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60 - guestbook karma revisited, vinyl fetishism, the infertility of farmers, lo-fi rant,
DP multi-line-up

From: (Mustapha Mond)

Have you seen Buck Dharma's website?

He has an open forum where people ask questions and discuss topics.

You seem to like to write and interact, the forum design seems like a better fit than the Q & A.

It gives people a chance to respond to your replies and ask followup questions. It also opens up a broader range of topics, beyond *ahem* Ian Gillan.

PS. What hair gel do you use?

Hello Mustapha,

Thanks for writing. We used to have an open guestbook in the early days of Caramba, and it was wonderfully supported. Unfortunately it took just one or two dickheads to spoil it for everybody. They still write in from time to time and we do publish the odd letter if we're feeling nostalgic or bored.

Cheers, ig

From: (Orrimaarko P.F.)


Hello again. The last studio album to be released on vinyl was The Battle Rages On in '93. Most of the remastered Purple albums through the nineties had limited vinyl runs and these proved popular among vinyl freaks and collectors of the band. A lot of the current pop fraternity (Oasis, Coldplay etc) release albums and singles on vinyl, which is of course a tip of the hat to their retro roots. My questions are :-

  1. Will the new album be released on vinyl? If not why? Surely EMI haven't been burned that much by Mariah Carey that they can't splash the cash and release a limited run on vinyl?
  2. Do you have a personal preference - LP or CD?
  3. Do you have a large collection of either?
  4. What's your all time favourite LP to listen to? (as opposed to doing what with it....? - Ed)

Thanks again Ian.

Hello Ricky,

Thanks for your questions, you are obviously into vinyl.

  1. Yes
  2. CD for the convenience and LP for the quality...not just the music, the artwork too.
  3. I have around three hundred LPs and a shedload of CDs (sheds again - Ed)
  4. Honestly there is no such thing, music suits the mood.

Cheers, ig

From: (mkjekyll)


Somehow via the labyrinth of the internet I ended up on your site. I really enjoyed your writings, the dog story was classic.

So you think our masters are in Brussels, you may be correct but what about the Bundesbank? I don't know how they work it in the UK, but here once one orders a damn social security card one declares oneself incompetent in ones affairs by contract and is bound by public policy instead of public law...

I am very sorry for the loss of your friend and her companions, I guess someday we will get there, it's just the in between that is sad ...

mick e jekyll

Hello Mick e Jeckyll,

Thanks for those words, I'm glad you enjoyed Dog and the Squirrel, I have another Border Collie now, called Meghan, and she also tries to climb trees.

Brussels, the Bundesbank, the Idiocracy by any other name. Directives are issued and then driven home by the rodents who occupy the offices of insufficiency, dedicated to making us all exactly the same...yawn. What a mind numbing future lies ahead. They have already ordained that rock concerts should be quiet, bananas should be straight, and when the GM invasion takes place they too (bananas) will all be identical.

We are about to be persuaded that GM foods will benefit the undernourished people in Africa. If Monsanto is blessed with altruism then I will eat an entire mad The GM brigade goes hand in hand with the pharmaceuticals (sic), take a close look at their record in Africa. (Read Le Carre's 'The Constant Gardener', including the author's notes.)

There are two questions that I would like answered by the blinkered promoters of GM...

Number one: What are the farmers supposed to do with their infertile seeds?

Number two: Can we have a look at the sort of royalties that food growers will be paying when,

a) traditional crops have been eradicated,

b) Monsanto, and their like, control our food supply, and

c) all the conventional/organic farms have been contaminated a la Percy Schmeisser in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (DF # 20)

We remember Kalpana and the crew of STS 107 in a special quiet corner here at Caramba, and we stay in touch with her husband JP Harrison who wrote those wonderful logs.

Cheers, ig

From: (ffrontier)


This is my first e-mail ever and under normal circumstances, it should have been my 90th.

I've deliberately not wanted to bother anyone in a quest for satisfying my wants entirely on my own but something happened a few days ago that changed everything.

Much Music aired a 1 hour show on the making of Machine Head. Although the show was fantastic and it was nice hearing everyone talk, there was footage in this show that cannot go unmentioned.

For the past 20 I've specifically collected material from 1970 to 1973 and I must say, it's been a really rough ride. Finding material is almost impossible, let alone footage allowing a visuals of the band. On this 1 hour special, there was a performance that was filmed, certainly from 1973, during the Machine Head tour that I never knew existed.

The availability of video material from 1970 to 1973 is absolutely non-existent, it's terrible that band of this caliber, which is a caliber that no other band came close to, has absolutely NO video material at all.

So, as one of the largest fans ever, what do I have to deal with? Forty-seventh generation bootleg garbage with terrible visuals and sound, PAL transferred to NTFS flickering images that drive your eyes wild, scratchy bootlegs that sound terrible (except for Prisoners of Rock which is my epitaph) and having to deal with absolute retards that sell this material, take your money, don't ship and vanish.

My question is this, CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH A SOURCE WHERE I CAN BUY THE FOLLOWING, original, legal, high quality, band authorized material in video, dvd, 35mm, 16mm, super 8, regular 8, anything that gives me picture along with sound so I can watch my favorite band, performing my favorite music.

If I sent you what I've been watching and collecting for years, you'd cry.


Toronto, Canada

Hello Dave,

Nice letter...Nice rant!

I have great sympathy and can honestly take most of the the blame. I couldn't ever see the point in filming anything in the early days; music was for listening to on record, or watching at a live show. I still hold that view, and believe those people who make the effort, to listen or attend, will get something more from the experience than those who watch it on TV.

Television/Video/DVD etc is not a good medium for Rock Music, in fact it's a lousy medium, unless you're into show business.

Now, having got my rant out of the way, I do appreciate that I am in a distinct minority on this issue... and so I must bow to your frustration and hope that by publishing this letter you will be contacted by someone who can help you.

Cheers, ig

From: (peter kerr)

Dear Ian,

I am a huge fan of your career throughout Deep Purple, Gillan and Black Sabbath.

Would you be attuned to participating in a total lineup of Deep Purple Concert (mark 1 - &) that Jon Lord was proposing in Classic Rock Magazine?

What inspired the lyrics to "I'll rip out your spine" off the "double trouble" album (Gillan)

peter k

Hello Peter,

I would not take part in such an event.

I have great respect for all of the ex-members, but seriously...can you imagine? It would be a circus, very uncool.

I first heard it said by Johhny Gustafson, in full it was...'Lend us a quid or I'll rip yer spine out!' A fuller explanation is contained in the Wordography version of the song, which is in line for publication.

Cheers, ig

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