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51 - that quiz, responses to the enbaffled, a Lord's word

Hi Ian

Isn't it that The Bee Gees wrote "Only One Woman" which was a hit for a group called - I think - Marbles, whose main singer was Graham Bonnet who was a onetime singer in Rainbow who had a guitarist called Ritchie.......................?? ............and the knee bone's connected to the thigh bone, now hear the word of The Lord.

Tons o' luv

Hello Jon,

Fancy seeing you here, thanks for helping out...we've had a few ideas as you can see, but the prevailing theory is yours. I still think the Purple connection is a bit dodgy, but what the heck...I surprised her with a puppy (zip...woof!).

Cheers for now, ig

From: Brian Caseau

Hello Steve, Hello Ian...

Thought I'd take a quick minute to provide what may be the answer to the quandary on Caramba's Q&A : Who or what is the link between Deep purple and The Bee Gees The answer I surmise id like the seven stages of relationships to Kevin Bacon, or whatever the running joke was years ago? I'll explain... Deep Purple's original Guitarist was RB. RB created his own band after his 1975 departure called Rainbow. In 1978, RG joined RB to write, perform and produce. Also joining Rainbow at the time was Graham Bonnet. Graham, who played in a band called Marbles had a hit in the 60's with a Bee Gee's song and is also Robin, Maurice and whoever the third is, cousin. I'm a fountain of meaningless information and if I ever find myself at the Bradford I'll buy you a pint as well.

Love & Peace -
Brian R. Caseau

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your detailed contribution to what I can only percieve, by the weight of e-mail, to be the the continued love, by us all, for a good quiz.

Cheers, ig

From: (Richard Malt)


I have finally been advised of the link between the Bee Gees and Deep Purple.

Graham Bonnet - had a hit as vocalist on The Marbles "Only One Woman" written by the Gibb brothers, Graham then went on to sing with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow.

Although another answer would also have qualified as correct -

Yvonne Elliman - recorded "I don't know how to love him" from Jesus Christ Superstar. Ian was on the original JC Superstar soundtrack album. Yvonne later had a hit with "If I can't have you" written by the Gibb brothers.

It's good to know that you take the time to read and respond to messages left on Caramba !


Hello Rick,

Thanks for that. There has been a healthy response to this question...maybe it's time for another quiz.

Cheers, ig


Hi Ian, hi Rick -

the only idea I have regarding the question about a link between Deep Purple and the Bee Gees is this one - although I guess it won't be the one they're looking for:

David Coverdale once recorded a song called Lonely Days, Lonely Nights (on Whitesnake's Come An' Get It album) and if memory serves me right the Bee Gees did record a song of the same title and even a similar tune a couple of years before that...

Well, just an idea...

Best regards

Hello Max,

Thanks for that, I wonder which one it will turn out to be?

Cheers, ig

From: (Vincent Brightling)

Dear Steve,

In response to Richard Malt's query about the connection between Deep Purple and the Bee Gees, I have thought of a VERY tenuous link. In 1993 Deep Purple were scheduled to receive an outstanding contribution to the British record industry, or a lifetime achievement award or some such thing but Ritchie Blackmore decided not to travel to the event. he apparently claimed that one of his cats was ill. The organisers - feeling snubbed - dumped Purple and gave the Bee Gees the award in their place.

If that is the correct answer, then Mr. Malt's pub quiz organisers should have a lot to answer for.

Vincent Brightling

Hello Vincent,

We've had this theory before...but I like the way you put it.

Cheers, ig

From: Stathis Panagiotopoulos, DPAS Greece

Dear Ian & Steve,

Stathis from the Greek DPAS here. Hope all is well with you and yours.

The question about Bee Gees/Deep Purple had me baffled, too, and I'll try to give a possible answer :

There was once a band called "The Marbles", whose lead singer was Graham Bonnet. Their biggest hit was "Only One Woman", the Bee Gees song, plus they were also managed at one time by Robert Stigwood, the BGs manager. In 1979, Graham Bonnet became the singer of Rainbow for one LP and tour, so this is one connection, albeit a tad strenuous.

They get even remoter : Yvonne Elliman, who sang the part of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar (the Ian version) and also on Jon Lord's "Gemini Suite", was on Saturday Night Fever singing "If I can't have you" (if I remember correctly), which was written by the BGs.

In 1989, Jon Lord and Ian Paice attended a gala called "The World Music Awards" in Monte Carlo (in the presence of the local royals, no less) where they were given an award for, I don't know, the band's contribution to rock music, whatever. Also in attendance (and awarded with something or other) were the BGs.

And finally, David Coverdale is really Barry Gibb in disguise. ;-)

Other than that, no member of DP (past or present) has ever played with any member of the BGs, either in the studio or live, so I can't really think of anything else.

Hope all this helps :-)

All the best,
Stathis Panagiotopoulos
DPAS Greece

Hello Stathis,

Thanks for you help, comprehensive as ever. Good to hear from you.

cheers, ig

From: (jonathan tate)

i think it may be the lifetime contribution to music award at the brits.apparently ritchie refused so they gave it to the bee gees instead - i could be wrong (theres a first time for most things lol).

hope all is well.

Hello Jon,

That's another possibility...somewhat tenuous, but well dredged mate.

Cheers, ig

From: (Jeff Summers)

Hi Ian & Steve...

I think the answer to Rick in Bradfords Pub Quiz question during Q & A (50) "Who or what is the link between Deep purple and The Bee Gees?" is: Graham Bonnet (ex Rainbow singer) Ian may remember that he was in a band called "The Marbles" who had a big hit with a song called "Only one Woman" Circa 68 I think! This song was in fact written by Barry and Morris Gibb!

This is the only link I can think of...

Cheers, Jeff

Jeff Summers

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for that, you are probably right, but surely the question should have been...'what is the connection between Rainbow and the Bee Gees?'

Cheers, ig

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