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5 - Rainbow, acousticity, Elvis, arresting fun & the GB

From: "Angelos Panagopoulos"

Hello from Greece. I'd like to ask if it is true that Ritchie invited you to join Rainbow. Thanks.
Bye Aggelos

Hello there Angelos,
Yes it is true. We spent a few days talking about this. I was very flattered but told him it wasn't really my kind of thing. I forget which year it was exactly, but Bernie Torme was in the Gillan Band at the time.
Cheers, ig


Mr. Gillan,
My name is Evgeni Raikov. I'm from Bulgaria(where it was). I'm very fond of your person & mind. About your music I've no words to express what I feel every day before the cd player. I want to know Ian Gillan - man. One day we may have a beer or whisky and a word of course - about life and its things. However, question:
Is it possible to break the "IRON D.P." and make more things like acoustic concerts, more albums with other musicians and people, and...?
Thanks.Good night. See you tomorrow. I'll be here!

Mr. Raikov,
Thanks for your comments and question. I believe we have effectively done what you ask. Onstage now, I feel there is more in the way of dynamics and texture than ever before. However we most certainly don't want to lose our raison d'etre and every new idea is cemented in a foundation of rock. From a personal point of view I believe there is room for melody, tenderness and real emotion in Rock music, as well as the hard hitting, explosive licks and driving rhythms. 'Fools' and '69' are two of my current favourites. I do take your point though, let's see what the next album brings.
Cheers, ig

From: (SpaceTrucker)

Hi Ian,
My name is Peder and I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you and they are:

1) A long time ago I remember to have read somewhere that you was thinking about doing an Elvis Presley record, is there any truth in this? I personally would love to hear it. Elvis was/is the KING.

2) Glenn Hughes mentioned in an interview a couple of years ago that you and him had talked about doing something together, is this true?

Thanks Ian for taking time to read my questions.

All the best to you and the rest of DP in 2001

Peder Lundmark

PS: How on earth will I ever get my hands on a backstage pass????? I have seen both you and DP live so many times during the years both in Sweden and England but I have never been close to a backstage pass. What do you say Ian, isn't it about time you send me one.... :o) I'll buy you a pint or two if you can help me out

Hi Peder,
The young Elvis was my hero and I have every record he ever made (I think), so naturally I have drawn upon his influence from time to time.

'Trying to get to you' and 'Anyway you want me' are two tracks I have recorded and no doubt there will be more one day. Yes Elvis was/is the King of Rock 'n' Roll. I'm sure Glenn and I did talk about recording something together, but nothing specific, y'know, it was over a cup of tea or something in a hotel, nothing specific. He is a great singer and if the right song/circumstance presented itself, then who knows? As for b/s passes, I've always thought that bribery offers the best chance of success. Why don't you try entering one of the competitions we run here from time to time.
Cheers, ig (Geoff Quade)

On the In Rock Anniversary tour you appeared at Pompey Guildhall. During the afternoon I went backstage, at that time I was the local bobby. My plan was to arrive later , sometime before the show, and do a spoof arrest of you in front of whoever. However when I spoke to some blooming great big bloke who looked like he was related to Meatloaf and I think was Canadian, said it wasn't a good idea because you were all as nervous as kittens consequently I didn't do it. For future reference would you have seen the joke? The gig was great anyway and you even mentioned The Highway Star story on stage, was this a prompt frome the big bloke who I told earlier or did you remember it?
Geoff Quade

Hi Geoff,
As a matter of interest I played in goal for a police football team (Pangbourne, Berks) on and off for quite a few years. I came to realise that the one quality needed to be a successful copper was a highly developed sense of humour. Anyway nice gag and yes I would have seen the joke, but now I'll be keeping an eye out whenever I'm performing in your neck of the woods. I have many good memories of Portsmouth Guildhall. Of course I didn't need prompting to recall the story of 'Highway Star' which was written on the bus down to Pompey (70 or 71?) and performed (albeit in a somewhat underdeveloped state) the very same evening. Also, on the 'Magic' tour with the Gillan Band, when I lost my voice and the audience sang the entire show for me, unforgettable!
Cheers, ig

From: (Jutta Biene)

no more yellowguespressbook, understandable, but how should newcomers in the Gillanfanscene find kindred spirits?

Kind regards,
Jutta Biene

Hi Jutta,
Maybe someone would like to start a chatroom. We'd be happy to publish the details.
Cheers, ig

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