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66 - China uncovered, fave venues, unplugged, erroneous banana ingestion,
missing Manitoba

From: Brad DeMoranville []


Here's a question for Ian:

How does it feel to be in the first rock band ever to play in China? Do you know if SARS will affect your tour insurance, as it did with the Stones?

Brad in Florida

Hello Brad,

It is always with a sense of adventure that we travel into new territories. I wonder in advance about the pre-conceptions that may be held by audiences who have no experience of Deep Purple and hope we can leave them with a return ticket.

We don’t have tour insurance, so there’s no problem there.

Cheers, ig

From: Neil Whiteley []

Hi Ian,

Your voice is great and i enjoy all your material. Also, well done with bananas! It's great!

1) I saw DP last year in Wembley Arena last year and it was great, however i preferred seeing you at Portsmouth Guildhall the year before as the experience was more close and personal. (i'm attending Portsmouth uni at the minute just because of Highway Star! haha!) [indeed as I did once hahaha! - Steve / ed] so i was wondering what type of venues you would be playing this year?

2) you've probably answered this one before but when you say "shoot that dog" which dog are you refering to!?

3)Whats your favourite place?

Neil Whiteley

p.s sorry about the randomness of the questions!

Hello Neil,

Thanks very much for your letter, although I honestly think you should be more concerned about the randomness of your typing than the randomness of your questions – and you at Portsmouth Uni.

Anyway I’m grateful for your kind words, whatever kind of words they might be.

I think everybody would agree that the ideal gig is a large theatre in your own home town – preferably with free beer and concessionary ticket prices...dream on. We do it when we can, but it’s not always possible and sometimes we just have to play the larger venues for a variety of reasons. We do our best.

When I say ‘shoot that dog’ I am referring – figuratively - to myself and the abandoned howling that precedes the statement.

My favourite place is onstage with Deep Purple.

Cheers, ig


My name is Sandra, and I have a question, Ian---how would you guys (Deep Purple) think about doing an unplugged album? This would be where no one plugs anything electrical, like guitars and keyboards, into an amplifier, and basically just using acoustics and such. I think it would be interesting to hear some of your songs played that way, and you might even reach another type of audience.....anyhow, please let me know what you think of this idea, and thanks for the great music!


Hello Sandra,

Thanks for your thoughtful letter. The subject has been raised from time to time and yes, I think it would be interesting to make an unplugged album if there was a radical conceptual justification for it. However ‘interesting’ in itself is not enough reason for us to embark on such a project.

We are well aware of the need for texture in our music and I think we take care to deal with that. However we are a rock band and I’m not entirely sure that the vocals would work if the dynamics were missing; and that – paradoxically – is what would happen if we went acoustic. If you take away the Rhythm Section the Hammond Organ and the Electric Guitar we might indeed reach another type of audience, but what would happen to our existing audience?

Basically we play our music as best we can with what we have, and - interestingly – we are still discovering new adventures within those parameters.

Cheers, ig



Let me start by saying Bananas has been in my car cd player since I got it, with an occasional pull just for another new cd just so I could hear a sampling. There is some great music on there with my personal favorite being Picture of Innocence (seems a touch of Lazy and Sometimes I feel like Screaming). I do have a couple questions, the first which involves the song lineup. While I do try to check Q&A on Caramba, as well a couple DP websites on at-least-once-a-week basis, there are times that a computer is not available to me for extended times, so apologize if I've missed this being brought up in the past, but, why is the song order on the cd, different from that listed on the back and on the lyrics page? I tried to see if there was some super, secret, hidden code or meaning to it, but did not find any Deep Purple insignias or "Paul is Dead" type messages.

Also, now that the summer schedules are starting to come out, are there any plans for a return tour to the US? I had heard a while back that DP may be coming for 2 tours this year and since I will not be able to see the current one, would hope it's extended for a summer tour so I can. On a side note, I want to thank you for the tour when you passed through Cincinnati a couple years ago and were kind enough to come out and sign your autobiography for me. I was so star-stuck, I forgot to take the camera out of my pocket to get a picture with you, however, my son was very impressed. At that time he was in a complete leg cast and in a wheel chair from a car accident suffered a week earlier and when we went to Columbus a few days later to see the band again, You spotted him about 6 rows deep on an end and waved to him. For about 15 seconds, he was an instant celebrity to the people around us.

Thanks for the great music and hope to hear Bananas & Machine Head in concert this summer!

Jerry Pieschel

Hello Jerry,

Thanks for your letter and your most interesting questions.

First the running order; it is in fact shown correctly as a track listing on the back of the CD, well it is on my copy. However you are quite right about the layout of the lyrics on the inside, where the only two songs that appear to be sequentially correct are ‘Haunted’ and ‘Razzle Dazzle’. This in itself is quite a feat and leads me to suppose that the designers were not in fact out of their heads when compiling the booklet, but more likely suffering from some genetic malfunction brought on by eating the wrong kind of bananas. You can solve the problem – as I did – with a pair of scissors and some Sellotape; it improves the pictures too!

Yes, plans are being formulated for a return to the USA in the summer, watch this space for details when the itinerary is confirmed.

Cheers, ig

From: Dwarfsfan []


I was wondering if you have any information on the Grand Beach Festival in Manitoba, Canada in early August. The promoter had listed Deep Purple as one of the headliners but has recently taken your name off of the bill. Are you planning on coming to Western Canada?

Jim Craig

Hello Jim,

I checked into this; I don’t know why the promoter decided to bill us as there was never any plan for DP to play this gig.

However there is a decent tour of Canada being planned for later in the year – September I think. Details will be announced as soon as the itinerary is finalised.

It is not unusual for these things to happen and I know of many disappointed fans who have booked holidays/flights etc to visit a show about which we know nothing. Please remember everybody that nothing ever happens until the contracts are signed and the dates announced through our management.

You can check here at Caramba or on DP’s official website

Cheers, ig

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