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Competition results

Hello everyone,

The moment has arrived, the winners have been chosen. They will each receive prizes of two tickets and backstage passes for any show of their choice during the Spanish tour that I will be making with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in November, almost immediately after the last Deep Purple date in Lisbon.

Those concerts are:

Friday 11 November, Zaragoza, Principe Felipe Arena
Saturday 12 November, Barcelona, Pabellón Olímpico de Badalona
Friday 18 November, Vigo, Instituto ferial de Vigo: IFEVI
Saturday 19 November, Vitoria-Gasteitz. Fernando Buesa Arena
Friday 25 November, Granada, Palacio delos Deportes
Saturday 26 November, Madrid, Pabellón Multiusos Madrid Arena

Get your TICKETS HERE: Ticketmaster

Just to remind you that the competition was asking the question:

Who is the Old Lady and Why was she smiling?

And, as explained, this was relevant to the song 'Nothing At All' from the DP album Whoosh!

Nearly everybody, with the exception of a few lateral thinkers (thank the Lady for them), wrote that the Old Lady is Mother Nature, and of course that is basically right.

But, before we move on I'd like to share without comment some of the answers that made ME smile.

'...I am the Old Lady, becoz I AM an old lady, smiling as I look at IG's bare chest'

'...The Old Lady is Ritchie's mother, smiling because we get on better these days.'

'...The Old Lady is a 'Living Wreck'

'The Old Lady is Mitzee, smiling because she has a new supply of luxury (XL) ping-pong balls.'

That last one is for grown-ups only; if the kids ask…Mitzee Dupree was a table tennis champion I once met on a plane. These days she can often be seen launching herself, thigh rockets ablaze, from the poop deck of a Mohawk canoe on your favourite stretch of water.

And so...

I have described Mother Nature as the one true god in the pre-ramble to the lyrics that can be found in the Caramba Wordography # 89.

She's not really a god because she is not man-made like all the others, but she has become humanised in our affections and her appreciation is not beyond all understanding, jealously guarded or divided bitterly like so many of the ancient religions, where schisms and local interpretations create difficulty for adherents.

Her favourable comparisons with other deities do not end there, for example, if you really need to have a creator of the Universe, where else would you look? You really don't have to think about that.

We humans have a spiritual element to our being and most religious organisations are designed to fill that need with rituals and worship, then to exploit it and enforce the programme, with violence in some cases, although all of them have platitudes (and books to prove it) professing peace and love, so long as you behave as required by their officers, the most senior of which are self-appointed voices of the chosen god.

There's none of that with Mother Nature, because she doesn't really exist unless you want her to; but if she did…can you imagine her attitude to prayer and worship?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson might have offered a simple understanding of Mother Nature by implying in his 'Red in Tooth and Claw' poem, that she cares for humanity but not the human. With that in mind we can save an awful lot of man-hours spent on our knees praying for this or that and wondering why our gods are so cruel. Our Lady is no crueller than a hungry lion, as explained (quite clearly I thought) by the prophet, Darwin.

Anyway, there's the gist of it in a few words, and the entrants said it in their own ways. The first four, in random order, are as follows…I'm saving a little gem for the end.

Thank you so much everybody, for participating. Even whilst accounting for the challenges of translation into English, it was difficult to select winners and it may have been just a phrase or minor observation that put them above the rest. So, please do have another go at the next competition, which is just over the horizon.

Here we go then…This bold, cryptically analogous and almost lost in translation answer that I had to read a few times, is from Victor

"Who is the Old Lady and Why was she smiling?"

To my understanding, the old lady is the one who's been telling me what to do and what not to do for as long as she and I can remember. It is true that every once in a while the word of others may weigh on her judgment, but ultimately it is she who makes the calls, and it is I who answers for the consequences.

Interestingly, she used to be very shy and sheltered herself in a thick fur coat which I personally found very fashionable. For many years she kept herself hidden from anyone's view, but one day, to my dismay, she decided to slowly break from her reclusion by letting out the outline of a smile.

Perhaps it was a smirk? Either way, from that day onwards her smile grew wider and brighter and those who were taller than me never failed to point it out. Though I wished and prayed for her to restrain herself and revert back to how it was in the past, at some point my hair sided with her for good and would not stop withdrawing until her depraved goal of going around bare naked was achieved. Just like my old man's old lady...


And this nicely understated grasp of perspective from Nino

The Old Lady is the time that changes everything for the worse and for the better.
And she smiles because everything will pass and what is the problem of one person, or at least the whole of humanity, is nothing compared to cosmic scales.


And this, well put, from Laurel The old lady who smiles is Mother Nature.

I believe she is smiling because she knows that she will continue on forever whereas we foolish mortals will cause our own extinction. We are so wrapped up in the minutiae of our insignificant lives and simply don't bother about the really big issues that are damaging our home the Earth.

Mother Nature will ensure the renewal and revival of our Planet long after we have disappeared.


And, like so many answers, dealing with the human aspect of Mother Nature, this from Patricia The old lady is Mother Nature, the one true God as stated by Gillan himself.

She gave us life, gave us everything she could to nurture and sustain us, and what we do with it is up to us, to at least take care of the life and the planet given to us. But we choose to be nonchalant about it all.

We have taken advantage of the wonderful gifts given to us. And because we don't care, she doesn't care. The few who are trying aren't making an impact when the many choose to ignore what is going on around them, thinking that Mother Nature will always step in to fix everything.

She smiles not because she is happy with us; it's a smile of tolerance, of disappointment. She knows that eventually we will figure it out, but by then it may be too late. She'll let us learn from our mistakes, but she won't answer our prayers when we desperately need her help. It's all up to us now.


And, finally, a winner who demonstrates the parallax effect on Mother Nature; it all depends on where you stand. This wonderful and very human story from Scott.

The Old Lady is called Jean. She was born in 1945 at the end of the war. Lived a happy childhood in Chiswick, London. She married in 1970 to the love of her life and lost him in 2014. She got a dog called Byron who she got from an animal rescue in 2015 to help get over the pain.

Byron is a terror and rips up all her furniture when she's out. He barks randomly in the night at passing trucks and she's not had a full night's sleep since she got him. On walks Byron spends most of his time sniffing and not walking. He then always chooses to do his business in the middle of any busy main road and not on the pavement, almost like Byron needs the extra element of the terror of fast moving on-coming vehicles to help with his bowel movements. This of course causes Jean much public embarrassment as she has to stop the traffic, wait awkwardly as Byron does his business, then pick up said business, wave and thank the waiting motorists for their patience.

It's fair to say that Byron makes Jeans life hard but one day last month Jean discovered a lump she'd not seen before on Byron's belly. She called the Vets who looked at it worryingly and said they'd have to do some tests. Weeks of test followed, weeks of sleepless nights, not caused just by Bryon's barking. Everyday looking at the lump wondering if this could be the reason that she once again ended up alone.

The vet called her in one Friday morning for the test results, Jean fearing the worst took Byron to the vets. The usual route is through the woods near where she lived and across the main road, stopping to do what could be his final business. The vet's waiting room was full and Jean had to wait for what seemed like an eternity. She was finally called in to the vets office, he sat her down to deliver the news;

Don't worry Jean it's Nothing at All and the Old Lady Smiled.

Scott I have given first names only, the winners will be contacted directly by Email. That's it for now, cheers, ig

All answers to:


Please read this well-written message from Brian May, regarding the constant bullying of Armenia by its neighbours, and do not believe what the bullies say by way of self-justification. Thank you, ig

Brian May - "Armenia is again threatened"

Smoke on the Water: performed by Armenian Naregatsi Orchestra for Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi


Following the news in July that Steve Morse will be stepping back from the band, after more than a quarter of a century, Deep Purple announce that, following an abundant Summer of touring, Simon McBride will join the band permanently.

Collectively, the band stated "We are thrilled that Simon has agreed to join. Simon's playing is up there with the greats. Of course, Steve can't be replaced, the same as Ritchie, and Steve has a long legacy with Deep Purple. In Simon we have not found a replacement, but an extraordinarily talented and exciting guitarist in his own right. The reception from audiences over the Summer has already been great and we are looking forward to the forthcoming dates in the UK and Europe across the rest of the year. It is clear that Simon also holds great respect for those before him. We are all excited for what the years to come hold for the band."

Simon stated "I'm very happy to be asked to join the band, at the start of the pandemic if someone would have said to me that I was going to be the new guitarist in Deep Purple I would have just laughed, but here we are and it's happening. Deep Purple has a history of great guitarists so I'm very honoured to be asked to be part of that. They are all amazing musicians and more importantly, I have become very good friends with the guys so I can't wait to continue touring and even perhaps some writing and recording."

Ian Gillan Spanish Tour November 2022

with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Friedemann Riehle

Hello everybody,

I’m pleased to announce my Spanish tour in November with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Friedemann Riehle. There will be some great singers with the orchestra who will be performing songs by Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Metallica and I’ll be closing the show with my Purple choices, which will include Highway Star, Hush, Perfect Strangers, Smoke on the Water, Nothing at All, When a Blind Man Cries and Black Night.

Tickets are on sale now, so I hope to see you all in November at the following concerts; here are the dates, more info online.

Along with Steve at Caramba and Monika at IGOS I am devising some fiendish questions for a competition. The winners will receive pairs of tickets and backstage passes for shows of their choice on this tour. Watch this space.

Cheers for now, ig

Friday 11 November, Zaragoza, Principe Felipe Arena
Saturday 12 November, Barcelona, Pabellón Olímpico de Badalona
Friday 18 November, Vigo, Instituto ferial de Vigo: IFEVI
Saturday 19 November, Vitoria-Gasteitz. Fernando Buesa Arena
Friday 25 November, Granada, Palacio delos Deportes
Saturday 26 November, Madrid, Pabellón Multisos Madrid Arena

Get your TICKETS HERE: Ticketmaster

On Birthday greetings

Hello Everybody,

As always, I am overwhelmed by the mass of good vibes and birthday greetings that came my way on 19 August, via Caramba and IGOS. It has taken a long time to read them all because this year there were more than ever. Thank you, thank you...I LOVE IT!!!

Now, I'm picking up the threads of various projects as the summer break trundles on through the heat of August and looking forward to getting back on the road with Deep Purple; this next leg starts in Merida on 23 September and ends in Lisbon on 06 November. Then I'm doing a Spanish tour with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; one of the dates has yet to be announced, so I'll pick that up and let you all know soon.

I hope to see many of you on the road during the course of '22 and '23, as we are planning on a global scale, and those that can't make it, then give me a wave from home.


Steve Morse

Statement by Deep Purple

Deep Purple announces that Steve Morse will be stepping back from the band, having been its guitarist for more than a quarter of a century.

Steve’s personal circumstances have made it impossible for him to commit to the band's schedule throughout 2022 and beyond. A few months ago, Steve openly shared with the band´s fans the sad fact that his wife, Janine, is battling cancer and, in his own words, "I simply must be there with her." Since joining the band in 1994, Steve has written and recorded eight studio albums with the band:

(for full statement click HERE)

Sion 13 July 2022

Dear Friends.

Ukraine & Deep Purple

"Dear Friends,

Straight to the point because this is serious.

As a group, Deep Purple has always been apolitical. Not intentionally, but through experience as we toured more extensively over the years and embraced a multitude of cultures, we became, I think, somewhat humbled by their variety of educating beauty and respectful to most of them; I can't say all.

And the other reason we don't take sides is down.........." HERE

Sweet child
In time you'll see the line
The line that's drawn between
Good and bad
See the blind man
Shooting at the world
Bullets flying
Taking toll
If you've been bad
Lord I bet you have
And you've not been hit
By flying lead
You'd better close your eyes
You'd better bow your head
Wait for the ricochet

As a rule, Deep Purple is apolitical, but on this occasion...

Words of Roger Glover:
'Like many performers, we have occasionally performed private concerts for fans in various countries. We are an apolitical band and in no way, was our intention ever political. It was music. These days are different. We condemn Putin's military for the atrocities to innocent men, women and children in Ukraine. and we apologize to our Russian and Ukrainian fans that the shows have been cancelled. We live in hope that we can fulfill those dates in the future. ' RG

Words of Don Airey:
Watching the news that Russian missiles have just destroyed the Opera House in Freedom Square Kharkiv, where DP played almost exactly 20 years ago, memorable for Ian Gillan donning a tutu he found in a dressing room cupboard and proclaiming himself "Deep Purple in Frock", for the gear arriving at 7pm and somehow the show starting at 8pm, for an old apparatchik single-handedly trying to make the young audience sit back down during the set with such zeal that he had a seizure, and next day on the way back to the airport my asking about a statue "Is that Lenin?", Roger Glover replying, "Well it's definitely not McCartney".

A different day today

I have just written to Dmitri Medvedev, former President and now head of the Russian Security Council, returning the autograph he gave me at the dinner for Deep Purple at the Gorky Palace in March 2011, in protest at his various statements post invasion. DA

Words of Ian Gillan:
If speaking out means we shall never see our Russian friends again, then that is a big sacrifice, but nothing compared with never again seeing our Ukrainian friends who are being killed to satisfy the psychopathic ambitions of the Russian leader.

I would like to see Russians on the streets in their millions, to show their disgust at the Ukrainian invasion, and I'd like to dream that very quickly, Russia can find some modern leadership that will bring them back into the world as friends. We have so much in common. IG

Words of Ian Paice:
What's happening is beyond distressing. It's criminal and should be treated as such. The invasion of Putin's army into Ukraine, (because that's what it is), I hope will turn out to bring his ultimate downfall.

And that someone who is "functioning mentally in the 21st century", can lead the Russian people back into the fold. IP

Words of Steve Morse:
I've always thought music should be non-political, and cross every border as the universal language. As a citizen of a deeply divided country, one thing here that everybody agrees on is: Stop this attack on a Country who voluntarily disarmed their nukes to satisfy all the big players. Stop, lower your guns, turn back, help others on the way back! SM

DEEP PURPLE announces new album "TURNING TO CRIME",
out November 26th on earMUSIC

...click above for the Turning To Crime site, click below for a vid and click to pre-order...

Ian Gillan & the Javelins

A brand new wing has been added to Caramba Towers for the Javelins.

Everything to do with the 2018 release of the mighty Javelins album can be found there.
Links where you can buy a copy included.

So, click on the image or, if you're 'image averse', you may click HERE.

Ian Gillan - Contractual Obligation

Why have one extra wing when two are possible. Everything to do with Ian's 'Contractual Obligation' tour from 2019 are similarly HERE.

Along with links where you can buy copies, should you not have done so already.

/ Throw My Bones       / Man Alive      / Nothing At All       / Dancing In My Sleep       / Drop The Weapon
/ No Need To Shout       / Step By Step       / The Long Way Round       / The Power Of The Moon      
/ We're All The Same In The Dark       / What The What

whoosh quiz QUIZ TIME

The "Whoosh!" mission crew is looking for members! Take your chance and win a virtual interview with the band! Joining the crew is simple:

- participate in the Deep Purple quiz and test your knowledge on the band. You will get an official crew member certificate as a reward. If it doesn't arrive immediately, don't worry. The process can take a few days.

- 50 crew members will win an exclusive collector's t-shirt.

Furthermore, we are looking for your questions for the band. Let us know what you always wanted to know from the band. Two lucky crew ambassadors will then get the chance to interview the band and get the answers to your questions!

All info on Purple's Facebook page: Whoosh Quiz info on Facebook
or even...go directly to the quiz: QUIZ

Official pre-listening vid for "Whoosh!"

Ian talks to Radio Rock about the imminent release of Whoosh!


New single release today from the new DP album                          .......Whoosh!

"And the old lady smiled

It's nothing at all

Then she blew all the leaves off my tree"

The new special edition single "Throw My Bones/Man Alive" is out TODAY! Let us all celebrate this day by supporting
our local record stores. Head out now and be one of the first to listen to "The Power Of The Moon"!

Crew T-shirts

Here is an appealing idea.

How about buying a T-shirt or even maybe two or more for family and friends? These are no ordinary T-shirts but a special edition raised in honour of Deep Purple's wonderful road crew. Needless to say, but I will anyway, they have been off-duty since mid-March and will not be working again until the end of May next year. So hopefully this effort will help in some way to cushion the impact and alleviate any extreme hardship.

Most of our crew have been with us for ages. They are friends as well as colleagues. They are highly skilled and perfectly suited to our music; irreplaceable.

I think the shirts are pretty cool and they are certainly exclusive, and suit you? Yes, right up your alley.

Please consider this worthy cause, it will be much appreciated.

Thank you, ig

Click on a crew member to buy and support your crew!

Little Richard

Little Richard, the great Little Richard has left the building. One of my greatest heroes has died, but he remains in my
body and soul. I can still hear every note of all his great recordings on the Speciality label. But perhaps the song that
impressed me and my friends the most was Jenny Jenny. Always pushing himself to the limit, Richard went beyond
the point of gasping for breath on this one, he was choking the life from his lungs, drawing breathe below his knees.
I saw him perform in L.A. in the '80s. and met him after the show as he blessed me from his throne. I thought at the
time, 'this is better than a knighthood.'

Thank you Little Richard for all you gave us, absolutely amazing.


Unforeseen farsightedness

The advantage of our lofty Caramba Towers is that we have the ability to see so so very clearly, all down the years.
This from 1997 - Anecdotage 25:

..."Hello, 'ello, what's this the?" says the lab tech. to his supervisor.

" I dunno, it's a weird looking little item of some chromosomal value. Put it into one of the 'anomaly pending' jars."

"Yippee! free at last" yells the new life form. "This town ain't big enough for the two of us!"

Within a week or two the human race embarks on a worldwide bout of sneezing, coughing and aaarrgghhing .......

.....end of another micro-intelligence.

Caramba Legal also wish to make it very clear that rumours circulating that Caramba is primarily a Time Travel research
facility are wholly without foundation, or at least it was when we last looked.

MAN ALIVE single

TWO unicorns in a row, the Wordography returns with the second song in the Whoosh! line-up: MAN ALIVE

MAN ALIVE single released today 1st May!

Click on the image to the left to go directly to the
MAN ALIVE single.

(Do we refer to this repeated unicorn phenomenon as a 'brace of unicorns' and consider at what point the whole concept of the collective noun has to be used... and what would that be..... 'a well I never' of unicorns?

Gnus bulletin from IG

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...well, not exactly in this case; more cause and effect,
where the latter is often greater than the former.

Production lines (the physical manufacture of CDs, vinyl, cassettes (?) etc) and retail outlets are closed until
The Dreaded Lurgy* gets indigestion.

Therefore, as there are still so many of us who love to hold a new record in our hands, and following advice from our
magnificent label, we have decided to delay the release of Whoosh until August.

During my quarantine I'm listening to a lot of music and guessing that it's the same for many of us during this scary
disruption to our lives.

We know, don't we, that music will play a big part in our celebrations as we step back into the light.

But, health comes first, so I must stuff my excitement about sharing Whoosh with you back into a box for a little while.

Stay well and follow the light...


* friends70.html

Used by kind permission of and thanks to Copyright © Tim Summers.

March 20th sees the release of "Throw My Bones", the first single from Deep Purple's highly anticipated studio album "Whoosh!".

"Throw My Bones" is a song to remember; a powerful insight into the band's 21st studio album.

"Throw My Bones" is available for Streaming and Download here: https://deeppurple.lnk.to/ThrowMyBones

The single is accompanied by a music video that pushes the boundaries of time and place. It is an invitation to take a step back and see the bigger picture, a call for action and an invitation to observe the planet and the current situation on earth.

Deep Purple's brand-new studio album "Whoosh!" follows their worldwide chart-topping albums "inFinite" (2017) and "NOW What?!" (2013). For the third time, Deep Purple joins forces with producer Bob Ezrin, and together they created the most versatile album in their collaboration, "stretching out in all directions" without any limitation, letting their creativity go.

"Deep Purple is putting the Deep back into Purple" was the half-joking motto in the studio after the first songs made it clear that Ezrin and Purple were on a path to creating an album pushing the boundaries of time, while voicing their resentment about the current situation of the world and addressing all generations.

"Whoosh is an onomatopoeic word that, when viewed through one end of a radio-telescope, describes the transient nature of humanity on Earth; and, through the other end from a closer perspective, illustrates the career of Deep Purple." - ig

"Whoosh!" will be available as Limited CD+DVD Mediabook (incl. the 1h feature "Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin in conversation" and, for the first time, the full live performance at Hellfest 2017 as video), 2LP+DVD Edition, Limited Boxset and Digital on June 12th, 2020 on earMUSIC.

Already the content of the Limited Box Set has been revealed yesterday. It will contain the 2LP Gatefold, the CD+DVD Mediabook, three 10" vinyls containing previously unreleased live recordings from Deep Purple's performance in Rio 2017 "The inFinite Live Recordings, Vol. 2", an exclusive Deep Purple Collector's T-Shirt as well as three Art Prints.

You can pre-order the album here: https://deeppurple.lnk.to/WhooshPR

Coinciding with the release of the new album, Deep Purple will also embark on a full European tour starting in summer 2020.

For tour dates, please check https://www.deep-purple.com

photographer: Ben Wolf © earMusic

Ian's photographs courtesy of Simon Emmett ©2019
Simon Emmett photography: on Facebook

Ivor Novello International Achievement award

Ian Gillan, presenter Sir Tim Rice, Vicky Lord, Ian Paice & Roger Glover.

The Ivors 2019 photo Mark Allan

Questions that come with answers Answers to almost any question. A new Q&A debuts.... November 2018

Dear Friends,

The Javelins

Dear Friends,

Here's a picture of me with The Javelins, in 1964.

We have a new record out at the end of August, comprising songs from our old set list, by Howling Wolf, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, The Coasters, and others of that era..............

(Continued in Dear Friends HERE)

SPECIAL: A History of The Javelins by Tony Tacon. HERE

Gillan on vinyl

Demon Records has announced the release of a new must-have Gillan vinyl boxset on 2nd September. 'The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982' will feature 5 chart albums - 7 LPs in total - including Mr Universe (1979), Glory Road (1980, 2 LPs, with bonus disc 'For Gillan Fans Only'), Future Shock (1981), Double Trouble (2 LPs, 1981) and Magic (1982).

Ian Gillan was delighted with the vintage feel of the finished product: "It's a wonderful thing, vinyl... Best held in two hands and treated with respect, as you place it carefully upon the turntable. You just bought something significant, not easily disposable. And look at the sleeves" - he comments, observing one of the records - "aren't they cool. Read the lyrics and enjoy the artwork, while you are in the groove. No computers involved in the making of this music…enjoy".

The 180g heavyweight vinyl records will all be exact replicas of their first pressings; Future Shock, Gillan's highest scoring album, reaching No.2 in the UK chart, will include the same 16-page booklet as featured in its original release. An exclusive edition available via Amazon here http://smarturl.it/IanGillanExclusive will also contain a bonus 7" single for Spanish Guitar.

There I was, minding my own business on a diving holiday with my family in Grand Cayman in 1984 (I think; thereabouts anyway), when I bumped into Steve Jarrell and Sons of the Beach; a fine band who were performing a season of great sunshine music at the Treasure Island Resort on Seven Mile Beach.

They invited me to step up and do a 'couple of tunes' which I was happy to do and ended up with half an hour on a hand held camera which Steve Jarrell showed me when we met up again in Nashville on the DP tour 2015. He has very kindly given us permission to put it up on Caramba first as an exclusive for CTV.

Ig x

CTV archive can be found here at the CarambaTV Archive.

The Parallax Effect On Long Hair

I was surprised to get an invitation to address the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin on 14th December 2012. It caused great hilarity in the band dressing room; Roger actually burst into spontaneous laughter; not sure if it was the cultural or diplomatic bit that set him off. Probably both.

When the director asked for the title and a copy of the speech I told him it would be entitled 'The Parallax Effect on Long Hair' and that it would be off the cuff, so to speak.

Basically it's about perception or how things are viewed differently, depending on where you're standing.

I was a little nervous to start with as it was unscripted and I'd never spoken publicly before, apart from the usual gibberish delivered on stage each night with DP before being gloriously interrupted by a drumist not known for his patience. But I did enjoy it and may do another, one day.


Rhino Poo Alert

RTL (a large TV station) announced the start of the sale for the Deep Purple tour in autumn 2012 in Germany. The message said that this will be the last tour of DP in Germany and therefore the last chance to see them live. what a shock! Is that true??? Is that an official/confirmed statement?

Yawning response from ig: "I must say that is an impressive heap of rhino poo!"

Coffee Kiev
Some things in life should just be simpler


Deep Purple, Ian Gillan, Gillan, Gillan Glover....

Yes, all of them but the usual proviso of 'in due course' applies, of course. Such is the speed of this 'information age' that we could all know everything immediately but where would the fun be in that?

These don't replace the Wordographies, which also continue apace.

Perfect Strangers

'One Eye To Morocco' - the lyrics

Caramba takes the greatest of pleasure in unveiling the complete lyrics for all editions of 'One Eye To Morocco'.

These don't in any way replace the Wordographies, as these are winging their way to your screen at a speed significantly slower than the speed of light.

Go to 'The Complete Lyrics'.

     Another, even bigger fan writes


These biographies may be used by journalists.
This has been updated to include edel's latest biog.
This way for.... biographies.

Deep Purple's official website. Click above.

On sending things in to be signed:

A number of people have over time sent unsolicited stuff into either Ian's or DP's management to be signed and returned. Such things can so easily get mislaid or just simply lost in a very busy organisation, which can be very upsetting for those who have sent their items in. Please don't do this as no-one wants to feel responsible for having lost what can be, for the owner, very precious items. Thanks. Steve/ED.

Can't be bothered to use the drop down menus above or the text menus below? Use the search engine, it doesn't bite very often. Mind you, if I could give it teeth I would.

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Now, who was it who asked the poor old search engine this question: "could you sing burn". Search engines cannot sing. Take a moment and reflect.

And now......"can you sing in far away places". This search engine still cannot sing. This is clearly a failure in some people's evolution........

At least the latter was asking about the search engine's capability whilst the former, clearly somewhere further down the evolutionary ladder, assumed the capability was there...... ed.

Caramba in translation

Caramba is gradually being translated....


Click on the image above to access all the releases previously on this page. Go on, do it....

Gyumri Music School & WhoCares

Previous material on the Gyumri Music School and WhoCares makes itself available on a separate page, a page accessed by clicking on the above image.

Chopin's Story

Likewise, in an abovewise fashion, everything on Ian and Chopin's Story is available by clicking the above pic in time-honoured fashion.

an occasional series of random pics

Click on the above for the full glory of the photographic moment of truth or HERE if you're feeling lazy and/or curmudgeonly.

Jon Lord

Jon Lord

Rockpages.gr interview with Ian

"There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for an interview with Ian Gillan! The British singer can’t stop surprising you, even if the topic is WhoCares the fund raising project he is handling the vocals, while Tony Iommi, Jon Lord, Nicko McBrain and Jason Newsted fill the rest of the spots. Our talk went beyond the music, and ended up in a rather impressive, and up to date approach about the political situation in Greece, for which the singer seemed completely informed.

Interview by Yiannis Dolas"

Go to the Rockpages.gr interview - HERE


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Interview Archive-orama

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