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52 - all quizzed out.............STOP!

From: (Charlie Jeffreys)

Dear Ian,

Really enjoyed the UK dates this year. Thanks.

It's good to see the frequent Caramba updates latterly, and I look forward to the next DF.
From Q&A 51, "...maybe it's time for another quiz".

May I suggest the following: What question has the answer, "I surprised her with a puppy (zip...woof!)"?

My best guess is, Jon asked you what you gave your daughter for her (18th?) birthday. I trust however the last bit isn't some inappropriate euphemism!

Kind regards,

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for your letter and comments.

Yes...I really must write another DF...I have to be in the mood for a good DF, hang in there.

Regarding Q & A # 51, we had a huge response and had to leave out many other replies, but all the answers have been covered except this from Ola in Poland:...the

Subj: Another may-be connection between Deep Purple and The Bee Gees

From: (Ola Szajbel)

Hello Ian!

When I heard the question just one thing came immediately to my mind :) I thought about the Episode Six times, about '66 when you (for me latter Deep Purple's strong core) were a member of the band, and from what I remember, you used to disquise pretending you (I mean Episode Six) were The Bee Gees. Am I maybe right? Besides a GREAT thank you for the fact that being a fan still means (as far as I know for me and my friend) having a chance to listen to very different music. Thanx for Cherkazoo, Born Again, Gillan and IGB – and of course for everything else including Deep Purple.

Hopefully see you on another concert

From Poland with love

So, that's about it now, all we have to do is wait and see who's right. Hopefully the guy (I've forgotten who it is now) will write to Caramba and let us know.

It probably is time for another quiz...however your suggestion doesn't answer, because 'I surprised her with a puppy' is the mildly nauseating line which follows...'but what the heck?' in an old Bobby Goldsboro song, the title of which I have long forgotten (could it be 'Honey?')...I know it's from a different, gentler age, but even so...Anyway, at the time I got a terrible fit of the giggles at the very idea of a guy surprising a girl with a puppy. Obviously he meant it as a gift, and I think I did too, but slightly more sincerely, when I came up with the old zip...woof approach. Does that make sense?

I'd better stop there.

Cheers, ig

From: (Stephanie Burch)


I just saw the last round of your Q&A, featuring the connections between the Bee Gees and Deep Purple, and I thought of a couple more - the key being a pretty bad movie which I nonetheless love called "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". The Bee Gees appeared in this movie with Peter Frampton, who has appeared on albums by Jon Lord (Ashton & Lord's "First Of The Big Bands) and Steve Morse (Stand Up).

Also, nearly all of the songs in the movie were written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, and Ian Paice performed on Paul's "Run Devil Run" album. One more connection that I found - the song "With A Little Help From My Friends" is performed in the movie by Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees. It was originally sung by Ringo Starr, who's son, Zak Starkey, performed on Eddie Hardin's "The Wind In The Willows" project with Don Airey and Jon Lord. Stepping away from the movie, I also came up with one other connection. Barry Gibb performed the song "Guilty" with Barbra Streisand, who also did a duet with Don Johnson called "Till I Loved You". Don Johnson did an album called "Heartbeat", which featured Dweezil Zappa on guitar. Of course, Dweezil's father is Frank Zappa, and we all know what happened when he was on stage in Montreaux! I think this just goes to show that I have altogether too much time on my hands lately!


Hello Stephanie,

We have had a lot of suggestions and our Ed. decided that one entire issue of Q & A was probably enough on this subject (this page is definitely it - Steve). However you have taken the question to a whole new level...Thank you.

Cheers, ig

From: (Kevin) To:

Hello Ian,

This morning, while in the shower, not thinking about anything in particular, the Bee Gees to Purple link question came into my mind. There is a shorter, more direct connection than the ones given in the recent Q&A.

The Bee Gees had a less obscure hit in the later 70's, a tune called Stayin' Alive. Not too long ago, this track had a cover version done by Dweezil Zappa and Ozzy Osbourne. Worth a listen if you can, not quite as sexual as Ozzy & Miss Piggy covering Born To Be Wild - I swear the pig has an orgasm halfway through...

So, you have a Zappa connection - linking to Smoke on the Water and Daddy Frank. And you have the Ozzy connection to Black Sabbath, and your role in that band is well known.

I think that's a more relevant connection, as it is not only shorter, but links to an active DP member, not to a former member's former band. Speaking of Sabbath, I recently had a chance to listen to a gig of you as Sabbath's frontman, and I have to say you did a fantastic job, giving the older songs a very Ian-esque touch. Much the same as Steve and Don have approached their roles in DP. Well Done all around.

Good luck with the new album - a debut show in Memphis would really be nice !

Kevin Shirley

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for your letter, comments and suggestions. Interesting line of thought there. Any minute now I'm expecting some kind of comment about this quiz thing from our beloved Ed. Either that or the sound of him throwing himself in despair from his garrett (you think he's joking - Steve), sorry...penthouse office, from where he dispenses discipline, and attempts to keep Caramba on the rails.

I'll think of another question and put up some suggestions. I once had a helpful bloke suggesting a question for a previous quiz...der.

On one of Caramba's quizzes...I supplied the answers to start with and in response we had some very creative suggestions about what the questions might have been.

Cheers, ig

From: (David White)

"Who or what is the link between Deep Purple and The Bee Gee's?" (Was the question poised by the quiz master).

"It is to do with a song written, but never recorded by the Bee Gee's" (Was the quiz masters only clue).

In answer to this question, I have a somewhat dubious, but hopefully humorous theory.

Unknown to all of us and as yet unreleased, the Gibb Bro's have re-written the Fireball finale "No one came". They fancied it and adapted the lyrics (ever so slightly) to read....

"Maybe I could be like Robin Gibb, like an in-law dressed all in cream, but Lulu said what's he gonna turn out like and brother Morris said never mind".

"Maybe I could be like Barry Gibb, got a high voice on everything, but it's just like throwin" those Christians to those lions, could I ever sing like I.G.??"

"Well'll'll we all wore suites of shinning white or was it cream, we shook and shivered, danced and quivered and stood on a top ten slot."

"No one came for miles around and said hah, hah, hah, hah stayin' alive, stayin' alive".....

I'm so sorry.
(I think I got it wrong).

Hello David,

Thanks for your masterful contribution, very are a master of parody.

cheers, ig

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