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37 - Highway Star, Jon & Don, Dublin calling, revisiting albums, pets' corner

From: (Randy Sanchez)

Dear Ian,
I just want to ask if you and the rest of Deep Purple visit THE HIGHWAY STAR? If you do how often do you go to that site?

And please update us on the new Deep Purple album. Many fans are wondering why there are no news about the new album, please update us on this very important matter.


Dear Randy,
I honestly don't know what sites the other guys visit, I have been to 'The Highway Star' a couple of times; although every moment I can spare is taken up with Caramba. That's if I can fit it in when I'm home, y'know amongst the chores and the writing and the falling off the roof through the greenhouse and going to the pub (the last two not in that order)

If you trawl through the Q & As, you will see that I am constantly updating with bulletins about the album.

The latest info can be found in my reply to Dietmar Petzke.
Cheers, ig

From: (Dietmar Petzke)

Hi Ian,
Thank you for doing all these for your fans around the world. I wish you in the others lots of good ideas for the s o o o l o o n g expected new album. With Jon or Don maybe recorded in London, its a bit sad but life goes on. Take care for your voice especially the long US- Tour - Im shure you all know what you are doing. A clear statement from the Band - about what really is going on - would help to calm down the confusion of so many fans. MY question is; is Phil Banfield still your Manager - and what car can you recommend me after I wrecked my Volvo ( ??? confused )
Best wishes Dietmar

Hi Dietmar,
I know it must seem like an eternity, waiting for the new album, but all the elements have to be in place, otherwise it's not going to be right. As the young bull said to the old bull......'Look, there's a herd of cows on that hill over there. Let's run across and surprise one or two. The old bull looked up slowly and said, why don't we walk across and surprise them all.'

We have some material which has been written with Jon and obviously we will be working on some more stuff with Don. What makes it on to the next record will depend on the mood of the moment.

Jon decided that he was going to leave the band after the U.K. tour. This has been on the cards for quite some time and as Don Airey had already done the previous European tour, it was not difficult to see that the audience accepted him totally; quite right too because he played brilliantly. Also, we had an opportunity to see how we got on behind the scenes; no problem there, so everything slips into place.

We all have sensitivities and so just to come out with a statement that Jon has retired and Don is the new ivory tinkler, would be, somehow, not quite DP. I think it's right to have a period of grace. Don't forget this is a family and we have to talk things through amongst ourselves before we make public statements.

You might like to know that Jon called a few times during the Russian tour to wish us luck just as we were going on stage.

Probably most important is the feeling from within; that the band is going along well. We are already booking tours for the autumn of 2004, and yes, we are making a new record. My revised guess is that we'll be spending quite some time in the studio over the autumn and winter months and looking at a release in the spring of 2003.

Yes, Phil Banfield is still my manager. He won the 2002 Lincoln; you should have seen his little legs go.

My 18year old 240GL is having some work done on it (400 worth) which will probably cost more than the current value of the car, but it is still happy to carry cement or roofing felt from the builders' yard one day and drive me in safety and comfort to Liverpool the next. As you can see, I'm not really the right person to be giving advice about cars.
Cheers, ig

From: (Jackie o'Hehir)

Dear Ian
After waiting many years to hear you sing live I got the opportunity to do so in the Point Depot in Dublin, and well worth the wait it was too!!!

All of the band were magnificent(we'll forget about Steve's hiccup at the beginning of Lazy!!! and the vocals on Child In Time and When A Blind Man Cries were awesome as you may have judged from the reaction of crowd.

That's enough praise but I have one question.......................

Thanks for the memories

Dear Jackie,
I have it on good authority from the management that we are definitely coming back to Dublin next time; and we're all looking forward to it.
Cheers, ig


Hi Ian,
As all these record companies keep re-releasing the old Purple records on new compilation albums (But all the same stuff) Would it be a better idea to re-record the old tunes in a studio (like with Hush & Bludsucker) with the present Purple & release that as a best of album.Not at the expense of a new purple album of course.Would this be something you might consider?
Rob Walton

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your letter and good point.

I think Bludsucker was an exception and of course there will be new(?) live versions of old songs as we do them in the show, but I'm generally against rerecording; on the principal that it's rarely possible to improve on the original. Not necessarily in a technical sense, but, aesthetically, it's the first image that counts.
Cheers, ig

From: (nimue nimue)

My dear Ian,
Before my question I want to say this:
A while ago I was battling the most painful and scary dragon I ever had to slay, it was eating away my very soul. Then I heard you were in town, I was unable to see the concert but luckily came across some of you after the show; it made me feel at home and in an environment that resembles my quest, I could see the spirituality about you and the thought that there are more people like me who could be in my life made me feel I was not alone and gave me the strength to slay my dragon. It was a hard and impossible battle, but I won it; and though you had no conscious part in this, I would like to thank you for being how you are, and therefore giving me the hope and strength I needed.

Here's your question
I'm a great admirer of animals, they seem to understand more than we do about life. I read you have a cat. What is it called; did you name it; what is it like and is it a female cat, and how is your communication together ?

This was me talking to you.
Take care

Dear Nimue,
Thank you for your touching letter and question.

I have two cats, or, to be more accurate, two cats have me. I think we have little choice in the matter of our feline companions apart from choosing them as kittens. After that they come and go as they please, returning only for rest comfort and food. They return before sunrise, and sometimes I'm still up when one of them tries to slip in quietly through the catflap, wincing at the racket and then seeing me standing there.

They immediately shift into domestic mode; purr, beg a titbit and then brazenly lie in their teeth about the howling, spitting, shagging and other abandoned activities they think I know nothing about; it was those other naughty cats down the street, wasn't it?

I have (sic) two cats called Winky and Smokey, both knocking on a bit now, and named by my daughter when she was little. Winky is white and deaf and a bit special, Smokey is weird. Also I live with an eighteen year old mongrel called Rufus (Rufus clearly needs a PR manager, me - ed). And, yes, we have dragons too.

Here's an extract from Anecdotage # 43 ..............One little kitty can fight with feral fury against the creeping, snarling, invisible monster of the night and then stroll nonchalantly bleeding into the kitchen for expected food, the next morning. There'll be no apology nor any craven look. Yon pussy will drag it's torn back and gaping mouth under the stairs to recoup awhile. Then, just as you answer the door to the vicar the cat will leave his left ear on your foot as a quick wipe of affection before he smears off again into the night.

Also, you may want to take a look at Anecdotage #44....Dog and the squirrel.
Cheers, ig

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