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47 - the write stuff, zero notice, Elvis noticed, a man of few words, still squiffy

From: (IanL@HookedOnUs)

Dear Mr. Gillan,
I've been a life long (almost 30years) Deep Purple fan, but I am saddened by how the message board of the official Deep Purple site has been ruined.

Many fans are are fed up with on going trash talks that has nothing to do with Deep Purple, because of lack of security and less care. I am writting here because I've heard from somewhere that you do sometimes see e-mails sent from this site, please help for the true fans all over the world!

Ian L.

Dear Ian,
Thanks for your support over the years.

Everybody has an angle don't they. Message boards, guestbooks etc., provide an easy platform for angries, radicals, mischief makers and obsessive types with nothing but the very best of their own intentions at heart. I'm sure it's not the desire of the site proprietors to promulgate such views, but, short of censorship, how can you avoid it?

When we had a guestbook here on Caramba, there were periods of great frustration. Sometimes a fight would break out, or a love affair would develop; not too bad unless it went on and on, at which times our usual contributors would get fed up and either complain or bugger off for a while. The usual remedy was for myself to write in and start another train of conversation. However if I was not able to do this for a week or two, I'd get a letter from our editor saying 'things are getting out of hand'

I think The Highway Star is an excellent site, and operates best within it's existing ethos. There will be times of frustration but remember it's open to you as well, and maybe some constructive comments about your line of interest would change the course of discussion, and push the other stuff into the background (at least for the time being).

I do read every letter that comes in to Caramba, but I don't answer every one. This is mainly because they've been answered before; I would urge everyone to use the search facility and see if the answer to your question is already in the Q & A archives. Also, I have made a promise not to avoid the 'tricky' questions, which would amount to a form of censorship.

So, please continue to support The Highway Star with positive contributions, it's the only way really, considering the democratic way in which it works...and write to us here whenever you feel like it.

Cheers, ig

From: MMalono@ACADEMY.EDU (Mike Malono)

Hi Ian,
my name is Mike, I've been a big fan of yours/ Deep Purple since In Rock.(In Rock and Fireball are my favorite DP albums) I saw you guys at the Sunrise, FL. show, you guys were great! I really enjoyed it. I'm glad the show was recorded for DVD release. Here's my question: My friend Scott was lucky enough to see you live back in ' 83 w/ Black Sabbath; he claims you sang the song "Zero the Hero" in Japanese? Is this possible, or did he just over-medicate himself that night? Thanks for all the great music over the years and keep up the good work!

Mike Malono
Tampa, FL.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your letter.

Your friend is quite correct. Well done Scott, nobody else noticed.

Cheers, ig

From: (Geoff Houlton)

Hi Ian,
Just sitting here listening to Fireball 25 and for years now I've wondered if the vocal on "I'm Alone" was done with an Elvis influence. I can almost hear him singing that melody. Gotta go now it's time for "LAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!!!!!!


Hi Geoff,
That's very perceptive. I suppose you could be right as the young Elvis was important to me...but then again, Bob Dylan's 'I'll be your baby tonight' (Episode Six version) springs to mind. Nice thinking, but don't delve too deeply; you'll go mad.

Cheers, ig

From: (Brian Crampsey)

What a show last night! I have seen Purple about 10 times and this must be one of the best. The sound was superb, as was our view from the 3rd row of the stalls. Two questions - Were you disapointed about a lot of the crowd [front 2 rows, mainly centre stage] sitting down for a lot of the concert? Secondly, why did Mr Lord not have a few farewellwords [verbally] to the crowd?

Thanks again. You're voice sounded superb. We were all disappointed when you cancelled the show in February - What have you done to your voice since then? I can't think of a time when you have sounded better.

I hope you hurry back and may all your new recordings be as good as "A well dressed guitar".

Best Wishes,

Hello Brian,
Thanks for your letter and comments.

No, I was delighted those people sat down throughout the show, I selected them specially as unwitting triallists for the new wonderglue that I'm developing. It worked perfectly, the only problem was the cost of replacing the chairs that they took home. One or two are still trying to get back into their cars.

Regarding 'a few words from Jon'...I imagine we wanted to give the music the last word, it's always been like that with Purple. It wasn't discussed, it just happened that way. Anyway, I don't think he would have been able to say much, as he was pretty choked up most nights.

The voice has been working better than ever this last couple of years. I have done nothing to my voice since February, and that wasn't really a voice thing as such. It was a by product of the worst flu I've ever had. It laid me out big time and it wasn't really until halfway through the Russian dates that I started to get my strength back.

We'll get back as quickly as possible.

Cheers, ig

From: (ulaFedia Lavrov)

Hello, Mr.Gillan!
Once upon the time I met you in The Austoria hotel after your first gig in my hometown, St.petersburg, Russia. I presented you my music then, proudly hoping you would like it, a technician sitiing at the same table with us wandered how many people usually want to get heard by The Deep Purple and bring their cds to you and your band mates.

"Begemot", my ex-band, which cd's I do hope you have not put in your garbage can, does not exist anymore, but may I be so naive to hope that you could find liberty to give me another chance and have a listen to my latest records on the net?

Or I should be most grateful, if you could provide me with a post address to send a cd to.

"Somnambula' is my new-born child, more heavy than Begemot: (Somnambula itself) (and this is my solo-project)

Wishing all the best to the best band in the world, my first favourite group and You

Fedia Lavrov

Hello Fedia,
Good to hear from you.

No, I never put anything in the garbage can, not anymore...not after my Steve Morris/Squiffy experience.

I'm always happy to publish my postal address (the front page, you may have noticed - Steve)

Ian Gillan
1, Water Lane,
Camden Town,

Also I'm always happy to put up some new stuff...check it out everyone.

Cheers, ig

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