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6 - RAH, next album, Italy, Mary Long & SM, Bollands from Holland


hi ian,
with regard to the rah performance & recording on the 2nd night - it strikes me that the level of musical ability is absolutely amazing -in fact i would go as far as to say that only mij (in it's various forms) is equal to it - although for different reasons etc - i just wondered how you felt,jon,dp as a group,the guests and the orchestra both in terms of appreciating each others performances on this night and whether or not the incredible feeling of love and support from the audience reached the players? - also whether or not all the parties involved were aware of the incredible 'role' the internet played in bringing many fans from around the world together for this event?
-cheers & godspeed

Hi Jnthn,
Thanks for your comments and question. I think all that you say is true and most certainly the love and support of the audience was almost physically moving. It may be however that not all of us were aware of the role of the internet. I think that sometimes as an artist you get so deeply wrapped up in the demands of the job in hand that you lose some of the overall shared perspective, particularly in the afterglow of the event. It's a good point you make and I'll pass it on to the other guys.
Cheers, ig

From: Agustín Santulli

I am not the kind of person that spends itīs time writing to his favorites artist to tell them how good they are, but this time i have a request.....


I canīt find anything on the internet, and they are not in the CDīs. Most of them came with a review of the moment and time in wich they where made.. thats very nice, but, it would be nicer if the lyrics where there too.

Cherkazoo and other stories, the Japanese album, Toolbox...... just to name a few..... they donīt come with the lyrics...

please......please......please..... Is there any chance of getting them? Are they anywhere on this planet?

To end: I think there is no need for me to say that i REALLY like Ianīs work, and that i am a big fan.... anyway: Dreamcatcher:GREAT job man!!! I really love that one!!!!!.

Well, i guest thatīs it....... thank you for paying me any attention!! I really appreciate it!

Bye! Agustin,

I think I've put the lyrics on most albums but we do have a problem here. First the packaging for CDs stinks. everyone knows that and no-one in the industry has the vaguest intention of putting it right. Well that's not strictly true but creative packaging is quite rare. It's one of those bad ideas that just became established. Racking is all the stores care about and the record companies weakly toe the line just as they do to the media.The size is also a determining factor here. Vinyl albums were packaged beautifully, it used to be fun reading the lyrics on the first play-through and the art-work was more....artistic. Also the re-issues get the same careless treatment. Just to save a few bits of paper and a few pennies, dump the lyrics. Ah well, if you met some of the dumplings who run this oxymoronic 'business' you would be as unsurprised as I am when these things happen. On the bright side you can click on to 'Wordography' on this site, where you will eventually find the lyrics to every song I've written. We are putting up a new one at the approximate rate of one per week, so it should all be done in about five years from now.
Cheers, ig

From: "Michu"

Hello!! We are Montse and Luis from Gijón-Spain . We love your music and we have all your L.Ps and our favourite are Cherkazoo and other stories, Naked Thunder,Magic and Dreamcatcher, even we have Jesuscrist superstar (your voice is marvellous). We were in your concert with Deep Purple in Oviedo-Spain (1998) and we made new fans for your. The concert with the London Filarmonic Orchestra is wonderful, we hope the video we dont have DVD, and we also hope your new L.P. We hope youre answer....please!!!!.
Thanks for your voice,

Hello you two,
Thanks for the comments and what I think is your question regarding a solo project. The way it goes is this. Deep Purple obviously is my priority, however I write all the time and I am accumulating a decent amount of material. When I get enough songs knocked into shape I'll go into the studio and make an album. That could be this year depending on the schedule. If not then next year.
Cheers, ig


Ciao ...Ian I'm Alessandro ..From Italy i want to now when you come with deep purple in Italy.... Sorry for my English ..

Ciao Alessandro,
I'm not too sure but I heard a rumour about this August in Italy. How many shows or what venues I don't know yet. I'll put the dates up when I get them.
Cheers, ig

From: "Nika" Blonder

Hi Ian, First of all I'd like to thank you and the whole of Deep Purple for signing my Live at Olympia CD at the airport in Malta. Second it was a truely an unforgetable show (and the only one you did in Malta so far). Beyond a ll my expectations (and I always thought Purple were amazing live!!!!). D efinitely the best Purple show I ever saw. And your voice was something t hat is hard to forget. Better than on any live records I heard!!!!20

Now on the question part! Why don't you do more of the reunion era? I'd d ie to hear Wasted Sunsets (amazing song), Gypsys Kiss, Mean Streak, Bad A ttitude, the Battle Rages On (I think that this one is as much a classic as Perfect Strangers) and some amazing songs from purpendicular like Roza's Cantina and Hey Cisco (to mention but a few). Or perhaps from the ear ly albums Flight of The Rat, Maybe I'm a Leo and Mary Long would be a nic e alternative to something like Woman from Tokyo.

My second question is when is a new Purple album coming out? And are you going to do a tour around Washington State (U.S.A.) as that's where I liv e now? I'd love to see you (alone or with Deep Purple) again!

Thank you for all the amazing music and a great performance in front the small Maltese audience.

I thaaaank Yyyoouuuuuuuuuuuuu! :-)

Hi Nika,
Thanks for the comments and questions. The one about material I think I have answered a few times. A few of the songs on your list are being considered for the Australian tour coming up. We won't know until the rehearsal before Perth. We are writing this year and I reckon we might be in the studio around Oct/Nov with a release sometime in the Spring of 2002.
Cheers, ig

From: (Peter)

Hello Ian!
I want to know if Deep Purple ever played "Mary Long"Live with the Steve Morse line-up?

Hi Peter,
I know we rehearsed it and we may have played it once but for some reason it got dropped. Maybe we had too much stuff or we couldn't find a home for it at the time. I'll bring it up at the next rehearsal, no promises, but I'd like to do it, depends on a lot of things. Cheers, ig

From: (John Victor Oetomo)

when will the new studio album coming out?

Hi John,
I'm not entirely sure. We are only just starting. Once we get going though things tend to pick up momentum. I'll keep you posted as it develops. I would hope for late this year but you never can tell.
Cheers, ig

From: (A. Rotte)

Hello Ian,
I would like to know how you got in touch with the Bolland and Bolland brothers back in teh early nineties. what did you think about the track you sang. I think iot belongs to one of your best vocal things you ever laid down (and i only know the song for three days now). Did you came to Holland to sing the songs and do the narrations? One Final question for you, what do you think about Holland (Culture and of course the audiences in the shows).


Hello Merlijn,

Rob and Ferdi Bolland invited me to play the part of James Darwin on their concept album. I enjoy interpreting other people's work and the narration was a challenge. It's quite hard, if you're not a professionally trained actor, to strike the balance between delivery and intimacy in a spoken piece. It was recorded at the Bolland's studio in Holland and I remain good friends with two very intelligent and professional music people. Bolland and Bolland from Holland. I love alliteration. As for your last question...I adore the country. So much so that I'm planning a skiing holiday in the Dutch Alps next July.
Cheers, ig

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