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59 - the unstick of pre-duct, Augean task, tour pissabolities, smoke resolution, memory lapse, DB in flashback

From: (José Ignacio Torres H Mantecón)

I heard that Ian used back up tapes when in concert sometimes.

Is that true?


Hello Jose,

Yes, you are quite right... it's called Gaffer Tape in the trade, but in the U.S. it's called duct tape. We use tons of it every day. It's most versatile, and will stick to almost any surface. Normally it's used to keep cables in some kind of order.

BG (Before Gaffer) it would be like a spaghetti factory backstage, with wires and cables of all sorts, speaker leads, power cords etc. getting intertwined, and sometimes breeding willy nilly during the show, so that the disentanglement process on the breakdown would often lead to resignation, tears...or worse..alcoholism, sleeplessness, paranoia and mindless gibbering etc. I should point out that all and more of these behavioural deficiencies are still evident in most crew members, but the Gaffer Tape makes it somewhat bearable, which is why it has become so addictive.

Gaffer Tape acquired it's soubriquet from the movie business, where the Gaffer is a Foreman on the film set, in charge of scenery etc.

I can assure you that neither I.Paice nor I.Gillan use audio tapes, when in concert... sometimes or ever. They're just not sticky enough.

Cheers, ig

From: (Ashot Grigoryan)

Dear Ian

I know a little about your political views. Its interesting, what you thing about problem of Iraq. Can a war to make the world more stable?

Many regards from Armenia.
Yours Ashot Grigoryan

Hello Ashot Grigoryan,

The power of force is short lived, and so wars can never make the world more stable.

The victors/liberators(sic)/occupiers become tired and eventually lose interest.

Not long after the euphoria of conquest they wonder what they are doing in strange lands where they are unloved and don't belong. Whilst the victims seek vengeance, and are prepared to wait for their moment to strike back against perceived, and now permanent, enemies.

It's much better to be smart, but not like a bomb, like chess players who tend to think a few moves ahead...and unlike monopoly players, who throw the dice and build their fragile empires with paper money.


From: Soledad

for you...

la Ian,

Solo quería preguntarte cuando vas a volver con la banda por la Argentina? (si es que lo tenias planeado...) Y como la pasaste en este país?

Te escribo en castellano porque mi ingles no es muy bueno. Saludos.


Hi Ian,

I just wanted to ask when you would be returning to Argentina with the band? (If that's what you were planning...) And how did you like this country?

I write in spanish because my english isn't very good,

best wishes,

Hello Soledad,

I am pleased to tell you that I've been hearing very positive talk in higher management circles, that there is a distinct pissabolity that we shall be touring S.America in September this year.

We shall announce it on this website as soon as we have the information confirmed.

Cheers, ig


Riddle me this Batman! (Crazy von Bissell told me to say that.)

I watched the Classic Albums episode on the making of 'Machine Head' and loved it although I would like to have heard something about 'Lazy' as it is a Deep Purple classic and 'Maybe I'm a Leo' as the lyrics suggest that there may be a story behind the song. Perhaps there is something about those two tracks on the DVD version. I also spotted what I think is an inconsistency.

The story that was told was that after the casino burnt down, Claude Nobs found Deep Purple a stop-gap place to record called the Pavillon. That was where the master take of 'Smoke on the Water' was made. The problem was that as soon as the band started recording the take, the police hammered on the doors because the locals had complained about the noise. I think it was Martin Birch who said that if the roadies hadn't kept the police out until the end of the take, 'Smoke on the Water' would never have been properly recorded.

After they were thrown out of the Pavillon, they recorded the rest of the album at a hotel that was closed for the winter. The hotel was "empty, cold and bare" and they added a few red lights and mattresses (beds) to make the makeshift studio habitable.

The inconsistency arises in the 3rd verse after the guitar solo. The lyric describes setting up at the "Grand Hotel" and adding "a few red lights, a few old beds". This clearly happened after the stint at the Pavillon so it couldn't have happened before 'Smoke on the Water' was written and recorded at the Pavillon.

I would be grateful if you sort out this inconsistency for me.

Thanks very much.
Jeremy Marples

Hello Jeremy,

Yes, that is well observed. Fortunately, the answer is simpler than the question.

The master take of 'Smoke' was indeed recorded at The Pavillon. However that master take did not include any tune and no words...just the wonderful Dan dan dan bit and an empty arrangement.

The song itself was titled and written at the end of the session in Montreux, when we realised that we were short of material, and, thankfully, revisited what we had in the can, that was still undeveloped. I hope this settles your anomaly.

Cheers, ig



First may I say what an excellent site, particularly the wordography. Second, and i know its a bit late , but thanks for a blinding show at Hammersmith (the first night).

Third....I have a poser for you...I have , or had, a compilation tape of Mr Universe with a track that I cant remember the title of and cant find on any Gillan albums, but I know the lyrics because I used to sing them to my boy when he was a few months old. I only did this when no-one else was in the house fortunately....can you help with the name of the song and where I can get it....the words are....

' You join a piece of wood
onto another piece
and do it all again
until you gotta a house
A little wooden house.....'

Sorry if its not much to go on but the lyrics meant a huge ammount to me at the time and still do and I've been searching for ages. Its only now I'm on tinternet that I though I'd give it a go and ask.

Martin Thornton

Looking forward to the summer solstice and the greatest vocalist ever.

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your letter, the kind words and your question.

The song you are looking for is Born to Kill from the Gillan album Double Trouble. For your convenience our indelible editor (sorry I meant to say inedible)[some would say tasteless - Ed] has published your Q & A contemporaneously with the new Wordog.

Cheers, ig

From: (Robert Johnston)

Hi Ian still looking for my favorite song DB in wordography, I think you said you were going to get it up on word sometime, just dying to know who this woman is etc.. Also VH1 Classic played the video Trashed can u believe that ? I was very excited too see it, and of course it reminded me of the '83 Stonehenge tour with Quiet Riot, I saw for 10 bucks.

Thanx for playing Chicago last summer U even noticed my Born Again TShirt I wore there in row 1 . I'll tell u, my friend, its the best album cover there ever was.

U have a great '03 Ian


Hello Bob,

Digital Bitch should be up on the Wordog very soon, as I have sent it through to Ed, and it's in line for publication.

I don't have a copy of the Trashed video but some vivid images flash through my mind every time the song title nudges me in the ribs.

10 bucks eh? Not bad.

I remember your T-Shirt and you could be right about the album cover. It depends where you are standing I suppose.

Thanks for your good wishes.

Cheers, ig

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