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64 - Born Again monitor mix, smiling Aarhus, did you / would you?, wordsmithery, Christmas album?


Hello Ian,

My most favorite singer and screamer of all-time, my many thanks again for  the personalized autographs I received from you last year.

My question relates to your time with Black Sabbath and the subsequent album cut with yourself and the band, BORN AGAIN. Over the years and even through several interviews by yourself, you made mention of an "extra track" that was cut for the album, yet never included in any release of it.  You also made mention of having posession of the "original" (and assumable "better") mix of the entire LP.

I guess I speak also on behalf of the many fans out there that also absolutely loved this album and your short but timeless stint with Black Sabbath -- have you ever considered somehow sometime perhaps making this unreleased track avaliable and the original mix avaliable (amongst presumably many other "rare nuggets and such" throughout your career) to the many fans of both Purple and Sabbath?  I could see that now as something that would fit spectacular on some kind of future box set of yours or Purples, since the Sabbath camp seems to have forgotten this incredible era of the band and remains steadfast on continuously wishing to release rarities and compliation "best-ofs", etc of only the Mark I line-up.

Thank you ever so much for your time Ian -- perhaps you might care to share an answer and some opinions on my proposition!  Thanks again Ian!!

Johnny (Joe) Angel

Hey Joe, (the old ones are always the best - ed)

Thanks for the kind words.

Some months ago I got this Sound Audigy gismo box to transfer anything analogue to digital. so I sat down with about 600 old cassettes and spent a couple of days sorting them out.

Good news and bad news...I found loads of stuff that I'd completely forgotten about; demos, out-takes, rough mixes, writing sessions, interviews and all kinds of interesting material from the last twenty years or so; all of it in good shape.

One of the priceless items I discovered was the monitor mix of Born Again, the very tape that I have referred to from time to time. All the songs were listed (the entire album) and hand written on the insert, Manor Studios etc. Imagine my disappointment when I found only three songs, Trashed, Digital Bitch and one other (I forget now, it's been a while and I've not been home for six weeks) on the cassette.

Anyway I have a whole load of gems to sieve through one day for a potential release, and who knows, maybe that cassette was in the wrong box and the real one will turn up. I still have more to check.

Just one other thing, I must have been misquoted (now there's a thing). I do not recall any extra tracks with vocals. I think there were some instrumental ideas left over from the Born Again session, and possibly (although I can't remember) some rough vocals which should have been (but may not have been) erased. Anyway as far as I'm concerned what it is, is what it is; a very special album.

Cheers, ig


Hi Ian

Before asking the question, that has been bugging me for 20 years. Let me tell you, how pleasantly surprised i was, listening to the new DP album Bananas. I bought it yesterday, and have listened, really listened, to it 3 times, and played it 5-6 times as "background" while doing something else. I think you are on to something! I like it! I have to admit, the only reason I bought it, is that I am going to the show in Aarhus on 29.nov. And I did not want the show ruined, by 5 or 6 song I did not know. Well what can I say ? Shame on me. If you want to know how I look, just look for the smiling idiot in the 5 row, who knows all the words for the the new songs.

Now on to the question. In 1983, with Black sabbath, in Copenhagen, the encore was: Paranoid & Smoke on the water. But in what order ?  This might sound like an irrelevant question, but a freind of mine and I, have discussed it countless times over the last 20 years. 

See you in Aarhus on the 29.nov. I can hardly wait. Keep up the good work, and write me up for the next album.



Hello Henrik,

Thanks for your letter and comments. It was hard to pick you out the other night as the fifth row in Aarhus was all smiles.

Regarding the encore question with Black Sabbath; it would have been Smoke on the Water and then Paranoid. Smoke would have been a gesture to my connections but we would certainly not have closed the show with it.

Cheers, ig


My name is Aurelio and I'm from Brasil(known by you guys as Brazil).

First of all I would like to thank you for all the fantastic music you have pleased us with during all these years. I bought Bananas two days ago and I totally loved it, what a fantastic album!

I read more than once you saying that you never avoid the tricky questions, well, there goes one: have you ever had any problem with drugs during your career?

Another tricky one: if you were invited by Ritchie Blackmore to do a participation on a Blackmore's Night album, what would you answer?

I'm counting the days to my first Deep Purple concert in Curitiba, I'm sure it will be a unforgettable evening.

P.S: can you tell me if Deep Purple will be the last band of the night?

Best regards,

Hello Aurelio,

Thanks for your letter and your questions from Brasil. As you know by now the gig in Curitiba was cancelled at the very last minute after some amazing shenanigans by the authorities. All of our paperwork was in order and all permissions had been granted and signed off well in advance. So we can only speculate on the aptitude and the motive of the decision makers. I'll keep my thoughts to myself if you don't mind because there are moves afoot to put the show back in at some stage in the future and I don't want to muddy the waters. What I will say is that we were thrilled with the reaction of the audiences in Brasil generally and can't wait to come back again, especially to Curitiba.

When we closed the guestbook here at Caramba it was with great sadness, because an uncensored open forum, in theory, is a wonderful thing. But it never works that way does it, and the abuse from a few cyber-fascists made it impossible to continue. I don't think Caramba is the only website to have said enough is enough!

So now we have the Q & A and I did promise, when we switched, that the censorship would only apply to offensive material; okay that's a subjective judgement but there you go.

Anyway, the stock joke answer to your first question used to be '...yes, I can't get any', but I guess that's not funny any more. The fact is we didn't move in those circles and consequently avoided some of the horror stories that befell our contemporaries. I didn't smoke my first joint until I was 38 or 39 years old. Actually that's not entirely true, I did have a toke on something on tour in the U.S. early seventies given to me by a singer/drummer who shall be nameless (Them Changes). That had an amazing physical effect on my libido which lasted three long hard painful days and put me off drugs entirely.

In answer to your hypothetical second question, that particular stone is best left unturned. After so much time it seems best to me that we get on with our lives and avoid inflammatory speculation. So that would be a polite thank you, but no thank you.

Cheers, ig


Dear Ian,

Just have to say I think "Bananas" is one rocking album. Sure, I'm a big fan of the 1970's DP as well as the DP albums from the 1980's (House of Blue Light is one of my all-time favorites of ANY band). But this line-up of the past few years with Morse, and now Airey, is awesome. I was driving down the highway a few years ago with the radio on, when a most ferocious song began playing. When the DJ announced that was the new song from DP titled "Any Fule Kno That" I knew I had to hear the entire album. So I bought "Abandon". Then "Perpendicular". Now, "Bananas". The music. The lyrics. The attitude.  WOW! It's a shame modern USA radio doesn't appreciate the talent & magic of your recent music and shy's away from playing it in favor of the cacophonous garbaggio polluting our airwaves today. 


I do want to ask; Where do you go for your very individual, unique, lyric-writing inspiration? What do you read to inspire you? Any certain authors or poets? The way you use words, phrases, & blend sentences is beyond cool songwriting. You're a WORDSMITH. Not many, if any, of those around these days.

Also, if you were stranded on an island with only one album/CD (obviously assuming the island had a power source to operate your stereo), what album would it be?

DP sure put on a great show here in Oklahoma City two years ago with Skynyrd and Nugent. I sure hope you come back for the "Bananas" tour. I'll be the one yelling "Razzle Dazzle"!

Thanks for the music for all these years. Best wishes, Happy Holidays, and again Thank You!

Shannon Don Wann
Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Hello Shannon Don Wann,

Many thanks for your kind words and for your question. Currently I have about thirty songs in the pipeline and they are mostly inspired from events or thoughts rather than authors or poets. Don't get me wrong; I owe a whole lot to the disparate works of many great, and some not so great, writers; however that was mostly, but not entirely, in my formative years.

Just the same as the young Elvis, Little Richard, Cliff Bennett, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Dusty Springfield, Brenda Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and many more shaped my early vocal style; so did Asimov, Bradbury, Tolkien, Poe, Waterhouse, Doyle, (Chuck) Berry and (dare I say it) Chaucer, Shakespeare, Homer et al trigger the lust in me for telling a story. About the time Roger Glover and I wrote the lyrics to 'Any Fule Kno' That', we had a serious rethink about the way we approached our music. Since then it has been easy for me to put the craft to one side and get back to the art of expression (that's art with a small 'a' by the way). I should add that working with unbelievably skilled musicians makes all this possible.

Now for the difficult question. If I was stranded on a desert island I'd probably choose the first album I ever bought. Known then as a long playing record, it was an Hawaiian guitar ensemble (I can't remember the name) and I would select it because I've always thought that music should suit the circumstances. This was so long ago that I listened to it at home on a wind-up gramophone player; therefore electricity would not be required.

There is talk of two tours in North America next year, 2004. The first in Jan/Feb and the second in Aug/Sept. Hopefully we'll be coming your way on one of them. Watch this space for details when confirmed.

Cheers, ig


hi Ian,

ever thought of recording an album of christmas tunes?


Hello Jeff,

Yes I did. Some years ago Steve Morris came up with the idea of doing a Christmas album for the UK market. We were going to call it ABC, which is an acronym for Anything But Cliff. However, for some reason or another, it never came to anything.

Cheers, ig

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