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4 - Jakarta, 8yr old hindsight, 84-93 material, BB Sea

From: aan

dear Ian,
This morning I went to the ticktet counter of Deep Purple Concert in Jakarta - Indonesia and want to buy the ticket. But, unfortunately, I've just received an information that concert has postphoned.... The concert will be held in Malaysia , March, 18th.... Frankly speaking, we are the fans, so dissapointed with the news but we hope Ian Gillan and Deep Purple still have a plan to visit Indonesia again.

thank you

Dear Aan,
Yes it is a most unsatisfactory business. In a nutshell, the British and American Governments advised against working in Jakarta at this time. It doesn't sit well with us or the fans, but there is no point moving into a situation that could be in anyway inflammatory, in other words do more harm than good. All I can say is I am truly sorry and hopefully it won't be too long before I get to your beautiful country.
Kind regards, ig

From: "wenning"

Dear Ian,
Iīm a Purple-fan since 1971, lost my interest in 1973 (guess why), found the things from the seventies interesting, but then not exciting, became a big fan again in 1993 and especially from 1995 onwards. I think, with Steve Deep Purple is better than ever before. After 1993 I bought every record of DP, Gillan, Whitesnake, PLA, Rainbow and so on and later the Dixie Dregs and Steve Morse Band I could get. Saw DP first with Joe Satriani in 1994 in Dortmund (came to the gig in Bielefeld some days later again), and later nearly every year with Steve. Last time last year in Dortmund again. I have a lot of questions, here are two: I once read, you never listened to the Deep Purple records in which you were not involved. Is it still true? I donīt love most of the songs on that records too much, but I think for example "Burn" or "You keep on moving" are so good, that they could still be played. Could you imagine to sing them any day? You also sang "Mandrake Root" and "Hush"... The second one: Some weeks ago I read (I donīt remember where), that you could imagine, to do something with Richie again. Is that true, and how do you feel about him at all eight years later? Wish you a very happy und successful 2001,
please give my regards to the rest of the band,

Hi there,
Thanks for your comments.
I think the best analogy for the situation with Burn and Stormbringer is that, if a relationship is broken, no matter how nice or talented the ex-partner might be, it is difficult to view him or her objectively in new situation. Or, more crudely, it's no fun watching your ex with another guy. I never really felt drawn to that particular DP and don't forget I left the band in the first place because I wasn't thrilled with the way it was going. No hard feelings, I have a professional respect for all involved. Ritchie's been gone for a long time now. I prefer to remember the good times (there were quite a few) and wish him well. I think the questioner asked '..could I ever imagine working with Ritchie again?' (words get twisted all the time) and I probably prevaricated because I was trying to be non-inflammatory (the question is a double-edged sword), which may have been interpreted as a 'maybe'. Things are going so well now don't you think. My mind is set upon the future with Steve Morse as our guitar player.
Cheers, ig

From: Michael c/o

Hej Ian!
Would you guys consider to do more material from the 84'- 93' era? The last tours have lacked any material from this period with the exeption of PS. What about Wasted Sunsets, Knocking, Mitzy Dupree, Mad Dog, Bad Attitude, King of Dreams ( no I haven't lost it..yet), The battle rages on and why not Solitare. Just some songs I think would be great to hear live. ( again in some cases) Which gig is your biggest in your career? In terms of the size of the crowd. Anyway great talking to you Ian, hope to see you soon at some gig.
Best wishes

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll bring it up at the next rehearsal. I think the biggest crowds might be Knebworth, The Texas Jam or the Giants Arena, or maybe Randwick Racecourse, but I'm not sure. Probably the biggest Purple has done is the California Jam, but that was with DC.
Cheers, ig


Hi Ian!
I finally can ask questions and know they are answered by you!Fine! Is it correct , that you also work on a solo project (Highway star of 22-12-00)? Which kind of songs will you publish on this? Does it become such a similar album like Dreamcatcher or will you make completely different music? I could imagine to hear of you also Rhythm ' and Blues .Or soul? Would this be a challenge for you? Now another typically female question: What means spirituality for you?
Much kind greetings of Tina from Berlin

Hi Tina,
I write with Steve Morris quite a lot and we are accumulating quite a bit of material. I guess it will come together as an album sooner or later. The mood of the moment is delivering some stuff which is a lot different to Dreamcatcher. We have about fifteen songs which need a bit of tidying up from the songwriting point of view and then we start looking at keys, arrangements, instrumentation etc. However right now we have to get the new DP project moving and of course that's a priority. I have no answer to your question about spirituality other than I feel very deeply that we humans have taken the wrong path. I spend a huge amount of time thinking about it.
Cheers, ig

From: Gatzidis Christos

Great work on the site by the way! The two new features are amazing. My question for Ian which probably applies to both of them ( the feature that is! ) is about the lyrics of the song Bluesy Blue Sea from his Gillan days. I always wondered what exactly he meant by those lyrics. I'd be over the moon to see him answer this!
Thanks again,
Christos Gatzidis

Hi Christos,
Thanks for your comments. If you keep an eye on the 'Wordography' I'll make sure to deal with 'Bluesy Blue Sea' really soon.
Cheers, ig

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