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7 - Singers, Purple-Head, bikers, banjoists, vocal training, Hendrix, Garth

From: (Finn Hjalmar Pedersen)

Dear Ian.
Have you ever met the former singers of Deep Purple, and what do you think of them? Would you ever consider doing something together with, say David Coverdale?

Finn Hjalmar, a guitar player from Norway

Dear Finn,
Yes I've met Rod Evans. What an interesting voice and a truly nice guy. Those first three Purple albums were something else weren't they? And yes I've met David on quite a few occasions and I get on very well with him. If all the circumstances were right I would consider anything.
Cheers, ig

From: (Hank Richardson)

I had a dream and read a poster that said,"Purple-Head" now on tour. I asked some guy what it meant, he punched me for being so dumb. "It's Purple and Motorhead" he said while punching me again. So it now occurs to me that such a thing would probably end the world, or atleast cause significant continent damage. I still think about it but my jaw feels better.
Thanks(shrinks cost to listen to that dream would hurt my head)

That would be cool. I'd get a chance to chew the fat with Lemmie, we've shared an interesting experience or two over the years.

From: (Simon Bourke)

Hello Ian and congradulations on the success of Deep Purple in the 21st century,and do you rememeber what a great act of compassion you did for disabled bikers back in Stockport 90/91 on your Toolbox Tour, I'm kev and was the chairman of the NABD at the time. I'm no longer involved with the association due to other commitments,I am now living in Ireland pursuing my other dreams,but, I would like to take this oppertunity to thank you and Phil for making things happen for the cause and helping to bring people to the attention of the rights of injured bikers all over the world,it was also a dream come true to meet the funky Ian Gillan.

Thanks for the friendship you showed everybody with no bullshit ego...KEEP ROCK'IN IN THE FREE WORLD. Yours Biker Kev.

Hey Kev,
It's great to hear from you. I remember it well and I still have your magazine somewhere amongst my cardboard boxes. What was it called...'Backstreet Biker'? All these guys and girls hopping around on one leg waving crutches in the air, or doing wheelies in their wheelchairs, awesome. Lennie Haze our drummer and Brett Bloomfield our bass player, both crazy Americans, and Steve Morris and our crew, we still talk about it. It was an honour and a pleasure Sir. Stay in touch
Cheers, ig


Hello Ian,
I am a new fan of yours.I wondered how you come up with all those cool lyrics.You seem to have a great sense of humour.Also how did it come about that the two guitarists in your life have almost the same name?.Steve Morris and Steve Morse.Both fantastic guitarists.
I thankkkkkkkk youuuuuuuu for all the great music you have graced us with.

Tina Vall Cleveland Ohio,USA

Hello Tina,
Thank you for the compliments. My sense of humour got me into a lot of trouble when I was a kid. Particularly at school. So I had to get it somewhat under control. I still have to bite my tongue or leave the room, knowing full well that if I open my mouth 'someone' will not understand. As for Morris and Morse, I found them under 'M' in Yellow Pages.
Cheers, ig

From: "Rick"

Dear Ian,
Will Purple be touring the states any time in the near future? I would love to have the opportunity to see you guys as I feel that this line-up is the strongest Purple line-up to date.

Also, you've got a great voice not only for rock but seemingly any style. Lots of power and a rich tone. What types of training have you had and what, if any, types of practice routines/warm ups do you do?

Wishing you all the best!

Dear Rick,
Thanks for your questions and comments. I hear a rumour from the office that we're looking at the May/June period for an American tour. That's all it is right now, a rumour. Dates will of course be published as and when. As for training, not really, I was a boy soprano in the church choir and it was downhill from thereon. I don't do any practice as such but I do sing a lot when I'm walking about or in the bath. I don't warm up either. I've always hit the stage running, with adrenalin doing it's job, and in the studio I'm always more than warmed up by the time the engineer get's the foldback right.
Cheers, ig

From: Charlie Jeffreys

Dear Ian,
just had a thought in the bath - did you (or other members of DP) ever meet or 'experience' Jimi Hendrix? If so, under what circumstances, and what are your lasting memories and impressions of him and his music?
Regards, Charlie

Dear Charlie,
I went along to 'The Cromwellian' (a club on the Cromwell Road, strangely enough) the night Jimi famously set-fire to his guitar using lighter fluid. But the place was so packed I couldn't get much past the door. Jimi was the greatest Rock guitarist of them all. Tone and technique, yes of course, but he was the first to be truly expressive. A beautiful man.
Cheers, ig

From: (Andy Luchesa)

Dear Ian,
Hi, Just thought I would let you know I have just got a copy of "Garth Rockett and the Moonshiners" bloody great. I have followed you for many many years, and have been waiting for such an album.

The album just oozes the live atmosphere that I remember from places like the Guildford civic, Magic tour, Washington heights, Reading 1992, Reading Rock, to many to list, including 1983, with Sabbath, still got the T shirt, though getting into it would be something , and of course with Purple, again to many to list.

Before I go, have you any plans to do any dates with your own band , ie Garth, and if so when. Look forward to seeing you again, until then...I thank you,

Cheers, take care.

Dear Andy,
I'm glad you like it. It's just out and when I get one I'll let you know what I think of it. My manager nicked my copy. I have no plans for any dates outside of Purple for the time being, but if there's a decent break you never know.
Cheers, ig
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