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54 - Airey reply, fame & mistakes, hamster trust, the spotted Hyde, dyna-Rod

From: (Karl/Dietmar Petzke)

Just an equipment question which has nothing to do with singing or lyrics. The sound of DP is very strong influenced (comparing to other Rock´n Roll bands) by the hell of the sound of the organ. Jon Lord bought the B3 in 1974 from Christine Mc Vie. My question is: Does Don Airey play the same equipment as Jon did the last decades or will the hammond be far away from studio - stage ?

greetings Didi

Hello Didi,

Thank you for your letter and interseting question, which I put to Don Airey.

Cheers, ig

This is Don's reply.......

The sound of the Hammond is a very important part of Purple. When Jon finally made it official that he was leaving the band, he left the Hammond C3 and leslies in situ whilst he considered what he wanted to do with them. Jon and I have agreed in principal that I will buy them from him and thus keep the continuity of sound going,(hopefully)with a proviso on my part that if Jon ever felt that he had made the wrong decision about this, then I would return the instrument to him. It is an extraordinary beast and no mistake.I can only wish Jon well in his brave new venture.


From: (nimue nimue)

Hello Ian,

I like your opinions and reactions in your Q & A's, I also enjoy your sense of humour very much; I'm always smiling but few people can make me laugh and you are one of them.

I was wondering about fame; is it not alienating, isolating or lonely on that island. It seems to me such a test on reality as it is an unnatural phenomenon.

It was very good of you to admit that you had been quite unfriendly to Jim (Q&A 50), though I have to say that I also think it was wrong of him to give all those personal and ideal qualities to someone he'd never met, only because he admires your talent.

Some people seem to want to own you and love or hate you for qualities that you don't have. They think they know you because they want to, like when falling in-love; I'm sure it's all very exciting and flattering, but it seems a bit scary to me.

Can you enlighten me on the subject ?


Hello Nimue,

Thanks for your letter, observations and question. I think I sussed out the transience and shallowness of so-called fame during the sixties and seventies. I've been very fortunate to have worked with some good people over the years, both in and out of the business (which I lovingly mock from time to time), and real friends tend to let you know when you are getting detached from reality.

We all make mistakes or get misunderstood for whatever reason, but generally speaking we just have a good time with our music and try to avoid the histrionics when 'off duty'. People do sometimes get worked up about this and that, but it normally blows over.

Cheers, ig

From: (Weegi Carvell)

Hellooo Ian! Yeeeeeoow!

I was thrilled to go and see you and the purplers at the Liverpool Empire, 15/02/02! You may have seen me, the crazy girl in the front row! Afterwards you said to me, "You're CRAAAZY you are!" I was honoured!

Anyway the questions!

1) In Liverpool, were you wearing any underpants? Because I couldn't see any! At your performance at the Sunrise Theatre, Florida, you didn't seem to be wearing any either underneath those red pants!

2) What did you think of the naughty teddy I threw a you?!

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that, I named my hamster, "Gillan"! He is very honoured to be named after you, o' godly one, and he hopes that your name hasn't got a copyright!

I wish you and the guys all the success with the new album, you deserve it!

Love from the Purple Princess (Louise!)(Aged 17)

Hello Louise,

Thank you for your letter and observations.

1) What a question. There have to be a few mysteries in life and I feel that this must remain one of them.

I do admit to not wearing shoes whenever possible, nor do I wear jewellery, aftershave, makeup, tattoos, ties or wigs.

2) The Teddy was much appreciated and now lives amongst the furry menagerie that travels the world in my wardrobe.

Please tell your little friend that he's welcome to use my name. It is registered, because of misuse in the past; but I feel that I should be able to trust a hamster.

Cheers, ig

From: (sometosay Sanchez Lopez)

Hello Ian,

Do you really know Jonathan Hyde?


Hello Angeles,

Yes, Jonathan lives nearby. Nice guy, great actor.

Cheers, ig

From: Sowilo D

Hi Mr. Gillan!

We have heard nothing for a long time from each other! Hey , Rod Stewart has made a wonderful jazz CD. Wouldn't this be a possibility either for you to develop your talents?

Much kind greetings from Germany,

Hello Tina,

Thanks for your letter. I saw Rod Stewart on TV the other night, performing live one of the songs from his new album. I thought he was excellent and the material suits his voice, which was in very good shape...but that style of music (light jazz/pop) is really not my cup of tea.

Cheers, ig

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