The Candy Horizon

10 Stillag

Stillag crowded very stealthily through the rusty jelly
On them belly, concealing themself,
As were them wont in times of danger,
Holding the explosive dustbin...
(which was to be planted in the enemy camp)
... Carefully among them legs.
Stillag thought to themself...
"I wish Stormiter were here
I'm frightened
I've never been so close to enemy cheese before
Still - I must be a brave germ and do my duty."
With these thoughts in their mind
Stillag jumped out of the jelly bowlon to the cheese platter,
They caught them feet in the dustbin stirrups
The outcome was inedible
Stillag were destroyed along with the enemy
Stillag were awarded the Victoria Cough...
Posthumously - A brave germ!

Ian Gillan
Copyright © Ian Gillan 1969

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