Much stock being put into that sort of thing in those days. I wonder how many other theories exist regarding this important topic.

Thank you so much for reading the anecdotage and also for your thoughtful words.
Cheers, ig

From: (Michael Rowett)

Dear Ian,
At the Knebworth '85 show, your on-stage between songs comments included the line: "In the absence of pink," which is what the CD of that show is titled. What's the meaning of the reference? If I were to venture that it has something to do with Nancy and the hit list, would I be warm (metaphorically speaking)? If I'm way off the mark, please enlighten me.
Thanks, Michael

Dear Michael,
Personally I prefer pink but there doesn't seem to be much around today, so 'In the absence of pink' we'll have to settle for some blues. Without researching it, I'd say the comment came about something like that, off the cuff, sort of thing.
Cheers, ig

From: (Manolis)

Dear Ian,
Huge fan of yours for the last three decades. Keep it up, as they might say.

Just read your succint reply to the fellow who doesn't think too much of you from the Far East. And it brought a question to my mind- what are the reasons that you sing only "your" songs? I suspect that part of the answer is that songs are written for a particular voice?

Kind regards
Manolis Kroussaniotakis

Dear Manolis,
Thanks for your letter and observations. Y'know I've explained this whole thing a hundred times, but as we have a very active Q & A here, which replaced the old Guestbook; not to avoid difficult subjects but to get to the point; and I do like to deal with all the scratchy issues. So, here's my take on this subject. Purple is a vibrant living band which has evolved into a kind of maturity. We can't, and will not (reference previous conversations on Algarvian beaches with Roger Glover) live in the past. I have no problem with David Coverdale or Glen Hughes, or Ritchie, but, to be honest, when I left the band in '73 I had no interest in what they were doing. For example, it was like watching your ex wife with another guy. It is a family thing. The fans, the aficionados, see it from a very subjective point of view, and so do we, individually, I have my stance. So, whilst my cat is walking all over the keyboard and I'm deleting and correcting with fur all over my nose I have to say that there's no point in singing David's songs because I left the band for the very reason that I didn't want to do that kind of stuff. No reflection on the quality and no reflection on the fans that loved that era, but I have to go with my spirit and that's about it.
Cheers, ig

From: (Benjamin Omerzell)

Dear Ian
I'm a 17 year old guy from Austria and I really love you and the other purple guys. This summer i travelled to Nurnberg to listen to your music, maybe you remember me: I was the guy standing in the first row holding up signs all the time ("you're great" etc.). It was one of the best days in my life. The fact that jon wasn't there made me a little bit sad, because he's my real hero, i play the organ in a band. could you send him nice greets from me, thanks. Last week "pavarotti and friends" was broadcasted on german tv, and I really loved it. Congratulations for your brilliant performance!!! a last question: do you actually like jazz. i'm really into jazz you know and I'd like to know if you rock-heros like that music too. if you like it what's your favourite performer/musician?? Best regards to you and the band.

Dear Benjamin,
Thanks for your letter and the kind words. I'll pass on your best wishes to Jon. Yes I do like jazz, it's a much maligned genre and sometimes difficult to appreciate out of it's era, but match the mood to the music and it's up there with rock 'n' roll. Like rock 'n' roll there are many facets to jazz and each to his own taste. Charlie Parker, Art Tatum, Roland Kirk, Jimmy Smith and Ella Fitzgerald come to my mind today, if you ask me tomorrow I might list another string of greats.
Cheers, ig

From: Marcelo ('eagle eyes' - ed) Soares

Once again I come to point a mistake in the transcription of a Wordography lyric. Funky Claude was running in and out "pulling", not "dragging" kids out of the ground...
All the best,

Dear Marcelo,
Thank you for your letter and your eagle eye. Was it you that made reference to the missing line in 'Child'? anyway that's been fixed. However, although the original had Claude 'pulling' kids out the ground, I've been singing 'draggin' for quite a while, so we'll leave that be for now. Your contribution is much appreciated.
Cheers, ig

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