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41 - where's born to kill?, not hopeless, Cherkazoo, Onan rears his head again, dead end job

From: Senka

Hi Ian,
i am Senka your fan from Serbia.It's really strange how lyrics from one song like "born to kill" are not on this site?How was you write that song it's really great .And no body eaven say something about that song.
Greetings, Senka.

Hi Senka,
Thanks for your letter. It's probably time to explain again what the wordography is all about. Eventually, the lyrics for all three hundred or so songs that I have written or co-written, will appear under this heading. Each lyric accompanied by a few words describing my thoughts about the song; we thought this might be interesting and maybe enlightening.

'Born to Kill' will turn up sooner or later, probably sooner now that you've mentioned it.
Cheers, ig

From: Elisabetta

dear Mr Ian,
I wrote you 3 times(the first time for your birthday) but I haven't received your answer yet.Must I lose the hope??NO!!!!!! I'm Elisabetta and I'm 17 years old like your daughter,I think.

I would like to do 3 questions: 1)For the next tourn are you going to come in Italy(my town)?I hope so because I want to see you.It is my dream.Infact this year I couldn't come to your concerts in Italy for some problems(with my parents)!!SIGH!!!

2)What is your favourite song?

3)Where do you prefer to pass your free time? Mr Gillan you are my hero,my idol.You are SUPERB!!! Thanks for the time that you have lost with my letter and especially thanks for the emotions that you give me with your special,wonderful,exciting voice!!! Oh!excuse for my english!

your fan forever!!!

Dear Elisabetta,
Thank you for the birthday wishes, never lose hope.

1) We did come to Italy after my birthday, I hope you were able to come to a show.

2) My favourite song right now (it changes every day) is 'If Cowboys Could Fly' by R.Bruce

3) Either walking alone by the sea or in the pub with my friends, depending on my mood
Cheers, ig

From: Marcelo Soares

Just listened to "Cherkazoo and other stories" once again, and it got me wondering. What happenned with the Cherkazoo project? What's its story (the description in the booklet is too brief)?

All the best,
Marcelo Soares
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Dear Marcelo,
Cherkazoo was originally an animated musical fantasy which never really saw the light of day. I remember a meeting in the seventies with all the senior people at Disney. I did a presentation at their studios in Hollywood and they were very enthusiastic. However it coincided with a sea change of company policy and they were in production with Robin Hood, having decided to go back to classic stories as the basis for their films, due to bad figures on some recent contemporary stuff.

So, the music lay idle for quite a while until Simon Robinson at rpm records resurrected them along with some other material of the same era. The CD is sort of confusing in terms of its title, but has some value as a record of its time.

More recently Cherkazoo has been revived, rewritten and recorded for four sellout shows at the Guildhall in Axminster, Devon, performed by the local kids who have a music society of which I am honoured to be the president.

The concept was, and still is with the rewrite, about a youngster (Laura now and Julian then) dealing with the world as it is, in all it's bewildering manifestations, with the help of some pretty cosmic characters from a planet called Cherkazoo.

You've given me an idea now, I'll put the script up on 'Wordography' then you can plough through the whole thing.
Cheers, ig

From: (Chacko, Thomas)

Dearest Ian,
Thank you for my posting my question and comments and your poignant response on the recent edition of Q & A at Caramba.

Just a point in fact(not that it matters much) but it was Jocelyn Elders (Surgeon General under President Clinton), not Janet Reno(Attorney General) who advocated education in schools on masturbation much to the dismay of right wingers, jihadists, the sexually repressed, phoneys and hypocrites.


Thanks Tom
Cheers, ig

and again....

From: (Jonathan Brown)

Dear Ian Gillan,
I read your Q & A all the time. In response to your question in the second response on Q & A 35, I think you meant Jocelyn Elders about the masturbation bit.

Take care - thanks for eveything! Jonathan

Thanks Jonathan
Cheers, ig


i'm a drummer, i'm putting a band together to play working mens clubs. need vocalist but Val Hooligan isn't up for it. we're talking classics - 'shut uppa ya face' and mungo jerry classics. wot d'ya reckon? STAN

Dear Stan, Haven't you got any friends? (most drummers have at least one) I'm kinda busy right now. Cheers, ig

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