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57 - modus operandi & Perihelion, harmonica pointers, mediaeval small arms,
fidocide, Lisbon?, Canada?

From: (Theo en Franca)

Dear Ian,

I have some questions you might like to answer.

You read and answer your e-mail while you are on the road.

1) What computer, laptop, are you using?

2) Are you the only Purple member that is using a laptop on the road???

3) When you write lyrics,stories etc., do you do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper or do you write it on your computer?

4) While reading previous Q&A I read that you didn't know of the exsistence of the Perihelion DVD. Aren't you consulted or informed about such releases? I thought Perihelion was an official release, because it was on the official website. You also knew the meaning of the title.

5) Who comes up with the title of such releases?

6) Who decides what the title is for the new CD and how will the cover be selected?

Kind regards,
A family of Purple fans
Theo Moonen

Hello Theo,

Thank you for your letter and questions.

1) My laptop is a Toshiba.

2) No, everyone has a laptop. Steve Morse and I are pc, and the others are apple.

3) 'The old fashioned way' that's a pejorative phrase if ever I heard one. The implication being that if it's modern it must be better. Sometimes that is true but sometimes it is not. Fortunately this is not an important question.

Inspiration comes at the strangest times and in the strangest places. Computers are incredibly clumsy and ineffective compared with notebooks and pencils, which are always handy.

4) Of course I knew about the existence of Perihelion, because I was in it. However some time had gone by between the recording and the release, and I wasn't told about it until after the event, nor was I consulted about the Title...hence the confusion. It's no big deal, it happens all the time when the business people are working on something we finished yonks ago, and we are working on something entirely different; it's a healthy relationship.

Perihelion was an official release in the sense that it was sanctioned by the management. However I am a writer, with a modest grasp of English vocabulary, so it should be no surprise to anyone that I know the definition of the occasional word that contains more than two syllables. Although I admit to falling far short of my friend Barry McGuigan in the category long words.

5) Honestly I don't know. I'll ask the management.

6) We each make suggestions and some of them will survive.

Cheers, ig



I wonder if you could help me to get some tablatures specific to harmonica for classic deep purple "Lazy" and other songs. I' m just a new beginner on a "key of C diatonic", but I'd like to have a look !


Hello Michel,

Thanks for your letter and interesting question.

I wish I could help you but I don't know if any such thing exists, I just vamp. I learned to play the harmonica when I was a kid, self taught, simple stuff. Then I heard the blues, stopped blowing and started to suck.

You can bend a note when you draw but not when you blow, so, with a little practise, and a migration of neighbours, you can get that tone. Once you find your way around the instrument (and it's not hard) you can improvise to almost anything, provided you have the right key harmonica, or harp as it has become known.

If the song is in G, I play a C harp, if it's in A, then I'm in D, and so on. There are a few good makes around and they each have their own idiosyncracies. They're not expensive as instruments go, so try out a few different makes, maybe a Hohner Blues Harp, a Hohner Pro Harp or a Lee Oskar.

Cheers, ig


Dear Ian,

I read with interest that your favourite xmas present was an "Anglo longbow". Are you refering to the English/welsh Longbow of the Crecy/Poitiers/Agincourt/Wars of the Roses era?

If so what is your interest in this wonderful piece of ordinary mediaeval blokes killing machine?

It would be quite a coincidence that my top singer enjoys one of my other great passions.


Thanks for your letter. I've always known it as an English Longbow, but the maker's name is Anglo Crossbows. Beautifully crafted, I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm planning a trip to visit the maker soon and get some instruction in the use of it.

Some time ago I was given an Indian longbow from Brazil. Late one night I (unwisely) decided to loose off an arrow (4 feet long). With only a half pull, it flew across the front yard, through a wooden fence, and finally buried itself deep into the embankment on the other side of the road. From now on I shall be archering safely, in a big field.

It's not exactly a passion (yet), just an interest.

Cheers, ig

From: (Friedhelm Wenning)

Hi Ian,

I just read the latest Q&A. Talking about dogs: Which dog shall be shot? I often hear you shouting: "Shoot that dog", after you finished a song.

By the way: It´s great to welcome you in Münster in June. I´ve seen DP every time you´ve been in Germany since 1994 (except 2001, when I was in hospital during your tour) and had to travel to other cities, now you´re playing just "next door" on the same road I live.

Hope I won´t be in hospital again, because I need two new hips and two new knees, the first hip shall be implanted somewhen this summer...

If I am not in hospital, and you want to have a cup of coffee or a nice Pinkus-beer (the best beer in the world, brewed in Münster) I´d be honoured, if I could invite you to that.

PS: In 2001 they laid me into a coma, and when I wouldn´t wake up after three and a half week, they played some DP-records that brought me back to life.

It´s always fun to commuciate with you through the web.

Kind regards

Hello Friedhelm,

Thanks for your letter, considering what you've been through you sound pretty cheerful. Good onya mate, as they say in Australia.

Regarding the Q & A item, I don't think the dog was shot, although it was howling, so maybe you're right.

For some inexplicable reason I said to myself...'shoot that dog' one evening when I was screaming at the end of a song. Basically I was telling myself to shut up. I know it doesn't make much sense to anyone but me...and I worry about me sometimes.

Cheers, ig



I'm from Lisbon, Portugal.

I went to your concert in Lisbon (18.09.1998), and then, on 20.10.2000, i made 600 miles to see you in Madrid, with the romaniam orchestra, and Dio, and, so many good musicians (what a concert!!). Please, tell me if Paris will be the nearest place from Portugal you'll go.

P.s. (sorry), In Lisbon Gillan promise that Deep Purple will return to Portugal. It will be in 2003 , or, perhaps, some year later. Come on, i'll show you around, you'll find what a peacefull, beatifull, relaxing country this is.

Luis Filipe Cid

Hello Luis,

Thank you for your letter and the effort you have made to see the band. It is always difficult to please everyone, but we do our best. This June tour (see front page) is one of those fun things and then I think we are having July and August off (mostly), before the big tour starts in September, to coincide with the release of the new record.

I have no details for that yet, but I understand we'll be doing Europe first, before the end of the year, and then the North America in January 2004, followed by the usual bash round the world. I did promise that we'd come back to Lisbon, because we love it there. However, we'll have to wait and see whether the promoters book us in there this time around. I hope so.

Cheers, ig

From: (kenneth sheridan lusk)

hey there,

just a quick one: when are you guys coming back to canada?

saw you in toronto in '85 for perfect strangers, '96 for perpendicular, '98 for abandon and '01 with nugent and skynyrd.

need to know these things to make plans, such as make sure my purple t-shirt is ironed, my rock jean jacket is ready, babysitters are hired months in advance and that the car is tuned up and ready to go.


Hello Ken,

Thanks for your letter and question. I've had loads of enquiries from our friends in Canada.

We are planning a North American tour in January 2004. I don't have any information yet but I would sincerely hope the planners have Canada in mind. Watch this space for tour information as and when dates are confirmed.

Cheers, ig

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