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43 - Gone West, find that word, Nashville gig, Tommi Lommi again, son of a beach


Hi Ian,
I saw Mountain (WOW!) a few times in Germany in May this year. It was excellent and LOUD! :-) I asked Leslie West why he just played on one track on the Toolbox album and he said "I did several tracks".......... So what happened to the rest? I mean Leslie West is such an excellent and powerful guitar player so why not use it?!

All the best
Michael Wiklund

Hi Michael,
Yes of course Leslie West is one of the greats, everyone knows that. I'm a huge fan.

There was some other material he played on during the Toolbox sessions, but for some reason we only used Leslie's licks and rhythm work, but not the solo (that was Steve Morris), on the opening track 'Hang me out to dry'.

The answer to your question must be 'for aesthetic or technical reasons'. To be honest I can't actually remember, but at the end of the day it's a judgement call for the greater good, and inevitably, someone, somewhere will be disappointed.

C'est la vie.
Cheers, ig


Hi Ian,
firstly i would like to say well answered in respect to your reply to J spacetrucking. and secondly i would like some lyrics, well only about 3 or 4 words actually. I know you will say that you are going to get round to all of your songs on wordog, but somehow i have the feeling that

a) this song is probably way down on your list of priorities and
b) my computer will probably give up the ghost before you get round to it. the song is Music in my head which although it is very 70s and of its day, i really love, it always lifts the spirits when i'm feeling down. anyway back to the lyrics. if we drift along together you could, be my dream from we could go so far.

please, please, please fill in the gap for me.
thanks and lots of love

Hello Pippa,
The word you are looking for is 'lonely'.

Cheers, ig


Greetings Ian,
I was third row, Directly in front of you at the June 18th, 2002 show in Nashville. It was one of the greatest rock 'n roll performances that I have seen in all my forty years on Earth ( and I've seen a lot of great ones, believe me). I thought Don Airey filled Jon Lord's shoes as well as anyone could hope to. The whole band was really on & the crowd was right there with you. Although, I got the impression that you might not be feeling your best. I sincerely hope that was merely my imagination. You sounded great & I could tell you were digging the audience reaction.

My question is: "Where were you, Roger & Ian, during the backstage meet & greet?" I lugged some items around all through the show anticipating meeting you guys & getting some autographs. Steve & Don came out & signed stuff & hung around for quite some time. In fact, someone had to finally come & tell Steve it was time to leave. They were both really nice & as a surprise bonus, I met Leo Lyons, whom I wasn't even aware was living in Nashville. But, I have to be honest & say that I was very disappointed by the absence of DP's three mainstays. DP is still one of my favorite bands & always will be & the same goes for you as a vocalist. I wish you all nothing but the best. However, I also wish you could have taken a few minutes to have met with me & the others who were there to meet you.

Mark Hickerson

Hello Mark,
Thanks for your letter and apologies for not getting out to say Hi; I didn't escape from the interview room until the bus was leaving, and Rog and Ian were similarly tied up.

If you contact us through the e-mail link next time we're in your neck of the woods I'll arrange for the necessary passes and make amends.

Cheers, ig


Dear Ian Gillan, Donīt you think, that If DEEP PURPLE mark 3 had been

John Lord
Ian Pace
Ian Gillan
Roger Glover
Tommi Lommi

you people would seriously have changed world-history.

George Vedel

Dear George, That's an interesting concept, but I'm not sure I can agree.......who is this Tommi Lommi?

Seriously though, it wouldn't have worked; we all play in different keys.

Cheers, ig


Dear Ian,
While visiting friends on Grand Cayman in 1987, I had the occasion to hear Steve Jarrell and the Sons of the Beach at, I think, The Paradise Inn. Steve is an old musician buddy of mine. The real excitement about all this was that THE Ian Gillan was on the island and expected to sit in with the Sons of the Beach. Being a huge DP fan and Specifically an Ian Gillan fan, I was in heaven! Steve introduced me to you, I was in heaven. Best time I ever had. I've got a video of the entire night and many, many photographs. If you care, I'll email some of the pics. Now, on 6-22-02, I saw Dio, Scorpions and Deep Purple. Again, I was in heaven! Y'all Knocked me out fom the beginning. Quality, unmistakable Deep Purple power.

I may email again. Next time you may even find me somewhat interesting!

David Booth
Richmond, VA

Hi David,
Thanks for your letter and yes I'd like to see the pictures, you can e-mail them to me here at Caramba. I saw Steve Jarrell and a couple of the guys who were in his band in '87 (are you sure it was '87? I lose track), recently when we played in Nashville (Antioch) and that 'evening' came up in conversation. The venue was a club in the Treasure Island resort on Grand Cayman.

Cheers, ig

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