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44 - movie, four!, birthday party, operatic ancestors, lizards of the 80s

From: From: (Jim Gallagher)

Mr. Gillan,
I was wondering two things:

1. Has there ever been talk about making a movie about Deep Purple?

2. Do you like the idea?

It seems to me that the story of Deep Purple would translate quite nicely into a feature length movie. The music, the drama, the highlights, the lowlights, and the music (did I mention music?) would tell an incredible tale.


Hi Jim,
1. Not really, to my knowledge.

2. Now you mention're talking about a big thing. Who could tell such a story?

I was talking to a journalist today, he said he was doing some research for the interview and he got into the Deep Purple Family Tree. He said it was more like a jungle than a tree. I often get asked about our past and generally I shift the focus to the present and the future...because we are a living thing; but I imagine someday someone is going to tell the definitive story of Deep Purple.

I don't know, but I would think that everyone who has ever been connected with the band will carry some good feelings from the experience, but will each have a different perspective; what's the real story?

Would it be a docu/drama? Or a wonderful (but probably self-serving) story, say from my point of view, or Ritchie's, or David Coverdale's?

Objective or Subjective? Critic or Fan? Fiction or Truth?

Did you ever see a movie called 'Sweet Liberty'? With Alan Alda, Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins.

I prefer to stick to the music, but I will admit it's a great story, if anyone was ever to get it right.

Cheers, ig

From: (bauckeh) 'Howie'

Smoking show at the Coors amphitheater in San Diego, California on August 2, 2002. Who were the rest of the band members that played that night ?, I did not recognize the lead guitarist, is he new or was he just filling in that night ?.


How are you? Glad you enjoyed the show.

That was Ian Paice on drums and Roger Glover was bass. Tha banjo player's name is Steve Morse. No, he's not new. He's been with us around nine years now, but still complains he's treated like the new boy when there aren't any Doctor Peppers in the cooler on the bus...because he's been flying his plane around for the last week and the rest of us drink beer like men. The real new boy is Don Airey, who's taken over the keys this year from Jon Lord.

I realise this is a spoof letter Howie, so I'm holding nothing and I call four.

Cheers, ig


Dearest Ian,
I'm your big fan for many years and my parents have been your fans for more than 25 years. You are an essential part of our lives. I want to thank you for so many happy moments in my life ? the moments when I hear your fabulous voice and it makes me feel like I'm in heaven!

I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I wish you all the happiness, love and joy in the world! Good luck to you and the rest of the guys in Deep Purple. Keep it up!

My question is: what was the most memorable birthday in your life?

Much love,
Your fan forever,
Natalya Ivanova (Russia)

Dear Natalya,
Thank you for your lovely letter and your birthday wishes.

In answer to your question, the answer is simple...this one.

In a break from the tour, with my family, at home. The weather is fine and we had a party over the weekend with some friends.

Monday, my birthday, I sat by the pool, writing. Then later on some relatives came over and we had a barbecue.

Very pleasant.

Cheers, ig

From: (Carlo de Nonno)

Caro (Dear) Ian,
I try to ask you something nevertheless my awful english. To "strip away the myth from the man" (remember JCS?) I would know if you are married, if you have sons, if is true that you had a grandfather that studied lyric opera in Milan (tenor or baritone ?) and a lot of other things that friends generally know (your autobiography is not to be found in Italy......). Anyway, if you find these questions too much personals, voilą another question more "public". I love too much the sound of the lyrics of the 2nd movement but obviously I understand perhaps 5%. Can you write this words? Or publish them in Wordography with your comment?

Grazie, Giovanni! (Thanks, Ian!)

Your great Italian fan


Dear Carlo,
Thanks for your letter and interesting questions. I don't mind answering personal things. I was sure that my Grandfather studied in Verona and then had to quit the opera because of a throat infection. There has been some doubt cast upon this by the family however, and we are researching a little more; but the one thing for sure is that he had an incredible voice. I used to marvel at the tone and resonance and I swear the walls would vibrate when he sang at home, for example when we all sang Christmas carols. He was a bass-baritone and he told me a lot about projection. On the other question. I will certainly put the 2nd movement lyrics up on the 'Wordography' very soon.

Cheers, ig

From: (John Reilly)

I really enjoy the 2002 version of 'Who Do We......' especially the song Painted Horse, all I have to say Deep Purple has been too underrated over the years, you put out I think better music than Led Zeppelin, will you come to Philly area in the future and will you team up w/Ted Nugent on the road? During the 80's there was a tv series called V about lizards from space invading the Earth as humans. The showed starred Marc Singer, Robert Englund,and my favorite from the show Jane Badler the dark haired actress who played Diana,and she also starred in the 1988-1990 version of Mission:Impossible . Jane Badler is a singer too, maybe you & her could a duet together on a future DP album,a blues song similar to Lazy. She lives in Australia (Melbourne ),have you met this actress?If you have,since you are a celeb like her,you got access there, I would like to have an online chat with her. Just curious. Also Ian are you a fan of the 1965- 1969 series The Wild Wild West,and the old Top Cat cartoon series?

Thanks for reading my e-mail.

John Reilly

Dear John,
Thanks for your letter and interesting comments and questions.

Regarding WDWTWA 2002, thanks, I agree. I think Roger Glover did a great job.

Regarding the Philly area (PA?) and Ted Nugent, we did that quite recently John.

I haven't met Jane, no I don't have access, really..No, really. But I will look her up the next time I'm in Melbourne. See if we can get you online with her.

How about Shelley Winters in The Poseidon Adventure? I never met her either, but I do have a picture.

Can't say those series spring to mind, but I do like cartoons.

Cheers, ig

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