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40 - subject matter, Sunday League, Roger's audition, influences, whither Stonehenge

From: (Craig Henshall)

Love the site; Dear Friends and Anecdotage are a source of much amusement.

I was lucky enough to catch you and the rest of the guys in Manchester on your most recent UK tour and can honestly say you were all amazing despite the coughs and colds (and the small hiccup in Lazy) and, as a keyboard player myself, am certainly going to miss Jon. I hope he is able to continue providing us with his much-appreciated brand of more personal music.

I don't usually feel inspired by much of what I hear of current music (yours excepted, of course) but I must say that, having read the lyrics to, and explanation of, Gunga Din, how moved I was by such a personal account. My question, after much rambling, is, as the subject matter of Gunga Din is extremely personal, are there any subjects you would consider 'taboo' as far as song writing is concerned, or would you just let any ideas develop and see where they lead?

Good luck to you and the rest of the guys and I hope to see you on the return leg of your UK tour.

Keep up the great music.
Best Wishes,
Craig Henshall.

P.S. I am available if things don't work out with your new recruit Mr.Airey.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your letter and comments. Yes, we are all going to miss Jon, however Don is proving to be quite a force and is doing a great job as our new Hammond organist-cum-ivory tinkler. So, I'm afraid we can't take you up on your offer, as things have worked out very well.

Regarding lyrics, there is nothing I would consider as a taboo subject. However, there are ways and ways of saying things in a song.
Cheers, ig

From: (Dave Tuting)

Shit this seems odd, emailing someone who I've followed for most of my un-natural life! Grew up with DP constantly glued to my dads stereo in the 70s, much to his distaste, but then all parents have an instant dislike to their product's music taste, don't they? Spoke to you for the first time at the charity football match at Chelsea football ground in the 70's (or possibly 80's, loud music stuffs the brain cells!) Chatted with you in the stands after you played and had fotos taken for some Japanese music rag! Never did see the pics though. Got them? Got a lift in Cozy Powell's Lotus afterwards. God rest his soul. Anyway, questions:

Did you used to play in goal for the Reading Police Sunday League team in the late 80's/early 90's? I heard you did while I was doing my basics at Arborfield Garrison (REME).

Why have you missed the late 90's gig (Toolbox Tour) at MK Pitz and Knebworth (80's) Reunion gig in you gig list?

Do you have a gaff a short way from MK? (Not mentioning the village name, as the locals wouldn't appreciate the influx of marauding fans!)

Are you a keen woodworker and renovated the house yourself as reported?

Gig list for the forthcoming UK tour (see front page) (my daughter reads Kerrang!, it's not the mag it was! Bring back Sounds and NME!)

Fancy a beer and a chat sometime?

All the best
A lifelong devotee (DP, IG Band, Gillan etc etc)
Dave Tuting (MK)

Hello Dave,(this still sounds very '2001' to me - Steve)
Thanks for the letter and interesting memories.

During the late eighties and early nineties, I played in goal for the Pangbourne police team, in the Sunday morning league. If you trawl through the Q & As and DFs etc. you will find a few references to this.

How could I miss MK and Knebworth, this will be rectified, along with a general freshening of the 'Gigog' page.

I used to live in Cublington, nr. Wing, not far from MK, but that was quite some time ago. Now I live by the coast on the Dorset/Devon border.

Yes I like working with wood, and I had a good time renovating the old house with my mate Squiffy. It was a huge job though and I was touring a lot, so my wife, quite rightly, decided to move us into a proper house.

Kettwang? The old trouser press? Is that still going?

I'll take a raincheck on the beer thank you, as we're off again on the 21st, and I'll be overseas writing and recording over the winter and into the spring, or as long as it takes to get this next record done.
Cheers, ig

From: Pete

Was hallelujah part of Roger Glovers audition for Deep Purple? a fan of 31 years. Pete.

Hi Pete,
Actually not as I remember it. They needed a bass player for the session and I suggested that they use Rog. He didn't want to quit Episode Six, the group I had just left, as he thought it would be too damaging if the two of us departed at the same time. He was of course eventually pursuaded to make that decision. We both felt bad about leaving a group that we were very fond of, but I felt that we were not going anywhere and that DP was an opportunity not to be missed, Roger's approach was somewhat more altruistic. Cheers, ig

Can you tell me who influenced your voice and what kind of care do you take to keep your pipes strong and crisp?
Edward A. Granados...

Dear Edward,

Many influences. Elvis, Little Richard, Brook Benton, Dusty Springfield and Cliff Bennett are the first that spring to mind. I keep pretty fit physically and spiritually, and I don't drink or smoke until after the show.
Cheers, ig

From: Duarte

Hell-o Ian,
I'm a huge fan of your Black Sabbath effort Born Again. I was wondering, was the song Digital Bitch written about a particular person? If so WHO and WHY? Also I've read that for the Born Again tour there was a full scale model of Stone Hendge created as a stage set. What ever happened to that model and is it available for sale? I would gladly display it in my yard.

" Won't you please come to my feast "

Hello Duarte,
Thanks for your letter and questions. Our team at Caramba did some deep research into the whereabouts of the Stonehenge set and got a detailed reply from LSD in Birmingham, which should already be up on the Q & A (or will be soon). As for Digital Bitch I'll put in high in line for the 'Wordography'. I don't have the lyrics in my laptop so I'll deal with it on my next trip home. I need to refresh my memory, but it was the early eighties and the nascent computer age.
Cheers, ig

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