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Hello Ian,
First I have to thank you for filling my world with some of the greatest sounds ever to come from a person's soul. I really appreciate it!

I love the album you made w/Roger Glover quite a few years back, "Accidentally on Purpose" and was wondering if you knew of anyone who might carry it on CD. I do have the cassette tape, but it has worn thin over time.

Once again, thanks for everything and can't wait for your next release!


Hello Rich,
I have had plenty of questions about this. I will find out and let you know.
Cheers, ig

Wolf Schneider writes "Eagle Records, catalogue number EAMCD049."

From: (Mel & Viv du Toit)

Dear Ian
I'm trying to locate an LP by a band called "JERUSALEM"(there is another Christian rock band from Sweden with the same name, and its NOT them). If I recall correctly, you produced the LP, or had something to do with it. I remember your name on it. I really would love a copy of it. Know where I can get hold of it???
Many thanks,
Mel du Toit

Dear Mel,
I answered a similar question recently. Jerusalem was not a Christian Rock Band, they were English and I produced them at my Kingsway, London, studio. The record is almost certainly not available through the original label, which was London Records (part of the Decca group) if I remember rightly.
Cheers, ig

From: (Mel & Viv du Toit)

Dear Ian
Just found out on the www that you did produce Jerusalem and I quote: "During these years he also had the time to buy the Kingsway studio in London and produce a band called Jerusalem among other things." Ok, now where can I get that LP? you must have it some where.....even a tape recording on casette will be just fine. Please!!!!!!!
Regards, Mel.
Ps I have been looking for absolute decades!!!!!!!
Is my search finally over?

Dear Mel,
In answer to this follow-up. I regret I don't have a copy, not even a cassette.
Good luck, ig

From: "Henk Wijnhold"

Dear Ian,
Is there a change that we will ever see the release of a (live) CD of DP Mk VI (or Mk VIII, depending on the way you count) with Joe Satriani? I saw the concert in Den Bosch and ever since I have been waiting for a CD of that Mk VI (VIII). By the way: Nothing wrong with Mk VII (IX).

Henk Wijnhold, Netherlands

Dear Henk,
That is the most discombobulating question I've ever received. I'll have to think about it.
Cheers, ig


HI IAN !!!
A while ago I read that you would run a guesthouse (I think it was somewhere in Ireland)- as I grew up with your music (d.p. and solo as well) since the early seventies, I'd really enjoy if you could tell me the name of this place (or even the adress ???)- just get even more of that space truckin' feelin'.

Thanks advance - I'm really thursty


Klaus (rock'n roller, germany)

Hi Klaus,
Well it was a hotel. It was called 'The Springs'. It was a bit south of Wallingford in Oxon, England. I designed a guitar shaped swimming pool amongst other things. Lost the lot of course when the 'business' came into play....'dumbo'! Last year we were going to 'The Old Vic' to watch my friend Jonathan Hyde deliver an amazing performance in 'Antigone' when it was suggested that we should all visit the Hotel that I built from nothing. So I made a reservation. I got the confirmation, along with a detailed list of rules, i.e. a dress code. So I cancelled the reservation. Don't bother. Nice question though.
Cheers, ig


Hi Ian!
I'm a 21 year old guy from Norway, and have been a huuuge fan since I was 12. You have always been the greatest singer ever, and lucky for me, as a fan, you are still the greatest. On this there can be no debate. I absolutely loved the symphony gig here in Norway, it was one Hell of a show.

There are some Gillan and old Purple songs that I can't stop listening to, because they are so cool. The songs I'm talking about are:

Clear Air Turbulence
Down The Road
Fool's Mate
Our Lady
Listen, Learn, Read On (from Book of Talisyn, check it out!)
Never Before
Mandrake Root

Will we ever hear you sing any of these song live again or some of them at all? I don't know if you even remember these songs, but they truely are fantastic, incredible songs. I can't believe how unknown they all are. But who other than you are good enough to have such quality music just laying around? Other bands would have killed to have these songs on their setlist!

Got to go Space Truckin'! Bye!
-TJ Solheim

Dear TJ,
Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the show in Hell. Yes I remember all those songs and it is often hard to explain why the band doesn't do this or that. My personal interpretation is that we haven't yet really explored the core material. That, combined with a constant drive into the unknown, in terms of writing and extemporisation, defines the general direction musically, but then the other guys might give you a different answer.
Cheers, ig


hi Ian Gillan!
Puple has been touring more than ever over the last few years with Morse. Is touring the bands first priority, more than doing new studio albums?

Eirik, Norway

Hi Eirik,
Personally I love the live work but not to the exclusion of writing which I also love and we always need new material to maintain the impetus. There is no band or management policy on this, we tour and when we have enough new songs ready we make a record.
Cheers, ig

From: (mob64)

allo Ian,
great to think this might actually get through to yyyou (I'm so excited i'm stuttering) been a huge fan for years , some of my best memories being in the front row of the Hammy Odeon in 82 when you acknowledged me with a fist as you walked off for a drink. Im now 36 and still talk about it -sad old bastard that I am !!! any how as Im here I might as well ask a Question, whenever I've watched you either with Gillan or Purple you always seem to really enjoy what you do after all these years how do you keep up the enthusiasm and energy. thanks for a lifetime of great singing,your honesty and generally for giving a toss about the people who have followed you .if you ever fancy a beer let me know

cheers mate
Martin O'Brien

Allo Martin,
Thanks for your comments and good memories. What can I say. I've had a great time. I've been lucky, I reckon, to have worked with so many brilliant musicians and it is that which has given me the chance to still be doing what I love.
Cheers, ig

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