Message From Ian's Record Label Friday, April 21, 2006

We have found out that there is an error on the DVD side of some of the Gillan’s Inn discs in PC’s. It’s our fault and we’re really sorry – but it’s not too bad. If you find that your disc does not play in your PC there’s an easy way around it.

1. Put your disc into your DVD ROM Drive
2. Go to "My Computer"
3. Right click the DVD Icon and left click “Explore”
4. Double left click the "dvdlaunch" icon - DVDLAUNC.EXE

That will take you into DVDLauncher which will allow you to not only play the disc but also to get lot’s of other goodies and extra features including pre-ripped surround files for your ipod.

By way of apology we’re going to put up some extra Gillan bonus features on the DVD Launcher web site. Check back soon.

If you need help please contact us at