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53 - Morse tips, practice makes pfercet (anag), Rogered on a Slow Train,
chronological conundrum, boring Alice

From: (Jenny Rycroft)

Hi Ian,

Just before I ask my questions! I was at the concert in Portsmouth on 15th September. I thought that the performance was excellent. I have been to several band concerts and by far Deep Purple was the best!!!You'll probably be surprised if I said I was 14 years old wouldn't you, but it's true!I will be 15 though on 13th March!You might not remember me, but I was the girl stud at the front of the stage, with very long ginger hair and you smiled at me a lot to cheer me up, I was just so happy I was trying to get it all to sink in. The band have really made me interrested in playing guitar now! I already a lot of other instruments, the ones I own are:- euphonium, trombone, descant recorder & treble recorder, clarinet, flute, tennor saxophone. I am hoping to get a six string guitar for christmas even though I have never played one before.

My questions are:

  1. When will you next touring the U.K?
  2. What pets have all the band members got?
  3. Could you possibly ask Steve Morse to give me a few tips how to play guitar?
  4. How can you write so much excellent music after all these years?
  5. How did you start up the band? The reason why I am asking is that I am going to try to create my own band with a few mates at my school.

Please email me back as I would be grateful for your kindness!


Hello Jenny,

Thanks for your letter and kind words.

Last week I met a man who told me that he had just started learning how to play the guitar. He said...'Of course I'm not very good yet and I have only got a few chords in my repertoire, but it has changed things. I look at music differently...I look at life differently.' ...Interesting isn't it.

Whatever instrument(s) you choose to play I hope you have fun, that is the most important thing...everything else is a bonus.

In answer to your questions....

  1. I'm not sure yet as we are recording for the next few months. I'm hoping the release will be around early summer 2003, followed by a world tour. This will definitely include the U.K. but nothing is booked watch this space.
  2. We can't have personal pets as we're away from home so much, and it wouldn't be fair to the animals if we formed attachments...however there are cats and dogs living in my house, and they get lots of affection from my family, and of course me when I'm home. The rest of the guys are pretty much in the same position.
  3. I will do my best.
  4. Thanks for the's combination of practise and passion, which results in the ability and the desire to be expressive.
  5. Deep Purple was already going, and had made three brilliant albums, when Roger Glover and I joined in 1969. I think the actual founder members were Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore, then came Ian Paice, after that the singer Rod Evans and bassist Nick Simper. However my first band started in '62, when I stopped a guy (his name's Andy and we're still in touch) in the street to ask about musicians as I wanted to start a band...fortunately he was a guitar player and brought along some friends to my house the next Saturday morning, and we started tentatively copying some of the pop and blues that was dominating our lives. There was no ambition, we had no idea what lay ahead, but boy was it good times...still is in fact.

Cheers, ig

Here is Steve's response to your question. Thanks Steve. - ig

"Get a tuner, so that you will spend more time practicing instead of freaking out at how out of tune it can get. Then, take some lessons to learn the basic chord shapes. Then, learn bar chords. At that point, you should be able to play rhythm guitar with other do it, it is the fastest way to improve your playing. The live interaction pushes you harder than you would push yourself, so try to get together on a regular basis with others. Good luck, and remember to have fun with it so that you will always look forward to the next time you can pick it up. steve morse "

From: (alessa sindoni)

Hello Ian,

I am currently reading Fate is the Hunter, reccomended by an online flight instructor. Is the song The Aviator, based on the book with the same title? And, since you were busy "just chattin'" in London, do you do those Daily Telegraph puzzles that puzzle me so?


Hello Alessa,

Thanks for your letter and questions.

I have not read 'Fate is the Hunter' but I will look for a copy. You can find the thinking behind 'The Aviator' in the Wordography section...Index No. 25. Go to 'the basement archives' on the front page and drop down to 'Wordography'

Yes, I do the Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword (and others) every day...I subscribe to the e-crossword. This used to puzzle Steve Morse who practises all the time, he has his guitar in his hands nearly every waking hour on a long bus ride.

Every time he'd walk to the front of the bus for a chat, he'd look at me a bit strangely. Then one day he said, 'Hey, Ian...How come you're always doing those crossword puzzles?'

'I'm just doing the same as you Steve...practising.'

He smiled and we both recognised a...moment.

Cheers, ig

From: (=?KOI8-R?Q?=E1urine?=)

Hello, Mr.Gillan.

I`ve got some questions for you & i bless you to answer them. They`re about your album "Fireball".

It`s pretty great & is the most frequent guest in my cd-center of others! But my problem (i can`t name it the other way) is that i don`t understand how & what did you feel when you wrote "Fools"... How did the idea of the song bore? I wonder if you could create such a wonderful song with the main tune played the `cello. And so => Did you use the `cello at your concerts? But, please, don`t tell that the part was played by mr. Lord, i was graduated from a musical school i can tell the music played the real instrument off from the electronic music.

And please, one more question: why don`t you put the lyrics of "Slow Train" in Wordography. One boy in previous Q&a told that your voice in "I`m alone" was like Elvis`s. I agree, but what about "Slow train", a fabulous mix of rock-n-roll of yours, of Elvis, a little bit hip hop or rap & smth. more. You know, it`s (i.e. the album) really worth being include in the Gold collection of records. Mr. Gillan, maybe, my letter is too big but there`re s Thanks VERY much for reading. It`d be very great if you`ll answer my questions.

Bye bye : -). Aurine
p.s. please, excuse my grammar.

Hello Aurine,

Thanks for your interesting questions.

Sooner or later I will write about 'Fools' in the 'Wordography'...I normally leave it at that with this question, because I intend (eventually) to continue with the wordog until it is complete; with a little something about all of the songs I have written or co-written. However you seem like a nice bloke so I'll tell you now that it was about inner demons.

Regarding the 'cello' wasn't a cello, nor was it Jon was Ritchie Blackmore. He would strike each note with the volume on his guitar turned off, then turn the knob and consequently lift the all you hear is something similar to a bowing effect on a cello, it's clever stuff.

Now, I have to own up...when I read your question about 'Slow Train' I thought...I don't recall that title. So, I sent a letter to Roger Glover, which I will now reproduce, together with his answer...

Subj: Slow Train
From: IG
To: RG

Hi Rugged,

Do you know anything about a song called 'Slow Train'?

Cheers matey, ig

Subj: Re: Slow Train
From: RG
To: IG

Hi IG,

You wrote and recorded it, along with the rest of us.

Slow Train is on the 25th anniversary release of Fireball. It was recorded at the same time as The Mule and I'm Alone at Olympic Studios but never used. Miraculously, it wasn't discovered and exploited by the old management/record company, therefore was real gem for the anniversary edition.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Subj: Re: Slow Train
From: IG
To: RG

Hello Rog,

In the words of the Pink Panther....'Yes, I knew that'

Cheers for now, ig

So, my embarrassment is complete and now 'Slow Train' will find it's way into the wordog eventually, and all because of you (and Roger of course)...many thanks.

There is a Javelins record out there somewhere, it's one of my all time favourite records; get it if you can...we are planning another one, in fact a lot of the work has already been done. The original CD was RPM 132 and called 'Sole Agency and Representation' . Please go to the front page of Caramba, find the drop down menu in 'odds and sods' , then click on to the Javelins, where you will find all the information you need. I have never heard of a record called 'Raving with the Javelins.

Cheers, ig

However.... (Steve / ed)

From: (Charlie Jeffreys)

Hi Ian,

In QA52 you expressed the hope that the original poser of the DP/BG quiz from QA50 would advise the correct response. It appears he (Richard Malt) already did so in QA51, confirming the theory proffered by JL and others. The sequential anomaly may have been induced by a glitch in the space-time continuum, caused by an ultrasonic guitar solo resonating with high frequency screams during a performance of CIT; resulting in a chronoclasm.

Have you perchance read 'Chronoclasm' (by John Wyndham, I think)? It's about the perils of time travel.


Hello Charlie,

Thanks for your interesting observations. Yes, you and Jon Lord are quite right on all counts.

It is worth pointing out however that time travel is much safer and more reliable these days. I no longer meet myself coming and going nearly as frequently as I will when it didn't.

Cheers, ig

From: (Roe, Michael (US - Atlanta)

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the lyrics to "Space Truckin'". I nearly forgot what a peppy song that is. One question: "boring Alice". Who's that? That wouldn't be Alice Cooper? Speaking of, have you ever hung out with Alice and what do you think of his new stuff? Thanks for all the great music over the years.

Michael in Atlanta

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your letter and questions. 'Boring Alice' is a play on words, in the context of all things 'up there' refers to the Aurora 'Borealis'. Have you ever seen the Northern (or Southern) Lights? Quite wonderful.

I have always thought of Alice Cooper as a latter day Screaming Lord Such. That is as good a compliment as I can give to anyone. The world would be a poorer place without him.

cheers, ig

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