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From: (Friedhelm)

Im just listening to the bootleg, which was recorded 1970 in Aachen, Germany. Before the band played Mandrake Root, you told the audience, to take their clothes off. Just wanted you to know, that it happened 32 years later: After the gig in Gelsenkirchen our clothes were that wet, that my wife and me took our clothes off and drove home naked. My questions: If you do remember, how were the reactions in 1970?

Best regardes

Hello Friedhelm,

That's a good question. So far as I can remember there was a lot more nudity then, as a form of abandoned expression; I don't think I would have been asking people to do things about which they felt uncomfortable.

I'm sure you enjoyed the drive home, I frequently do the same thing myself.

Cheers, ig

From: (Steve Povah)


?As one of the world's most prolific and talented musicians, I was just wandering about your opinion reference a recent article. A radio report spoke of the fact that currently, for the first time in over thirty years, there were no British artists in the top 100 of the USA charts. I have long believed that the American audiences have developed into a more musically sophisticated and appreciative cohort, while their UK equivalent settles for music talent that offers no more than reincarnation after reincarnation of Boyzone or the Spice Girls. In short, the American audiences are more appreciative of talent over style. Their thirst for real, quality live music cannot be quenched by anorexics miming to poor-quality backing tapes and consequently this translates into the lack of sales and poor chart positions of UK artists. Following this prologue, my question to you is simple. Do you believe that the British mu
(it's a mystery as to what happened here - Steve)

Steve Povah

p.s. Many thanks for a lifetime of musical pleasure and good luck with Don on board.

Hello Steve,

That was quite a speech, with an interestingly bevelled sense of strata. You are tunnelling very near to the truth, my friend.

In answer to your question, may I quote Jack Aubrey and say 'the question doesn't answer'.

Here's the point...there is an abundance of talent in our islands, most of it (the real stuff) doesn't want to be sucked into the system.

I could tell you stories about that, but, another day... my humble opinion we've switched (about twenty years ago) from an A & R focused business to a Media driven business, thus begetting the creative vacuum which exists today, at a time of other difficult changes.

Cheers, ig

(given some possible cut & paste malarkey having gone on here you could say that the question doesn't question..... - Steve)

From: (James Hobbs)

Hi Ian,

19 days and counting (as was - Steve) until I see Purple live for the very first time ( Guildhall, Portsmouth ).. I have just turned 16, yet have been an avid follower for over a year now of the various incarnations of your band. I don't know if you'll be around after the gig, but if you are I'd love to say hello and shake your hand!

I have a question, one that's probably been asked ( and answered ) many times in the past, but for my sake I'd be interested to know the answer.. why exactly does your website have the subtitle "Caramba?" Apologies if the answer is startingly obvious, I read quickly and may have missed it somewhere down the line.

Thanks for your time, James Hobbs

Hi James,

To me, Caramba is an expression of joy and surprise, and I search for those elements in each day's constitution. It helps to offset the weight of negatives that fall out of the trees and sneak out of the alleys.

Cheers, ig

From: (PurpleMail)

Hello Ian

I have been a huge Purple fan since the early 70's, and have seen the band numerous times, and you all still amaze me. Your music has added so much to my life!! People at work get tired of me talking "Purple". I saw Purple in concert the last 2 years, and you don't get older, you get better. What a show!!! Also, Steve has been the best thing to happen to the band in a long time!!!

My question is, do you collect Deep Purple posters, especially promo posters?? I met Roger this year at Riverbend in Cincinnati, OH USA, and was talking to him about my Purple poster collection, and he was amazed at the posters that I have in my collection. What if any posters do you have, expecially from the 70's (In Rock comes to mind) and if you are ever in my part of the USA, let me know, and I will give you the royal treatment, and maybe ask you to sign some of my posters.

Thanks, and I look forward to the new album!!

Dave Heitmeyer
Cleves, OH

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your letter and comments.

Yes I do collect posters, although it only goes back to my time in Russia during my sabbatical from DP which started around 1989. I found myself in some exotic locations and thought it was about time I brought home some memorabilia, amongst which there were posters from Russia and some erstwhile Soviet territories.

Since then I have accumulated masses of posters, all of which are lovingly rolled or folded, stuffed into old suitcases and kept in the shed, until I can find the time and the space to take a look at them.

Cheers, ig

From: (scott forbes)

dear ian

i have just been to the concert at newcastle city hall on the 11th and i thought that the whole band were totally fantastic and my Dad also said he thought it was fantastic so i'd just like to congratulate you on that.

i would just like to ask which has been your favourite concert of the uk tour?

from scott forbes

p.s can you tell Jon Lord he was fantastic and wish him luck

Dear Scott,

Thank you for your letter and kind words. Newcastle was just amazing, and the whole UK tour was something very special, we can't wait for the next one.

I will pass on your wishes to Jon, he was fantastic wasn't he.

Cheers, ig



Do you lean more towards Romantic, Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, or Expressionist (if you answer Expressionist and cite Munch's the Scream as your favorite, I will lose all respect for you)



I think I prefer Expressionist Art and would cite Munch's The Scream as my favourite example of this genre.


(this is quite palindromic, n'est ce pas? - Steve)

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